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The Gentleman - Part 2

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 8:07am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased) & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 8:29am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Private Room; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD07 1745hrs

"Ah, a multihyphenate, very impressive. I'm sure you must be a considerable assets to your commanding officer." Ledo rested his left foot on his right knee, something he hadn't been able to do in years. "Tell me though, what's your real passion? The field that really sparks your curiosity?"

"I'd like to think that I am, yes." Rafan replied, trying his best to be modest about his position on the ship and not seem like he was attempting to place himself any higher than the rest of his crew on the ship. "Though to answer your question, my true passions lie in the realms of Sociology and the sub-discipline of Xenosociology, I actually used some of your own work to help me create a first contact tool that examines the interconnection between art and the psychological and cultural development of a has been quite well received."

"Ah, I'm glad to hear that my work hasn't been consigned to a mere historical curiosity." Ledo replied with a grin. "Now forgive me for all of the questions, I'm sure you can understand my desire for a peek into the future. I imagine you have your own questions for me?"

"No need to apologize, Ledo." Rafan replied with a smile as the pair sat across from one another as they worked to settle into a rhythm with one another. "Though I can understand that desire, yes and there are questions that I have for you, such as what drove you to seek out being joined or if it was entirely your decision?"

"I suppose..." Ledo let out a small chuckle. "I suppose I felt like my work, and my intellect should be carried forward to future generations, and not just in a library somewhere. Egotistical isn't it?" He smiled. "Once I was joined, I realised it was so much more than just a legacy. We're a unique link through the history of our world, and the Federation now. It's an honour and a huge responsibility."

"I think we are all inherently a bit egotistical since the great goal is to find a way to achieve immortality, which joined Trill have managed, after a fashion." Rafan replied with a smirk as he moved to stand as he walked over to the small table, pouring them both a cup of Diristani Neurocoffee, one of Ledo's favorites and one that he'd come to enjoy himself. Even in the late 24th century, the old Federation trade tariffs were still in place and there were some who argued for it to be labeled as prohibited substance.

They'd also said the same about raktajino too and yet it was practically a household staple.

"You are right though, being joined is an honor and a great responsibility, but I've found myself enriched by the experience."

"It certainly adds a new perspective to life. Several in fact." Ledo grinned. "I found that family became more important to me too, after the joining. Has that been the case for you?"

"I found myself gravitating towards my work and individual relationships rather than broader familial ties," The Trill replied with a little smirk and sipped his drink, feeling the distinctive tingling of the neurocoffee in his finger tips and along the lines of his spots. "Though I think that is because I already had strong family ties before joining and I was very focused on my studies."

"Interesting, although not necessarily unexpected." Ledo observed. "It makes sense that knowledge of previous hosts lives encourages one to find more blame in their own. Now, the big question is why have you decided to perform the zhian'tara now Rafan?"

Rafan didn't reply as he sipped from his cup, making himself as comfortable as he could with the question settled between them.

"Its honestly a matter of either I did it on my own terms or the Commission were going to force me to perform the ritual since I've put it off for longer than normal." He answered, laying out the truth of the matter as he looked over at Ledo/Charlie.

Ledo tilted his head slightly to the left, regarding Rafan for a moment. "Have you learned anything interesting about yourself so far? Any of yourselves?"

"I've learned a few interesting tidbits...and a few disconcerting ones, such as how much Jezren has influenced me." Rafan replied with a chuckle as he relaxed across from the other man as he sipped his drink again. "Though I have to admit that Jezren was an absentminded kind of brilliant, but he was a pleasure to speak with."

Ledo grinned. "There's a bit of that in all of us, I'm afraid." He admitted. "What's next for Rafan Kel? Where do you see your career taking us?"

"Honestly right now I am focusing on my place aboard the Valkyrie and trying to decide on whether I want to attempt to pursue something more with someone close to me or leave things where they are with us." He replied warmly, smiling a little as he let himself think of having something more with the statuesque blond he had been friends with for so long.

"If I don't pursue that or it doesn't pan out, I have my first contact and quantum entanglement communications work to fall back on until I find something new."

"Quite the fallback option." Ledo commented with a tilt of the eyebrow. "Although, if you'll forgive the unsolicited advice, we tend to regret the things we don't attempt a lot more than the things we fail at. Talk to this person before you decide whether to pursue something."

Rafan nodded to the other Trill's advice as they continued to talk, finding the conversation with Ledo to be quite pleasant and light, it seemed that the just like Arij he had been a rather laid back and easy going individual with a hunger for pursuing that which he loved and found intriguing. Rafan had found that he'd been influenced by the elder Trill's quest to find common ground between the different species, what would give them a place to speak to one another instead of trying to kill and just general mistrustful of one another. Still though, even as they spoke, Rafan couldn't help but dwell on the upcoming hosts... well, host. It was unsettling, but he was determined to do this right.


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