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The Guide - Part 1

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 8:28am by Tiraa Shai (Blackwater) & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 8:29am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Private Room; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD08 1045hrs

The feeling was familiar. He had already felt it twice before as the consciousness of Sanna Izel was drawn forth from Kel and passed through the Guardian and into Tiraa's waiting body as the gentle electrical activity slowly subsumed itself into the Orion woman's body. The Guardian smiled as she lowered her hands and took a step back. "Sanna? Are you here with us now?" She asked the alien woman to see if the transfer had been successful since Sanna had...fought her a bit to transfer into a willing host.

Tiraa had been surprised to say the least when Rafan had asked for her help in this very pivotal time in his life; they hadn't exactly spoken much after they had slept with each other - in fact, Rafan had seemed to be avoiding her more or less. She had taken it in stride of course as she always did, but it was strange. Still, she couldn't pass up this sort of opportunity - a few moments to be someone else and experience what a joined Trill experienced; hell, the thought was arousing in a way.

When the ritual seemed like it wasn't going to work, she almost made a comment about performance anxiety, but eventually the wisps of memories and consciousness finally raced from Rafan's being into her own, and that was when Tiraa felt the other consciousness more or less shove her own away.

"Huh... ok..." She began and looked around then down at her green skin. "This is... weird."

"Sanna?" The Guardian asked, wanting to get verbal confirmation of the shift as Rafan stood by trying his best not to frown since he'd been somewhat reluctant to ask for Tiraa's help since he had been childishly avoiding the Orion woman after their evening spent together. Truth be told, he still wasn't certain that she would have wanted to do this for him or if it would have even been fair of him to ask. The entire situation was rather complicated and made so by him, they were both adults and had shared an evening together, though he had also been confronting his feelings for Yara not too long after that and he did not always have the best reactions.

"Yeah, it's me sorry." Sanna said through Tiraa and rubbed her face. "Sanna Izel." She said and offered a brief smile as she looked down to her hands. "An Orion... exotic."

The Guardian nodded as she continued to watch the other woman as she examined herself, seeming quite pleased with her body this time around. "Will you please tell me what is the last thing that you are able to remember, Sanna."

"Talking to that jackass Hysio." She muttered and flexed her hands a bit before she looked around, finally catching sight of Tiraa in the mirror and she moved over to have a better look, leaning in to look at the lovely reflection in front of her. "Ooo... how nice. Betazoid too? I feel you are... apprehensive?"

Rafan was caught speechless for a moment as he opened his mouth, trying to find the right words but then frowned as he realized he wasn't certain what he would say before eventually closing his mouth and going with a different route. He looked to the Guardian and smiled "I don't remember anything from Sanna's time as a host."

"Very...well then, I'll leave you alone to speak." She said, bowing her head to them both before leaving the pair alone as Rafan looked to Sanna as she stood there in Tiraa's body. "Apprehensive is accurate yes...I haven't exactly been a shining beacon of politeness or gentlemanly behavior with your host, Sanna."

"No, you haven't really have you? Well, that's to be expected since you are a man after all." She said with a smirk as she turned back to Rafan and sashayed her way back over to him. He would have been left with the distinct impression that Sanna and Tiraa would have gotten along very well.

Rafan quirked and eyebrow as he watched Sanna sashaying over to him as he took a deep breath and did his best to order his thoughts as he tried to figure out what he wanted to cover first with the woman before. "Sanna, would you mind sharing with me what motivated you to become a host for a Symbiont?"

"Well that's a boring question." She scoffed and crossed her arms as she looked at him, brushing a bit of Tiraa's hair back behind her ear. "No, think of something else." With that she brushed past him, rubbing the Orion's body against him as she plopped down on the couch before looking up at him expectantly.

"Alright then," He replied, turning his attention towards the woman as he watched her so very unceremoniously plant herself on the couch without so much as a hint for what would or wouldn't be a boring question. "So why don't you tell me something that isn't boring."

"Well that's a boring question." She scoffed and crossed her arms as she looked at him, brushing a bit of Tiraa's hair back behind her ear. "No, think of something else." With that she brushed past him, rubbing the Orion's body against him as she plopped down on the couch before looking up at him expectantly.

"Alright then," He replied, turning his attention towards the woman as he watched her so very unceremoniously plant herself on the couch without so much as a hint for what would or wouldn't be a boring question. "So why don't you tell me something that isn't boring since I am trying to get to know you and what influence you've had on my personality, Sanna."

"I'm a workaholic and tend to overthink things thanks to my prof- well, my previous profession I suppose. Also why I could never hold down a relationship so good luck with that one." She said with a smirk and looked around. "What, no drinks or snacks?"

"We have a small assortment," He said and came back with a bowl of candied nuts and fruit before looking back towards the small side table where he'd gotten that from. "They are what myself and the Guardian know were your favorites, we have juices and a few spirits, but please remember that you are in a host body, so please don't go crazy with it."

"Yeah I know the drill. I've done this before." She said and got up to go look at what he had on offer for drinks before she selected an Andorian ice wine and poured herself a glass. "Want one?"

"Sure, it has been a while since I've had a glass." He replied, having stopped himself from declining the offer and loosening up a bit, trying to live in the moment a bit more like Arij would have as he felt a swell of emotion from Kel that suffused his being as he sat back and waited, watching how Sanna seemed so very at home in Tiraa's body, she still moved with the elegant grace that the Orion woman possessed...but there was definitely a harder edge to it, it was subtle but it was there.

Pouring a second glass, she moved back over and sat down next to him, still plopping herself down in a rather unladylike way and then tucked one of Tiraa's legs underneath her body. "At least you're better than Hysio was. He forgot the point of this exercise and only had things that he liked."

"Thanks," He said, quirking an eyebrow again at her pointed...anger towards Hysio, granted that he had little love for the last host of Kel, he wasn't certain that he would still be holding a grudge against him during a zhian'tara. "He seems to have made an impression, that's for certain...good to know that its not just me he's been jerking around."

"We spent most of his zhian'tara arguing about women in law careers like I was." She said then waved her hand before taking a healthy drink of her wine. "Anyways, that's in the past now and this is your time so I'll focus on that. What do you want to know?"

"Well I was curious about what motivated you to want to become a host, it is something that I'm curious about with all of Kel's previous hosts...I am a scientist after all and it is the little things that fascinate me." He replied and sipped his own wine, considering the almost minty coolness of it in his mouth as he tried to decide on his own whether or not he did like it without Sanna's influence. It was an interesting drink, he had to admit.

Sanna let out a long, drawn out sigh as Rafan repeated his question. "I suppose if I just asked you to leave that alone, you probably wouldn't do it?"

"I can if it is something that you'd rather not talk about." He said, recognizing that sound and the expression that had settled on Tiraa face as Sanna obviously did not want to talk about it. "Will you tell me about your time being joined with Kel, I also enjoy hearing about her past host perspectives, what it was that they wants to leave behind with her as a legacy of sorts..."

Sanna shifted Tiraa's body a bit and took a deep breath along with another drink of wine to relax and center herself. "Well, when I was joined with Kel I very much improved with my work with the different perspectives each of the other hosts brought with them." She explained honestly and looked to Rafan, "I think we meshed well, probably better than any of the previous hosts had. I like to think Kel enjoyed the change of pace that being part of the Investigations division brought her, but I also don't think she will be eager to be placed with another like me for some time."

"Oh? Because of the dangers involved in being a Special Investigator?" He asked curiously, he mostly know what the general public knew of the almost secretive organization that served as the Symbiosis Commissions private security force, though without Sanna's presence within Kel, he couldn't remember the details of their duites.

"Yes... not exactly the safest profession in the world but I hope it gave Kel the perspective she wanted from it." Sana said with a smile, Tiraa's eyes wandering downward toward Rafan's abdomen a moment where the symbiont rested.

Rafan nodded and noticed as his companion's eyes settled on his abdomen as he felt Kel shifting a little as if she could tell that she was now the focus of others attention. "Though I think that you have had possibly one of the strongest influences on me of all the past hosts, I've taken on a bit of your workaholic ways, though I was very driven in my own right to achieve my right to become a host through study and hard work, but I think we have meshed the most with the habits I show..."

"How so?" Sanna asked, lifting Tiraa's eyes again to Rafan's, curious to know in what ways she had influenced him. It was strange that Hysio was not the greatest influence as he was the most recent host, but without actually being joined with Kel, she had little knowledge as to why that could be.

"Well you mentioned that you were a workaholic and I have become something of that," He began and paused to take a sip of his wine, considering it before his swallowed, then turned back to the conversation between them. "Though that one was easy and what I do know of you from my own research, you were considered one of the best detectives that the Symbiosis Commission had so I can deduce that you enjoyed solving a problem or mystery...which I've found I have a greater appreciation of a good mystery after joining, which I think was one of the reasons that I pursued a degree in applied physics, for the chance to solve a tangible mystery within the universe."

[To be continued]


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