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Step One

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 7:38am by Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 7:39am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Conference Room, Deep Space 12
Timeline: Pre-MD05 0815hrs

Rafan was standing outside the passenger check in, his hands clasped behind his back as he did his best to not look nervous and to not pace or fidget like he would often do when he had nothing to distract himself with. It was something that drove Yara crazy and there had been a few times that she had threatened to break whatever portion of his body that was doing the fidgeting. He smirked at that, though he wasn't entirely certain that it wasn't just a comment made in jest. He'd known the Amazonian blonde for nearly two years now, but there were still times he had a hard time determining whether or not she was joking about some things...he thought that she would make a formidable poker with how straight she could play any situation.

Though that was also one of her more frustrating traits since she played everything so close to the vest, that it was hard to determine what was going on with her. Though he was pulled from his thoughts by the feeling of someone tapping his shoulder, he turned and found himself face to face with a rather nondescript gray garbed Trill woman who smiled in a motherly manner at him. "I do hope that you are Rafan Kel, otherwise I am afraid that I will be completely lost." She said, a slightly playful expression tugging at her lips and sparkling in her eyes.

"Oh, yes...I am Lieutenant Kel, you must be Guardian Mala, I was caught up in my thoughts about the ritual." He said, looking down and considering the woman, while she was not a young woman her age otherwise was indeterminate by any of the more traditional methods of judging such things by a glance and he could help but wonder what kind of regimen the Guardians took part in to allow them to retain such a youthful appearance.

"it is always good to have the ritual on your mind during this time, though I would suggest not letting it place any stress upon you, this is a time to learn about yourself with the help of those close to you." The woman said as she seemed to be considering the other Trill with a careful eye, though she didn't say a word about what her thoughts were as she adjusted her pack on her shoulder. "Have you made arrangements to meet with those who will be participating?"

"I have yes, I can take you to the conference room and I can call them to let them know that it is time for the ritual briefing."

The woman frowned as she listened to Rafan, reaching out to take his hand in hers as she made him look at her. "You do not need to be so formal, this is a time of discovery and healing, so take a deep breath with me and realize that this is about being healthy."

Rafan hesitated a moment before doing as she instructed, his instincts screaming for caution at her mentioning healing and he couldn't help but be suspicious given what had happened with Hysio. Did the Commission know? Was this merely a ploy to learn the truth somehow? He shook his head and the held out his arm to indicate that they should start walking.

The guardian smiled again as they walked through the promenade area of the station, looking at the shops and various aliens, certainly seemingly like less of what he had come to suspect of the rather odd caretakers of the symbionts and more like a tourist on vacation. She didn't try and force a conversation with Rafan for the sake of politeness and didn't try to rush him along, she was simply taking her time and taking in the new environment. She stopped and did a little window shopping, but they eventually reached the turbolift as Rafan called it to take them to the conference room he'd had set aside for this meeting as he continued to attempt to figure this strange woman out.

"Is it so strange that I might have interests outside of tending to the symbionts and living in a dank cave, Rafan?" The woman asked with a smirk and looked over at him.

"No...well I mean a little since all of the guardians I've ever met were...well, very introverted to put it politely." He replied as the doors opened and he let her step aboard first.

"That is certainly one way of putting it." She said with a chuckle, watching Rafan as he pressed the button for their destination.


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