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The Musician - Part 2

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 7:41am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Private Room; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD05 1445hrs

"After I was joined with Kel, I took up playing the Sontaran song is a bit like interpretive music since how you move the ball creates the tune that you end up playing." He explained and thought about the last time that he'd actually played the ball. "Its a hobby that I play around with and I have encoded some of my more sensitive research within music, something that I actually started because of you."

"Musically encoded research? Well that is new." She said with a soft, pleased chuckle and gave him a light smile. "What in heavens name are you researching that requires you to encode it?"

"Well I started using the method when I was working at the Daystrom Institute and have continued using the method ever since as I've found it to be much more secure than the more normal types used." He replied and smiled back at his sister as Arij spoke to him with her voice, he had to admit that it was a touch strange to see his sister so relaxed and at ease around him.

"Most of my work at the Daystrom Institute was typically classified research projects from the Federation or Starfleet, so I was required to keep it under lock and key whenever I wasn't working and I've used it to safeguard some of my own personal work regarding cultural identifiers that can be established through a species art for first contact situations...a mouthful I know..."

Arij listened with at least a moment of intentness that soon began to drift as Rafan began to ramble as he so oft did. She still listened to him, but she did take a moment to also briefly look around the room. Finally she looked back at him and quirked a brow, wearing an amused smile. "You are quite a talker, aren't you?"

"Hmmm...oh yeah, I tend to ramble on a of my own personal quirks." He admitted with a touch of shyness and a little bit of a blush at her observation as he imagined that expression on Yara's face...though she tended to look more annoyed and impatient with him when he decided to ramble on a mile a minute. "I ted to do it most when I'm excited or fascinated by something..."

"Well then I suppose I should be flattered." She said and chuckled again, waving her hand a moment. "Still, what else would you like to know, my dear? Surely you have more questions. I know my voice in Kel must be quieter now, but I assure you I am still there."

"I was always curious if you ever had any other aspirations besides being the artist that you became or if that was all you ever desired to be?" He asked and tilted his head a little as he looked at his sister, but see the very alien expression resting on her features. Without that rather scowling expression he was so used to seeing on her he thought that his sister could be a very pretty individual, though he also knew she was quite married to her position and science.

"It might sound a bit cheesy, but if you could give me any one piece of advice as a host, what would it be?"

"I suppose I always wanted to be an artist, though my focus often switched when I was young. I wanted to be a dancer, a writer, a painter, but finally I settled on a musician." Pausing, she smirked deviously. "You might find you like one of those undertakings yourself, my dear." She sobered then and thought a moment about his other question.

"My advice to you would be to not lose yourself in the endeavor of enriching Kel. I worried about that, especially being the first host, but she is not as worried as one might think about experiencing everything."

Rafan nodded. He had certainly been very worried about providing Kel with the most enriching experiences he could manage without putting himself or Kel in overt danger as he noticed the devious smirk a moment before it faded away into her sobered expression. "Well...I've done some teaching as a guest professor at Starfleet Academy...but I've never considered any of those other careers for myself really, I've been too wrapped up in my career as a scientist to really think about that."

Arij laughed again, reaching over and resting her hand on Rafan’s knee. “My dear, you do not have to make a career out of them. Hobbies can be just as enriching as careers. It is about the enjoyment of life; that is what Kel is most concerned about. She likes to learn, but most of all she loves to enjoy things.”

"Oh...well...I suppose that is why I enjoy learning about everything and anything, I mean I already enjoyed learning new things, but it became more...pronounced after my joining." He said and smiled as he looked over at Arij, wondering about her life as he considered his and wondered how much he had missed out on with his avoidance of this ritual and accepting Kel just as he desired.

“Probably, yes. Kel has her own voice in the mix too, most people tend to forget that.” She shifted again and smoothed our the pants Jessara was wearing. “She likes peculiarities.”

"Peculiarities?" He asked curiously, wanting to make sure that they were on the same page with that particular statement.

“Things that don’t make sense to her... those are things she tends to gravitate towards.” Arij tried to clarify, waving Jessara’s hands a bit as she did so. It was an abstract concept though and when she was joined, Kel had always been rather mercurial.

"Hmmm...alright, that does make sense to me believe it or not." He replied with a smirk of his own as a smile slowly worked its way onto his lips as he thought about Yara. "My friend, she's always saying that I'm very flighty and tend to be running in a dozen different projects and get too excited over everything."

Arij chuckled again, the expression gentle and good natured just as she had been. “Ah... but I can tell you enjoy her being around even for that. It is important to have people around you who can ground you. Now tell me since I don’t know for myself anymore. Are you married?”

"I do enjoy being around her very much, she is someone very special to me." He replied, smiling as he continued to think of Yara and could help hearing some sarcastic quirk about his smiling way too much. "Though no, I'm not married, I've dated a little but I...haven't found the right person for me and my life."

"Mm... I do know how that is." She sympathized with a nod. "It was something I always wanted, but Kel... she didn't want to settle back then. It's really probably the only regret I have from my time with her." She said honestly and the regret in the woman's voice was quite clear.

"Well I've found a wonderful woman that I am interested in, just she's kind of closed off to anything but friendship." He said upon hearing that regret and not wanting that to be something any of Kel's future hosts heard in his voice as he spoke of his life. "I've just been trying to pick away at the ice she has put up around herself...cause I have seen her smile...well smirk before and it is a very lovely expression."

“I knew it!” Jessara suddenly blurted out in her own tone of voice, but quickly cleared her throat and seem to return to Arij. “My apologies, that was a rather... vehement reaction from your sister.”

Rafan had been surprised by the rather non-logic based outburst from his sister as he quirked an eyebrow at her but then shook his head a little as he settled back down to continue his conversation with Arij. "Its sister has always been a bit...intense when it comes to matter relating to me."

“Mm... anyways, I wish you luck in that if it is something you truly desire. Is there anything else you can think of that you’d like to ask me? I know to a scientific mind I might not be the most interesting of the hosts since I only practiced music, but there are other aspects of life that I might be able to share with you?” She offered with a smile.

"I honestly feel a little unprepared, I was expecting there to be more friction from my sister regarding the ritual, especially since we aren't that close." He said and shrugged a little, being honest as he looked over at Arij. "What can you tell me about being Kel's first host? It must have been an experience all its own."

Arij looked like she wanted to say something but she was being stopped, so she gave up and sat back a bit in her seat. "Yes, it was. As her first host I felt the burden of making sure she was exposed to the best of everything I could give her, but like I already said it did come at some expense of my personal hopes and dreams. That was my mistake though in my young efforts to be all that I was supposed to be for her, something I hope no host after me has made."

Rafan sat there and considered Arij's words, curious what she had been stopped from saying just a moment previous as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully, considering what that must have been like to be the first host to a symbiont and the incredible pressure she must have been feeling. "Honestly I've probably been making that mistake myself...or at least up until I met Yara..."

Sliding Jessara's leg down, Arij reached over and touched the other Trill's hand lightly. "Why don't we go for a walk and you can tell me about it? I'd like to see the station and not just this one room. It would be nice to walk around on... well, two feet on my own again." An amused smile touched Jessara's features as she moved to stand and looked down to Rafan. "Come on, you look like you could use a nice walk too."

"I must get my desire for walks from you." He chuckled and moved to stand, smoothing out his shirt as he let out a deep breath and did his best to order his thoughts to speak with Arij as he looked around, considering the room and thought that it was a bit drab. "Ready?"

"Nothing quite clears the senses like a good walk." Arij said and gave a firm nod. "Let's go." With another smile, she turned and moved out the door, happy to be out again and looking forward to talking more with Kel's newest host.

Rafan followed Arij out of the quarters, making sure to lock the door before the pair had taken a moseying walk around the station, it was an easy thing and Arij had be able to see the myriad of new species and advancements that had taken place from her time. They had spoken at length about various things, she had offered him advice regarding Yara, though it was also quite possibly the most pleasant time that he had ever spent with Jessara. He never understood why she had been so competitive with him, there were times that it seemed almost hateful in how she wanted to outdo him, like she would replace him in the eyes of their parents. Though he had also tried not to dwell on that too much since he had wanted to focus on Arij and what wisdom she had to share with him, though he did admit that he envied her the relaxed and so very casual demeanor that she carried herself with, she had chuckled and told him that he'd needed to relax and it would all come to him naturally.

Though by the time they returned to the quarters, it seemed too soon and the Guardian was there waiting for them to return Arij to Kel and then things would return to their equilibrium of normalcy.

At least that was what it seemed like when Jessara gave him a curt nod and left without a word, leaving her brother alone to try and understand if she was merely being herself or if there was some sort of new understanding between them.

Rafan was considerably confused by that....


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