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The Demon - Part 2

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 9:23am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Private Room; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD09 1425hrs

Yara had been watching Rafan nervously eating the Brazil nuts and was being quietly amused by how much he reminded her of Khras doing the same. She was standing next to the... mud brazier... and waiting with what would be Yara's version of patience for him to work up the nerve to start... though she wasn't going to wait much longer before she started poking at him to get to it.

It seemed that Mala wasn't even going to give her charge the chance to take this at his own pace as she stood, taking her place a step behind and to the side of Yara as she looked over at Rafan. The other Trill took a moment to realize that they were looking at him, he ate the last few of his brazil nuts and took a hesitant step to stand beside Yara as the guardian looked at her.

"We will have your body returned to you in a few hours once the ritual is complete." She said, her attention shifting between the pair as Rafan looked to Yara. "If you are ready we will begin."

"I'm as ready as one can be to be body-napped by some strange man." Yara replied with a shrug and looked at the guardian.

"Just know that at any time, you may reassert yourself over the host personality, but do not try to fight him since that can hinder the effectiveness of the ritual, if you need to take a moment, please take it to prepare." The woman said as she remained almost rooted to her spot.

The blonde took a deep breath, but it was to beat down the exasperation she was feeling at this whole song and dance. Why did everything have to be so ritualistic in these kinds of things? It was such a waste of time. She closed her eyes and rolled her neck a bit, doing her best to just let it go.

"Just breathe and relax, to let go of your worries and concerns for there is peace in unity and unity provides peace." The guardian said gave both Yara and Rafan a kind, matronly look as she stood before the brazier. Once she saw that they had both done as she asked, the guardian cleared her throat and looked between them before she began to speak "I'nora, ja'kala Kel zhian'shee, Hysio tanus rem."

"Gon'dar, Rafan tor." She said while moving with a soft, careful step around the, moving past Yara and giving her the barest glance and did the same with Rafan as she stood just behind them and between them. "Rafan, zhian'tara vok, tu Kel, zhian'tani ress."

"Zhian'par, Hysio garu'koj..." She said, trailing off as her slightly cool hands came to rest just at the back of Rafan and Yara's head as a misty cloud formed over the joined Trill's abdomen before it curled up his body and moved with little trails of electricity up the guardian's arms, across her body and entered into Yara, the sensation being akin to a mild feeling of pins and needles as memories that were not her own flooded into Yara's mind, a presence forming and taking shape there...

Both Rafan and the guardian watched Yara expectantly.

It took a moment, but Yara eventually took a very deep breath and her eyes fluttered open, squinting a bit against the light then relaxing as if she realized that her eyes were already adjusted.

"Hm..." She hummed out and lifted a hand, looking at it as if it was foreign to her - and it was. Both hands shifted and she began to touch herself, started at the neck and working down over the shoulders, her breasts, abdomen and hips. "A woman... how interesting... though something I could get used to." Suddenly she moved, going over to the mirror and leaning to inspect her face, touching her cheeks and jaw while moving her head about experimentally.

The guardian cleared her throat after a moment of allowing Hysio a chance to examine his new host, though she seemed as a serene as before "Hysio, I have a few questions for the both of you."

"Yes, what?" Hysio asked through Yara, the normally quick and decisive voice of the woman having given way to the Trill's near melodic intimations. He didn't turn her, instead continued to inspect the vessel, standing up and turning to look over her shoulder at the human's back, rear, and legs, touching her hips experimentally.

"What is the last thing that you remember?" The guardian asked as she shifted her attention between the pair and waited for Hysio's answer, watching Rafan's reaction as she waited.

For a moment, it almost seemed there would not be any answer from Hysio, but finally he shifted Yara's gaze over to the Trill in the room and scowled though it was markedly different from the usual one Yara wore. "I was on Trill, a diplomatic conference to try and acquire more relief for the Romulans. I was speaking to other Federation representatives with my wife next to me and then there was searing pain... now I am here."

The guardian nodded and turned to look at Rafan, turning her full attention to him as she seemed to be considering the question to ask to test his memory, but finally settled on one "What is the name of the symbiont that Hysio requested before receiving Kel?"

Rafan furrowed his brow as he searched for the memory, he should know this and it felt strange that the question would raise a sense of familiarity within him, but yet there was nothing there to signify to him why he should have that feeling. "I...don't know."

"Good, good. That means the transfer is complete, I will leave you two alone for a little while," The older Trill said before she smiled at them both before leaving the room as Rafan looked to Yara/Hysio.

"Loren was the symbiont." Hysio spoke and moved over toward the food, perusing the offerings with her hands clasped behind her back. "So, you finally worked up the courage to perform this ritual. I'm surprised they didn't have to force it on you."

"It was a compromise. I agreed to do it here on the station and...because Yara, the woman hosting you agreed to be part of it." Rafan said as he watched the other Trill walking about in his friend's body as he walked towards the table like Hysio was a wild targ that would turn and maul him. Though he reached out and gathered a few brazil nuts as he popped one into his mouth, watching the way she moved. It was Hysio, the way that he remembered watching the Trill move in recordings from diplomatic functions and government meetings, he had always clasped his hands behind his back when he had walked then.

"Mmhm." She hummed the way Hysio did when he was acknowledging something that he had not actually cared to listen to, sliding one of Yara's hands forward and tapping her thumb and other fingers together while he considered the offerings, finally settling on some of the roasted travit. It was replicated of course, but as he took a bite he found it to be acceptable with the current tastes he possessed.

"So... speak. I don't have all day."

"No, I suppose you don't." He replied watching Hysio as he savored some of his favorites, travit in particular was something that Rafan had eventually acquired a taste for after he'd found himself craving the rather pungent meat of the armadillo like creature. "I still wake up screaming from that memory, of being stabbed."

"And?" Hysio challenged tersely and took another bite of meat. "Should I be impressed? Grateful? Sympathetic?"

Rafan took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to keep calm, the nuts he had in hand before walking over to the viewport as he looked out at the nebula. "I am attempting to address something of the things I have been experiencing in regards to your life."

"I am not here to listen to your problems, boy." He replied sharply through Yara's voice and it was not a stretch to imagine how he was so effective at influencing others and commanding a room with the clarity of his speech - even if it was through the mouth of the human woman.

Rafan turned and faced Hysio/Yara.

"Do not call me boy you feckless asshole, it is beyond my comprehension why the Commission even chose you as a host for a symbiont." He countered hotly, reacting on roiling emotions inside of him instead of being logical about it. A part of him felt terrible that he was directing his words at Yara, but he knew that they were meant for the Trill presence inside of her. "The other hosts of Kel have at least contributed something useful to me, all you've done is cause me grief!"

Hysio laughed.

It was a cruel sound to be sure and the fact that he didn't even bother to look at Rafan just made it worse. Instead, he moved to stand and put the plate of food aside for the moment. "I have done more for Kel than you will ever manage to do in your pitiful existence, boy. Do not blame me for your weakness and incompetence; the Commission chose me because I am an accomplished politician who has helped propel our world and people forward. What have you done with your miserable existence?"

Rafan couldn't help but flinch as Hysio verbally lashed out at him, but it was in Yara's voice.

This was a terrible idea. Asking Yara to do this had been the worse mistake that he could have made to ask Yara to do this.

He felt the urge to begin to fidget like he would do when he was nervous or upset before his joining, a habit that had mostly gone away when he had been joined. "I...I've done a great deal actually." He said, trying to sound confident in his reply as he swallowed back the feeling of just being small and insignificant. "My work has been scientific and has focused on first contact, but I have obtained several degrees and doctorates in various disciplines..."

Before Rafan could keep going, Hysio lifted his hand and shook his head. "What of it? You went to school, you regurgitated information you learned and then made up something passable for dissertations. Millions of people have done the same; you are not unique and you are not worthy. Look at you standing there like a scolded child... a thirty-some year old man. Pathetic."

Rafan flinched, clenching his jaw hard.

"Then what were you when you took over my body so you could go and fuck your wife? I'd call clinging to a life you couldn't have pretty pathetic...though you didn't seem to care that she killed herself over everything." He retorted back at the other Trill, already tired of deal with him and just wanting to call it quits to this, but he couldn't. Nothing would be resolved if he didn't face his devil.

There was a moment of surprise that flashed on Yara's face as Hysio, from his perspective, first heard of his wife's suicide. Yes, he remembered the incident with his wife because he had asserted control, but afterwards he had been suppressed and since he was separated from Kel, he didn't remember it. It was short lived though and the expression hardened once more on the blonde's face. "Of course I would take advantage of you to do that. If you had ever experienced love, you would have done the same. You were lucky I didn't take over you completely."

"No, instead you just left me living with the fear that you would do that instead, I'm surprised that it didn't drive me insane." Rafan fired back as he growled, letting out years of pent up frustration. "You wouldn't have lived long with a stolen life and they would have left Kel to die..."

[To be continued]


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