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The Guide - Part 2

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 8:29am by Tiraa Shai (Blackwater) & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 8:30am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Private Room; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD08 1045hrs

Sanna let out a soft chuckle and finished her wine off, setting her glass to the side as she considered his answer. "Well, that does sound about right and I'm glad to hear you'll continue to chase my love of mysteries... though I'm happy to know that your chase might be a bit... safer than mine."

"Well it depends on what you consider safer...Starfleet has still had its own unique perils though I've found plenty of mysteries to keep me occupied out in the greater galaxy. He replied, remembering the alien planet harvester and how closely they had come to not making it out of that situation unscathed, or the wholly ridiculous solution that he had come up with in the 11th hour.

"So what do you miss most about being joined, as it were?"

"Well, I miss being alive." She said with a flash of a smirk. Her humor was a bit morbid, but she just couldn't help it at this point. Sanna had always enjoyed a more dry sense of humor in those close to her. "There was a sense of security that came with being joined, I feel its loss sitting here in this woman's body."

Rafan did have to admit that not having Sanna's presence within him was a bit unsettling for him since it was like a very familiar part of him was missing. "With you being in Tiraa's body, I feel very incomplete and it isn't a feeling that I I can only imagine what it is like for you."

Shaking Tiraa's head, Sanna waved her hand slightly to dismiss the sympathy Rafan showed for her current situation. "It's fine, really. Something different to relive from a time past." She flashed him one of Tiraa's charming smiles that was not far from one of Sanna's own. "Now then, what else?"

He took a sip of his wine as he considered what to ask his companion, knowing that they only had a limited window within which he could investigate these past personalities. He sipped and finished off his drink as he looked over at Sanna and considered what else it was that he wanted to ask her. "So something that I am finding curious is the fact that ever since you have inhabited Tiraa's body, I've lost my craving for fried I know it is you that I got my desire for Andorian foods from."

Chuckling, Sanna rubbed Tiraa's face slightly and wore an amused but still mildly guilty expression on the Orion woman's face. "Ah... yeah that would have been me. I had an Andorian girlfriend once and she was the best cook I had ever met. Really got me hooked on the stuff. It's probably also why the yutann never tastes right when you do eat it - she spoiled me and I was never able to recapture that taste as hard as I tired."

"Ah...that really does explain it then...I almost want to hate you for that because I've tried almost ever fried yutann recipe I can get my hands one and they are either too sweet, too mushy or just plain bland." He said with a chuckle and good natured sigh of exasperation. "Though I have been trying my hand at cooking them, hoping I might stumble upon the luck so far."

"She never did tell me what it was." Sanna said with a slight shrug and a wistful smirk at the memory of the woman. "I don't blame you if you hate me for it. I hate myself for it."

"So why did you never settle down? I am sure that you had more than a few people interested in you for something more permanent." He asked curiously, look their empty glasses as he stood up and brought the carafe of ice wine over and filled both of their glasses again with the sparkling light blue alcohol.

"I didn't want to put the strain of my profession on someone else." Sanna replied honestly. "I'm sure you know how hard it is to be in an organization that lends itself to all manner of dangers at any given point... no day is promised to us more than the last."

He nodded and understood that line of reasoning, sparing another person the grief of losing someone that they loved and cared for, not to mention the strain that the kind of distances could be placed on a relationship. "I can understand that, it isn't an easy thing to even try and start a relationship in Starfleet before of the dangers...I suppose I am now at a point that I am trying to decide for myself whether I should pursue that particular path or not."

Smiling, she took another drink of wine and sighed out against the brim of the glass Tiraa held. "Honestly, I think it would be worth it for the right one. I think in the end, I just never found that. I came close a few times... just... not quite. I loved those who I was with, but a partner for someone like me and probably like you needs a special kind of strength for what may come some day."

Rafan nodded as he listened and let his thoughts drift for a moment as he swirled his wine about in his in glass before his smirk a little, an expression that would appear to be quite similar to Sanna's despite the fact he did not have her presence within Kel at the moment. "My partner would also need to have a deep well of patience because I can really get flying on a tangent now and again."

“Well that, or the ability to distract you out of one.” She gave a small, lascivious grin that looked right at home on Tiraa’s face. “That was always my favorite method of unwinding one of my girlfriends when she got herself worked up over something.”

At that, Rafan blushed a bit as his thoughts again turned towards Yara and unwinding in such a way that Sanna was talking about, he dreamed about it but he'd never really discussed it with anyone and he was surprised that it was making him blush as he tried to cover this up by taking a drink of his cool drink.

The grin only grew as Tiraa’s empathic senses picked up on the drifting thoughts and fluttering of emotions toward a certain someone. Of course Sanna wasn’t versed in how to probe deeper, but she didn’t really need to and instead leaned closer to Rafan. “I see that you have someone in mind for such a thing?” She asked in Tiraa’s lilting voice.

"Ah...ummm...yes, I do actually." He said, trying to keep his voice steady as he spoke, but knew that it was wavering a bit as he cleared his throat and avoided Sanna's gaze as much as he could, or the grin that was spread across the Orion woman's lovely features. "A work colleague, someone that I've known for a while and I've become very enamored with over the course of our time together."

“Oh? And how long have you two been together? Is this individual the one that has you considering if you want to make room in your life to settle down?” Sanna teased, poking at Rafan’s shoulder as he attempted to avoid looking at her. “Come now, tell me.”

He let out a deep breath as he tried to steady himself and looked up to meet Sanna's gaze, swallowing hard when he found the Orion woman's face so close to his. "We've known each other for about a two or three years, but things have been very slow going, to be honest...she's actually agreed to be a host for Hysio...but we've shared meals together and spent some time together outside of work."

"I think you're holding back." She said and continued to poke at him almost like a big sister would a little brother she was setting out to torment. Instead of focusing on Hysio any more and letting him ruin their fun, she wanted to take her time and let out some of her love of fun while she could - Tiraa didn't seem to mind it in the slightest either.

"Holding back? What do you mean by that?" He said almost innocently, trying to make it seem like he wasn't as he downed the rest of his wine as he took a moment to actually enjoy himself, forgetting that he even had to deal with Hysio in not too long a time. He poured himself a bit more of the wine, noticing that Sanna hadn't touched hers yet, having too much fun with him.

"You know what I mean. Don't forget I was an investigator in my time." Sanna grumped at him, crossing her arms and pouting a bit that he was holding back from her.

"Well...I mean I've had dreams about her...rather sexual dreams about her, but we haven't really done much more than spend time together, she enjoys the attention of my pet Featherdog, Khras." He said, listening to the woman grump as they sat together and finally deciding that he did enjoy Andorian ice wine himself and that maybe he could make dinner for Yara, with an Andorian theme..."

"Sounds like you are smitten indeed." Sanna said with a chuckle and squeezed his shoulder in good nature. "If you need any... help... in that regard, I've definitely had my fair share of experience with the ladies and while I may lack the bits you do, you have everything I ever used." She said and gave him a wink.

"Well I will keep that offer very much in mind going forward...I'm just trying to take things slow since she seems to have had a rough time with her previous relationship." He replied, not knowing the full extent of what had transpired for his friend since she was quite tight lipped about her own history. "Though I think your experience will come in very handy when the time is right."
"That's the spirit!" Sanna said with a grin and picked up her wine again.

They spent the next while talking simply with each other as the closest of friends. It was little wonder why Sanna was the one Rafan had gravitated toward out of all Kel's personalities. They spoke of their respective lives and Sanna offered the newest incarnation of Kel pieces of advice along the way. While she would jab at him now and then for his rambling or when he admitted to a shortcoming, but it was all in good fun. Thankfully Tiraa seemed quite content to let the two bond and offered no interference of her own.

Soon enough though the Guardian had returned to return Sanna to Kel. While she had been reluctant, she knew it had to be done and so after the short returning ritual, Rafan was left alone with Tiraa once it had been established the transference was complete.

"Well... that was quite interesting." Tiraa finally said and smoothed out her shirt a bit.

Rafan took a moment to let himself become settled again as he felt Sanna's presence within him, her influence a welcome feeling as he let out a slow breath before he reached up to run his fingers through his hair while moving to take a seat on the couch. He ignored the wine that was left and looked over at the Orion woman. "Thank you for helping with this...and I wanted to apologize for my behavior towards you." He said, motioning to the couch for her to join him if she wanted before he leaned forward to pick up a handful of the candied treats to nibble on them a bit.

"Think nothing of it, my dear." Tiraa assured him but waved her hand at his offer to sit. "I am going to go and take a rest for a while before I head back to the Prism." She smiled then moved toward the door before she paused and turned her head back toward him. "Oh and Rafan, Sanna is not the only one who can help you if you ever need some advice in the romance department." She gave him a playful wink then finally walked out of the room, leaving Rafan alone.

Rafan just stared a moment after Tiraa and then smirked, chuckling to himself as he let a deep sigh as he reached out to down the last of his wine as he realized that everything he had been doing of late was the hard way of going about it and that he had more friends than he realized.


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