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The Mirror - Part 1

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 7:46am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Private Room; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD06 0930hrs

Rafan watched as the Guardian bowed her head and smiled at both men before she turned to leave the pair alone so that the Trill could speak candidly with Jezran, the second host of Kel. Finally after the doors shut behind the strange woman did Rafan let himself relax a little as he let his gaze settle on Dolan, watching as Jezran was just taking a moment to open and close his hands, working his mouth and making varying sounds as if fascinated by being in another being’s body. Though granted, Rafan wasn’t able to currently remember whether this was something that Jezran did every time, but even he found it a little strange to say the least as he moved to pour them both a glass of tulaberry juice since it had been one of the past host’s favorites and one of Dolan’s as well.

“Is everything alright, Jezran? Do I need to call the Guardian back in?”

"Heavens no!" Jezran said with a hearty laugh and spun around to face Rafan, giving him a grin. "I'm sorry, this just never stops being fascinating every time I do it. The part of me in Kel must always look forward to the zhian'tara because every time I'm always so interested in seeing what new body I get. Will I be a man? A woman? Young? Old? Beautiful? I was never really all that handsome myself so I always like to see the beauty in those I share the existence of for a time. Always such an interesting, interesting experience that you'll see someday yourself. Though hopefully not too soon. You need to give yourself a long and fulfilling life for not only Kel but yourself too. Definitely don't short yourself on experiences - oh and you MUST make sure that at least once in your life you try orbital skydiving. OH! And-"

He stopped suddenly and gave a sheepish grin, reaching up and rubbing the back of Dolan's head. "Ah... sorry, I'm rambling."

"Well I think I can tell Yara where I get my rambling habits from now." Rafan said with smirk and offer Jezran his drink as he thought about the orbital skydiving, never something that he had ever really thought about, but now that Jezran had mentioned it, it did sound rather exciting. Maybe something Yara might want to do.


"Though you don't need to apologize, what were you going to say before you cut yourself off?"

He lifted a finger and opened Dolan’s mouth to answer but stopped and his expression shifted to a frown of concentration. Reaching up, he began to rub his chin in the way someone with a beard would do so if they were thinking and it was a habit they had picked up. “I must confess I forgot what I was going to say.”

"Well fair enough, your is tulaberry juice, one of your favorites since it is here as I have been doing my best to have the favorites of Kel's past hosts available since I thought that would be a lovely gesture." He replied and smiled a little. "At least within reason for my friends so that I don't do them any harm."

"So do you mind if I ask what your reasons for wanting to be joined were, Jezran?"

"Lovely indeed. This is very good tulaberry juice. Whoever gave it to you has excellent taste and if a replicator made it for you well I suppose it has excellent taste too." He chuckled at his own joke and then looked down at the snacks Rafan had provided. Dolan's eyes lit up when he saw a plate of hasperat lying there for the taking. "Oh and hasperat too! You are quite a dear, aren't you?" He said and picked up a piece to nibble on, not even remotely answering the question Rafan had directed at him.

Rafan was beginning to understand how Yara felt when dealing with him and made a mental note of treating her to a very lovely dinner for all the times that he had driven her insane with his rambling and just in general flightiness. "Jezran, I need you to focus for a moment, I asked you a question about what led you to being joined with Kel?"

"Huh? Oh, yes, yes! I'm sorry. Please." Jezran patted the space on the couch next to him for Rafan to come and join him. "Let's see, what made me pursue joining. That is an excellent question, very insightful. You are an intelligent young man aren't you?" He smiled at Rafan and then crossed Dolan's legs. "I wasn't very young when I decided to pursue joining - I was actually dissuaded by the Commission when I first applied because I was already twenty-four and you know that's about when people are on the last legs of their preparation for joining. It was actually my husband who encouraged me to pursue it since he knew I was always so curious and loved to learn. I really do... did... both."

Rafan moved over to the couch and took a seat there as he reached out and picked up a piece of the hasperat and began to nibble on it as he relaxed back into the cushions as he watched the possessed Dolan. "Why so old? I mean for the purposes of joining? Why not before then?"

"I guess I just didn't think that it would be a good fit for me when I was younger. Believe it or not I was rather flighty - I had quite a few interests and I was rather good at all of them. It was only after I was joined with Kel did I finally settle on warp theory." Jezran explained and reached out for another piece of the hasperat.

Rafan nodded as he continued to nibble on his piece as he looked over at Dolan as Jezran enjoyed his hasperat. "So will you tell me more about yourself, your life with your husband and your children?" Rafan asked curiously as he finished off his hasperat and moved to grab another, though he was a little sad that it wasn't as spicy as he would have truly liked since he knew Dolan wasn't as big a fan of super spicy foods.

"Well let's see... my husband and I met when we were both eighteen years old. He transferred into my school and was really struggling to make friends even after a few weeks so I invited him to come to the parrises squares game that was happening at the school one night with a couple of my friends. They had to cancel on me for whatever reasons they gave, so it was myself and Heama and we had so much fun together - we became fast friends and lovers not long after that. Joined at the hip - you know maybe that was another reason I didn't really have an interest in being joined, I felt like I was joined in a sense with him. Could explain a few things and is really an interesting theory. Speaking of interesting theories did any of the other hosts keep up with my projects? I always hoped that someone might keep up with them after I was gone."

If it was possible to experience conversational whiplash, Rafan was fairly certain that by the time he was finished with Jezran, he'd certainly be suffering from it and would owe Dolan a deep apology and some sort of special recompense for hosting such a...flighty personality. "Before me, none of the other hosts possessed the necessary scientific or educational disciplines to continue your projects, I haven't continued them per say but I have used them as the foundations for some of my own applied physics work."

"Though your work has also influenced dozens of scientists and engineers outside of Trill, you have some of your warp calculation theorums taught at Starfleet Academy."

"Wonderful!" Jezran exclaimed and clapped Dolan's hands together happily a few times. "I'm delighted to hear that. I worked very hard for many years on all of my projects. I was always afraid that they might go to waste or be forgotten as time passed."

Hearing that statement made Rafan feel suddenly so very sad, knowing that Jezran was afraid that his works would come to nothing after his passing, it also made the Trill frown as he thought about his own work and what he thought might become of it after his own passing. He let out a deep breath and looked at Jezran "So what about you and Heama? What did he do for a living?"

[To be continued]


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