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Dinner for Two... Three? Four? - Part 2

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 7:35am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Tiraa Shai (Blackwater) & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 7:38am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: The Prism
Timeline: Pre-MD04 2025hrs

"Quite an attractive friend you have here, Rafan. Be careful or someone might steal him away from you." She said and gave Dolan a wink before turning her attention back to the Trill. "What can I get for you?"

"I was hoping to get a refill on my Izarian whiskey, three fingers on the rocks, please." The Trill said as he swallowed and tried not to look at her too lustily despite his own enjoyment of their evening spent together. He was a very confused and conflicted man at the moment.

"Though I would say that if someone were able to steal him away, they'd have a thoroughly enjoyable evening."

“Ohh... so he is a friend.” Tiraa said, that grin on her face turning decidedly more lascivious as she turned her black eyes back to Dolan. He was attractive enough and he seemed to be polite. “Such a tempting prospect. Sadly, I must see to my work for tonight, though I make no promises I won’t steal him away if you are still here when I’m done.” She gave one more wink then picked up Rafan’s glass, wandering away to refill it for him.

Dolan couldn’t help but chuckle as he watched Tiraa walk away, his eyes following the sway of her shapely rear before he finally looked back to Rafan. “She seemed nice. A friend of yours as well?”

Rafan was doing his best not to blush as Tiraa sauntered away from them, his eyes drawn to the shapely woman lovely, heart shaped rear before he looked back to Dolan, clearing his throat. "She's very friendly and we've spent a very lovely evening together."

“Well that is good. I’ve been worried at times that you might forget to make friends and have other lovers... you do like to get lost in your work from time to time.” Dolan said fondly and took Rafan’s hand again. “So, any new projects that you have been working on?”

"Nothing particularly fresh, merely refining my first contact protocols and some dark matter research." The Trill said as he calmed a little from Dolan's touch as his thoughts turned to Yara and for a moment he wondered if he should even be here, entertaining this attention as the guilt slowly crept up his spine. "I haven't entirely forgotten to make friends, just most people look at me as if I'm a touch strange because I get so excited about science."

"Your passion isn't strange, my dear." Dolan assured him and squeezed Rafan's hand, having never minded the cold of the Trill's touch. "Besides, you know I've always found your excitement truly endearing." He reached out with his free hand to lightly touch Rafan's cheek.

That was one of the things that Dolan did enjoy, especially when that excitement and passion had been directed towards their bedroom delights. Rafan was a pleaser, he enjoyed seeing his partners happy, but he'd also started taking steps to see to it that he was happy as well as he lightly nuzzled into Dolan's warmer touch. "Well you were certainly intrigued by my passion when I was a young Starfleet Ensign just stepping out into the galaxy for the very first time...I think it was my wide eyed innocence that really made you decide to talk to me."

"Well, I won't deny that I found your enthusiasm quite delightful," Dolan said and continued to just gently stroke the Trill's cheek, "and I still do." He leaned over the table and coaxed Rafan into a gentle kiss.

It was about this moment that a familiar face came wandering into the Prism with a slight scowl on her face at the amount of people that were around. She was dressed in a nondescript fashion to not draw attention to herself; black pants, a navy top with a black jacket over it. She headed toward the bar quickly but paused in her step just briefly as her bright eyes moved over the familiar face currently being smothered by another. She didn't linger though and leaned over the bar to wait for Tiraa.

Rafan pulled back from Dolan's embrace, frowning a little as he pulled back from the human as he considered him, his feeling for the man and his feeling for Yara. The guilt was writhing around up inside of him, pressing at all the little insecurities and weak points within him as he really wished Tiraa or their waitress would hurry back with his drink and their food would get here so he could have a distraction to take his mind off of anything going on.

"Dolan...this isn't why I asked if you were close enough to make a layover to Deep Space 12..." He said, glancing toward the tall blonde as she stood at the bar as nondescriptly as she was able to manage, feeling like he was in some sort of comical nightmare at this point and he was going to sudden shift to being on a stage in front of his entire Academy class having to give a truly awkward presentation on something he was entirely unprepared for...

"What, you don't like public displays anymore?" Dolan asked, sounding a bit confused and hurt but he did respectfully sit back in his seat again. Rafan used to love such little displays of affection - nothing overt or lacking in taste, just a simple gesture between the two of them. He frowned a bit but followed Rafan's gaze over to the bar and the tall blonde woman who had not been there before.

Rafan sighed heavily as he reached up and ran his fingers through his hair, closing his eyes as he looked away and tried to center himself. "Dolan, I'm sorry that wasn't fair of me...but I asked you here because I need your help with something important, something that I've put off for far longer than I really should have." He said, opening his eyes so that he could look over at the other man as he reached out to touch his fingers lightly to hopefully soothe some of that hurt away.

"I was hoping that you would help me with my zhian'tara."

"Oh... well I can do that but there's no reason I can't stay a little longer too you know. I don't have anything pressing me to get back." Dolan offered with a smile then sat back as their food and refills finally arrived with a complimentary bottle of the whiskey Rafan was drinking.

Rafan looked over at the bottle of whiskey and quirked a brow at it, wondering where it had come from, wondering if it had been something Tiraa had done all on her own or if it was something that Dolan had arranged for. Or had it been something Yara had done during one of her moments of insanity - also known as her being nice by her own words just to make sure that everyone understand her position on the matter. Being in a room with three people that all held variously positions of importance in his life, two of whom that he'd been sexually intimate with while a third that was a deep desire though nothing so crude as to merely bed her.

He was in love with her, but keeping it to himself. Why? Because he was a damned fool and should tell her, though she'd likely just laugh and tell him that she finally knew he'd lost what little sense he had.

"I can't Dolan, not this time...I'm...I've fallen in love with someone..."


It was the only thing that escaped Dolan's lips as he sat back and just looked at Rafan a moment, obviously slightly stunned by this new revelation. He supposed it hadn't really occurred to him that Rafan would grow attached to someone else after everything they had shared - not that Dolan had thought that he himself would have grown attached to anyone, even Rafan. Part of him had always thought that the Trill would be there for him whenever he decided it was time to actually engage in something other than a sexual relationship. Dolan did his best to recover from the sting of Rafan's words and sat up a bit to look down at his meal. The noodles were a dark plum in color and had been tossed in a white sauce; the meat was cooked white like chicken would be but there were crispy bits of black skin on the top and garnished with some bright green herbs. "Well then..."

Rafan looked down at his meal and sighed, not sure what to say to the man that had been such a constant and inconstant part of his life, though he was trying not to linger on the fact that it seemed that Dolan had been expecting the Trill to wait on him when taking a plunge into a deeper commitment was convenient for him. "I'm sorry, Dolan..." He offered lamely to the other man, wondering if it was always meant to be this way with them...ships passing in the night or if he was being an idiot and not taking the chance to be with Dolan and happy instead of possibly chasing something that he could never have...

There was a moment of silence before Dolan lifted his head and gave him a smile. "There's nothing for you to be sorry for, Rafan. I only have myself to blame after all for waiting too long. You know I just want to be happy. Tell me about him?" He asked and began to mix up his food.

"'s a her actually." He said while glancing over to the bar to see if Yara was still there as he picked up his knife and fork after placing his napkin down in his lap.

Yara was indeed still there, but she had actually slid into a chair and was currently sipping a glass of what Rafan would be highly familiar with as Haliian rum. She was looking... annoyed but momentarily placated by the drink in her hand.

"Oh?" Dolan was legitimately surprised by this and paused to glance at Rafan before he began to cut into the pieces of poultry in his bowl. "Well that is... unexpected."

The Trill couldn't help but smirk a little at the other man's reaction to his falling in love with a woman, but he cut into his beef enjoying that it was done up perfectly to his tastes as he at the bite and savored the flavor for a moment. Though it wasn't nearly as good as one of Yara's steaks. "Well for a while I was very much about my work and she came along and it was like someone had set off a canister of antimatter right beside me...things started off just as rough as that...but they eventually became better, warmed up and we've been taking things slow."

"Is this the person you reconnected with on Earth?" Dolan asked, seemingly more at ease now that he had recovered from the initial shock.

"Yes it was." The Trill confirmed as he continued to cut into his meal, hoping that he was not going to lose a friend after tonight and the upcoming ritual. "We were both assigned there...well she was assigned there to Research and Development and I was of course guest lecturing."

Nodding, Dolan allowed them both to indulge in a few bites of their meals before he spoke up again. "So how long have you two been together then? A year or so?" He was quite enjoying his meal despite the rather exotic colors in it, though he supposed it was actually rather fitting for this establishment.

"About that, but like I said we are taking things slow and just seeing where they take us, pleasant companionship and such...she very much enjoys Khras and he's very much smitten with her." The Trill said as he began to eat on some of the rather colorful roasted potatoes.

[To be continued]


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