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Dinner for Two... Three? Four? - Part 1

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 7:34am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Tiraa Shai (Blackwater) & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: The Prism, Deep Space 12
Timeline: Pre-MD04 2025hrs

It had nearly been two years since Rafan had last actually seen Dolan Christensen on Trill, memories of which brought a soft smile to his face as he let his thoughts linger a little on the rather sweaty and breathy time that they'd spent together in the bungalow on that beautiful white sand beach. He couldn't help the slightly wistful smile that formed on his lips, though he also gently reminded himself that was something that had happened in the past and whatever they had together, it was the past since they never really seemed to be able to find a point in time where their mutual interest for more beyond a physical relationship matched up. He was currently dressed in a relaxed manner, a nice pair of slacks, a dress shirt and a suit jacket as he headed towards the meet Dolan.

He hadn't really said why he'd wanted to Dolan to stop by on Deep Space 12, but he was sure that the man was expecting a repeat of Trill. While he had enjoyed himself...he was conflicted over such an encounter happening again. Not because he'd dislike it, but because he wasn't certain that it would be appropriate given his feelings for Yara and the strange non-relationship that they shared.

He wasn't even certain there was even any kind of feeling except mildly less irritation at being around him and being bothered by him. He shook his head and decided to keep things platonic with Dolan. That was the best and safest option, but as he was led over to the table and he saw the handsome Swedish man stand up smiling at him, he knew it was going to be easier said than done.

“Well aren’t you a lovely sight.” Dolan greeted Rafan warmly. While he may have not been a standard definition of handsome to some, there was an ease about the way Dolan carried himself that made him quite pleasing to most. There was a confidence about him that was softened by the natural kindness of his eyes, something that had drawn the younger Trill to him years ago. “It is so good to see you again, Rafan.” Dolan said genuinely and drew Rafan into a hug, planting a chaste kiss on his cheek before he pulled back though left his hands on Rafan’s shoulders.

“You’re looking well as ever.”

"You aren't looking half bad yourself, Dol...seems the Ferengi Trade summit didn't go to your middle like you were fearing." The Trill teased as he smiled warmly back at the other man before stepping away as he moved to take a seat at the table, finding a glass of Izarian whiskey waiting for him, smiling as it seemed Dolan remembered his favorite liquor. "Or you've been working out furiously to maintain your girlish figure." The Trill teased him lightly as he picked up his drink to take a sip as he worked on relaxing and just enjoying a chaste dinner together.

"I believe you're the one that maintains the girlish figure." Dolan corrected with a smirk and sat down with Rafan at the table. "But no, the trade summit went fine, besides, the catering agreements made with some of the other cultures somehow all fell through so it was catered only by Ferengi businesses... and you know how I feel about their food so I actually lost weight while I was there."

"Well it does look good on you, but I hope that you have been taking care of yourself." Rafan replied and sipped more from his drink as he looked up at their waitress as he accepted his menu, taking a moment to glance over what was being offered this evening since he knew that Tiraa often had a highly rotating menu. "Though I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the Ferengi had something to do with the other catering falling out."

"Oh I have no doubt that they did." The older man replied with a shrug and looked at the menu. "As for taking care of myself, you know I take care of myself. It's you that needs to be reminded to take care of yourself. Especially when you are arms deep in an experiment." He peered over the menu and smiled knowingly at Rafan.

"Well...I've been better about that, I still get caught up from time but I have people that come check on me and make sure that I don't let myself get too deep into a problem without pulling me out." He replied to the other man, smiling back at him as he settled into the easy companionship that they shared.

Nodding, Dolan took a couple of moments to look over the menu, deciding on an Antosian pasta dish that looked something akin to tagliatelle with a something cream sauce and some sort of avian creature for the meat. It seemed harmless enough. "So... tell me what you have been up to since we spoke last, my dear."

Rafan was looking over the menu and saw that Tiraa had added steak again, though he saw there was a small caveat beside the meal that it beef from Terra Nova and not Earth beef, though he didn't have any objection to it as he saw that it was being served with roasted potatoes and onions with jellied jigalla fruit on the side. He supposed that he had been hanging around Yara quite a bit lately since he had already decided that was what he wanted, giving the rest of the menu a casual once over before he quietly placed his order through the PaDD since he wanted to see Dolan's reaction to him ordering a steak, since the Trill hadn't been that big of a meat eater when they had first met or upon their recent reunion.

"Mostly Starfleet business," Rafan replied after he'd made his order, leaning back in his seat. "I guest lectured at the Academy for about a year and reconnected with an old crewmate from a previous assignment and we ended up kind of traveling the same road as we are both serving aboard the Valkyrie."

"There's been plenty of adventure here, just completed a rather shoddy rescue plan of a civilian freighter involving removing warp coolant from our ship and using to restore a normal balance to the other ships warp was...interesting."

“That doesn’t sound particularly... safe.” Dolan said pensively and picked up his wine, taking a sip of it as he mulled over the prospect. The evening atmosphere of the prism was quite lively and even through the noise cancelling fields between the levels, he could hear the quick base beat above them in the even more active second level where all the gambling and dancing were going on. The Orion proprietor of the place was quite lovely and very welcoming albeit perhaps a bit... lively... though he suspected that it was a reflection of the atmosphere of her establishment (or perhaps it was the other way around).

“You mentioned this person you reconnected with on Earth; who is it?”

"My..." Rafan hesitated as he found himself searching for the right descriptor for his and Yara's relationship, he knew what he wanted to say but decided to err on the side of caution and more reasonable expectations as he smiled again. "It is my friend Yara. Yara Blackwater."

The older man quirked a brow, "Blackwater... any relation to Nathaniel Blackwater?" He asked, the aforementioned man being one of Dolan's favorite modern composers.

"They are related, though I'm not certain as to the exact nature of the relation since we haven't spoken at length about her family." The Trill replied to his friend's curiosity as he sipped his whiskey, having to remember to asked Tiraa if she would be able to get him a couple of bottles of the Izarian reserve for his own cabinet. "Though transferring warp coolant isn't particularly safe in the best of conditions and we weren't working under the best and transwarp beaming can be a fickle beast without the added troubles of volatile chemicals being involved."

“Well, it is over now.” Dolan replied with a smile and reached across the table to take Rafan’s hand and run his thumb over the Trill’s fingers. “It really is good to see you’ve. I’ve missed you terribly since we last saw each other. Things just haven’t really been right somehow.”

"It's good to see you too, Dolan...though what do you mean that things haven't been right?" Rafan asked curiously as he glanced down at Dolan's thumb as he considered what his handsome companion could mean by his words.

“I don’t know. I’ve just been finding myself feeling rather lonely lately and when I feel that way, I just think of you in bed next to me and waking up to that beautiful smile of yours...” Dolan smiled fondly and gave Rafan’s hand a squeeze.

Rafan was a little confused, and oddly a little hurt by this admission, though he didn't let it linger as looked up at Dolan. "We have plenty of lovely memories like that...though I can't really say that I saw this coming."

“I don’t know. I’ve just been finding myself feeling rather lonely lately and when I feel that way, I just think of you in bed next to me and waking up to that beautiful smile of yours...” Dolan smiled fondly and gave Rafan’s hand a squeeze.

Rafan was a little confused, and oddly a little hurt by this admission, though he didn't let it linger as looked up at Dolan. "We have plenty of lovely memories like that...though I can't really say that I saw this coming."

Maybe he had, but he'd just made himself ignore it since he hadn't invited the other man here for this kind of reunion.

"Well, I suppose I didn't really either. I think it has been a slow build of sorts. "I've enjoyed my free life but it has been weighing on me as of late that I've spent a third of my life already very focused on my work. I know it doesn't sound like much but in the grand scheme of things, it is a fair bit of time." Dolan explained and paused to take another drink of wine.

"You forget who you are speaking with, Dolan." The Trill replied with a slight smirk on his lips as he remembered a similar conversation that hadn't ended well and had been one of the Trill's first rejections. "I know how long you've been building your career and what has been sacrificed to reach this point..."

Rafan could remember when he had wanted to have more with Dolan that just a friends with benefits relationship. He downed the rest of his whiskey as he waved for their waiter.

Instead of the waiter, it was Tiraa that wandered over to the table. She was dressed in a vibrant purple with black detail form fitting dress that certainly accentuated all of her assets; on top of her head was an equally vibrant purple wig styled in a cascading updo of curls. Her makeup carried the purples and blacks through on her eyes and lips and even down to her painted nails. "Well if it isn't my favorite Trill." She greeted and flashed a bright grin to Rafan. "Who is your new friend?"

Rafan swallowed hard as he saw the vivacious half-Orion as she flashed that casually amorous smile that he found rather charming and arousing in that way she seemed to know was what he liked. He sat up a little more and cleared his throat as he looked over to Dolan and prepared to make introductions. "This is actually an old friend," He said then looked over to Tiraa. "May I introduce Dolan Christensen, Dolan this is Tiraa Shai, proprietor of the Prism."

"We briefly brushed by each other when I came in." Dolan said, reaching for Tiraa's hand and giving it a gentlemanly kiss that made the hybrid chuckle softly. "A pleasure to meet you properly, Tiraa."

[To be continued]


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