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The Demon - Part 3

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 9:24am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Private Room; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD09 1425hrs

"You think they would have ever found out?" Hysio asked with a smirk as he looked at Rafan. "I'm a politician, boy. I know how to sway the minds of the masses. Changes would have simply been attributed to your being newly joined and I would have had all of your memories." He advanced on the "younger" man, still wearing that smirk on Yara's face. "Maybe I'll do just that when I get back in that pathetic body of yours... I guarantee I would use it better than you have been."

"I'd like to see you try," Rafan growled back at Hysio and advanced up on him, holding his gaze as he stared Hysio down, though it was truly strange to be looking into Yara's eyes and seeing such an alien expression there "I'm not a newly joined Trill that you took for a skinride now you arrogant prick and believe me, even with all my memories, everyone would know that it wasn't me because you are too much of a giant, unbleached asshole to not be yourself, to do what you wanted to do."

"Frankly I am tired of being afraid of you, especially when I realize now that you are just a scared politician who is desperately trying to cling to what power you can because you can't accept the fact that you are dead, you've had your time with Kel and now she has passed to me," The younger Trill continued, finally finding that spine that had only ever shown itself in truly desperate moments until now. "Am I like you? No and I thank the stars for that and every other past host was right, you are an asshole."

"What did you do with your life? Manipulated people with words and flattery to change things for a few world? I have manipulated the building blocks of the universe in order to reach across the breadth of space to connect people with one another, I have faced down an alien swarm intent on reducing everything in a star system to so many atoms that had been rampaging across the stars for centuries and I did. Not. Blink." He said, being carried along by his momentum as he stepped closer to Yara, closer than he had ever been to her really, finding himself becoming aroused by her presence but ignoring that because he had much more important and pressing matters to deal with. "I've saved whole star systems and developed tools to make successful interactions with alien cultures much more easy and reducing risks to diplomats."

He stepped away and moved to pour himself a glass of the dark blue Romulan wine, turning back to look at Hysio as he smirked, feeling quite good at having finally gotten to tell the other Trill off. "So tell me again Hysio how you are such an important politician, especially when I have already beaten the mark for creating some of my best work and I am still in the prime of hitting my stride."

"Please, tell me."

For his part, Hysio just stood there and listened to Rafan though through it all he wore this mildly amused smirk on Yara's face. He seemed thoroughly unmoved at the end of it all. When Rafan moved off and looked back at him with that self-satisfied smirk, Hysio's only response was to raise her hand and give him a slow clap. "My my my, the kitten finally tries to roar. Too bad you do it by attempting - and failing - to smear the accomplishments of your betters. You should work on that."

Downing the rest of his wine, Rafan stalked back over to where Yara/Hysio was standing and acted quite on impulse, punching Yara in the face though he was really wanting it to have been Hysio in his own body as he did so. "Gods that felt good." He growled again and shook his hand, having forgotten the first rule his Hijkata instructor had taught him about hitting someone.

Don't hit them in the face. It had been satisfying though.

It was certainly successful in wiping the snide smirk of Hysio-Yara's face. Yara let out a surprised cry and immediately stumbled back, turning away from Rafan and holding her nose. "You son of a bitch, you-" It was definitely Hysio by the incredulous tone that touched Yara's words, but he was cut off quite abruptly by the blonde whirling around and advancing on Rafan. One of her hands snapped out and grabbed the Trill around his neck, her momentum and strength forcing him to walk backwards until he thumped up against the wall behind him. Her grip tightened around his neck, her rough hands deceptively strong, though it wouldn't really have been a shock when one considered her profession.

Her eyes locked onto his and it was Yara... but not really? She looked at him with a cold, ruthless gaze and blood running down her nose but as quick as it had all happened, she let him go and stepped back, taking a slow, deep breath.

Rafan was just as shocked by his own reaction as Yara's, watching as she seemed to be trying to gather herself, regain her composure, though he wasn't certain that Hysio was going to be coming out for the moment.

There was a tense moment of silence between the two of them, then suddenly that soft, sardonic chuckle of Hysio's escaped Yara's bloodied lips. "Well now... this one is rather spirited isn't she?" He smirked and she walked over to the table to grab one of the napkins there so that Hysio could wipe the blood from her face and then apply pressure to try and get her nose to stop bleeding. "I like her."

Rafan's gaze narrowed some at Hysio comment, though his guilt over having hit Yara was warring with his desire to be annoyed and angry with the other Trill. "Why don't we wrap this up before someone ends up having to explain a murder?"

"Maybe I'll just keep her. She's attractive enough, but rough in the style department but that could be fixed. Strong, good stamina... I could have quite a life..." He ran one of Yara's hands down the side of her body and looked down at her as if he were pondering his prospects.

"No you won't." Rafan replied, his voice was hard as he watched Hysio running Yara's hand down her side. "You will respect her, Hysio."

“Well of course I will respect her.” He replied with what sounded like exasperation. “She will be a part of me.”

"She is not part of you, Hysio." Rafan said again more vehemently as he worked very hard to keep his anger tamped down at what the other Trill was trying to do. "She is her own person, with her own life that you cannot come in and decide you want to take over because you didn't get everything that you wanted."

“And who are you to say so? What is she to you?” He challenged and pulled the napkin away from Yara’s nose, inspecting the bright red blood before he brought it back up to check if he was still bleeding. “You know there’s always a risk in the zhian’tara... or did you not bother to tell your friends and family that particular fact?”

Rafan bit his tongue as he chose his words carefully and looked at Yara-Hysio, holding his gaze as he let out a slow, deep breath. "Don't turn this back on me, Hysio, this is all about you being selfish and wanting to take away another person's life like you did with me when you had your opportunity."

"All of them agreed to help me, Yara agreed to host you because...well because she is so spirited as you said, but she agreed to do so even knowing my fears that you would do something like this." He continued, looking down at his glass of wine as he looked back up at Hysio. "As for what she is to me is none of your business or concern, just that she is not yours and that should be enough to not take her life from her."

There was a flash of irritation on Yara's face. "You keep saying I took your life - I took your life for a moment, you stupid boy. Do you really think if I was dead set on keeping it, you could have stopped me? You know you couldn't have and don't lower yourself by lying to yourself in this moment." He folded the napkin and set it aside one he was sure Yara wasn't bleeding anymore. Instead he moved to pour himself a glass of wine. "You as a trained initiate should have been prepared to handle such an event. Every newly joined Trill competes with these urges from other hosts. You were weak and you failed to maintain your control because of that." Hysio sipped his wine, sighing over the rim in exasperation. "You really weren't worthy of Kel - you still aren't worthy of her."

"In the end, I might not be worthy of her, but I was the host chosen for her." Rafan replied back, not wanting to be angry anymore as he watched Hysio sipping his wine as he watched Yara make a face, an expression that was wholly her. "But it isn't your place to decide who is or isn't worthy, just as it isn't mine either, Kel has accepted me and we are both doing a disservice to her by bickering and arguing over this when we should be using this moment to realize how you have influenced me...or in our case, can influence me for the better."

"Could I have handled what happened better? Yes. Yes I could have and that is my fault to accept...but I am not here to measure up to your standards or your ideals."

"But you don't accept it. You blame me for it." Hysio said and put the glass of wine down with some reluctance. He cast a perplexed look at it momentarily as if he didn't quite know why he put it down, but he moved on quickly. "You do not deal with your failures, Rafan, you run from them when you can and shut down when you cannot. You don't own your own mistakes."

"Yes, I do blame you for it...but I can't keep doing that if I want to move forward with my life, that is why I am carrying out this ritual so that we can get everything thing out in the open," Rafan said as he quietly accepted the truth of Hysio's words, not enjoying that they were said in Yara's voice, but he would survive. "I all I can do is admit that I was wrong then and I've been acting in a wrong fashion ever since."

“Yes, you have been.” Hysio confirmed and took a seat. Yara’s lips pursed and there was another pause before Hysio finally spoke again though it sounded a bit hesitant. “What I did to you was wrong and I am sorry for it, but I cannot say that I regret doing it nor that I wouldn’t do it again if I had the opportunity. I’m sure you can’t understand why exactly and I hope you never will.”

"Even though your wife killed herself?" Rafan asked, genuinely curious as he moved to take a seat across from Yara after pulling out a small bottle of Haliian rum that he had secreted away under the table and poured them both a glass, setting one down in from for Yara-Hysio to take.

"As heartless as it may sound to someone who didn't know her, yes." Hysio replied then looked to the drink. "Is that Haliian rum? I don't like Haliian rum." Even as he said this, Yara reached out to take the drink and promptly downed it in one gulp before holding it back out to Rafan to refill. "My wife was always a very... unstable individual. Abusive really, to a point."

Rafan refilled the glass as he looked at Hysio, listening to what he said about his wife and couldn't help but be curious, Trill didn't possess any taboos about divorce and it was often important that they were married to compatible partners, especially those who were joined. "Abusive? What do you mean?"

Yara's lips pursed and she sat back, swirling the red liquid around in the glass she held. "Mentally. As I said, she was unstable - perhaps she was ill, but she would never go and see a medical professional. When we would fight she would often threaten to hurt herself or jump directly to threats of suicide, saying things like I would be better off without her so she should just save me some trouble and go kill herself."

[To be continued]


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