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The Demon - Part 4

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 9:25am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Various; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD09 1425hrs

Rafan nodded as he sat back and sipped the dark red alcohol, wondering if Hysio had realized that taking over Yara would not be such a simple thing and that she would make his existence a living hell. "So what was it that attracted you to one another?"

"For me, she was beautiful; for her she enjoyed hearing the way I spoke and the way I could command a room with such little effort." He replied, for once not boasting and just giving him the facts on the matter he had asked about. "She was the light of my life for a time. She made me very happy."

Rafan sipped his run, it was strong and he wondered how Yara was able to drink so much of the potent liquid on a regular basis...or at least often enough that she had a small collection of the bottles in her quarters when he'd managed to get a peak inside. Though the conversation made him think of his own feelings towards Yara, his finger tapping the rim of the glass pensively as he let himself get caught up in his own thoughts as he considered this new information about Hysio that really wasn't new.

Though he wondered if his attraction to Yara was entirely his own, or if there was some influence from Hysio and Kel both....

"I don't think she ever said the things she did to try to be manipulative, for all I could tell she genuinely felt that she could not be without me but that I would be better off without her. Perhaps that carried through toward you as well and that is why she finally took her own life." Hysio explained and took another drink of the rum, not looking particularly pleased that he had done so but that was not his concern right now.

"Though from your tone, it seems that Liata was ever the only person that met your standards for anything." He said looking over at Hysio as he finished off the last of his drink and set the glass down, already feeling the effects of the potent alcohol.

“Not true. Plenty of people did, you just enjoy thinking that there is no such thing as pleasing Hysio.” He replied, Yara’s lips tugging into a slight smirk. “I suppose it is something that makes you feel better, to think I’m an unrepentant ass; I can be, but you’re not ignorant and you know that if I was, I would have had no success in politics.”

Rafan became quiet again as he sat across from Yara-Hysio, considering and processing the individual that he had considered to be his own personal tormenting spirit, the boogeyman come to take him away. He could remember the memories that he had shared with Hysio, of Liata and the night that they had shared with the woman, he knew that Yara would be able to experience that memory, to experience what was possibly one of the Trill's hardest moments in his life as a joined being and the resulting feelings that went along with it. "Seems to be the general consensus of the other past hosts as well...politician or not, you've left an impression of being an asshole."

“Don’t most people think that politicians are assholes no matter what?” Hysio challenged mildly and sat back in his chair.

"Touché," Rafan replied as he relaxed back into his seat, considering the other Trill quietly as they sat together. "Will you tell me why you wanted to be joined?"

“The prospect of a wealth of lifetimes, knowledge, and interests to draw on to further the career I was interested in pursuing. It was a rather simple matter for me from there on.” Hysio replied and waved a hand at the accomplishment as if it were something easily done.

Rafan wasn't certain where to go, he had not expected the chance to actually be able to sit down with Hysio and it be something resembling a civil conversation between them. He frowned and glanced over at the table as he considered getting something to eat, then looked back to Yara as he watched her hands moving at Hysio's direction. "I want to know about you, in your own words...that is part of what this ritual is about, I don't know what else I should be asking you, I just know that I want to get to know you as an individual outside of just vague feelings and memories."

Hysio was quiet a moment as he thought on Rafan's request and his honesty about not really knowing what to ask. "I will not deny that I am... was... an arrogant and proud man who loved his life and everything in it. Contrary to what most might think of me though, I was quite generous and open to others - something you can find in old records because I know you won't simply take me at my word even if I'm back with you through Kel. I wanted to have a family - I loved children and wanted a large family both through natural conception and adoption-" He stopped abruptly and hesitated a moment before shaking his head. "I was very good at what I did and was able to back up my ego with action."

Rafan nodded as he listened to the other Trill and could admit that there were more similarities between them than he would want to acknowledge, but he would have to since it was part of the process. Though it also seemed that several of Kel's past hosts had either been parents or had that desire themselves. That was something that he would have to carefully consider himself, he did love children and there had been times that he had considered a family, though he wasn't certain where such a desire would fit into his life presently. "I don't think you would have worked so hard to get relief for those suffering from the destruction of Romulus if you weren't a generous individual."

“Romulans are a deeply private people and are misunderstood because of it. They are no more arrogant or unwelcoming than most Vulcans.” Hysio said and took another sip of the rum in Yara’s hand. “I was hoping to make people see that in time.”

Nodding, Rafan listened as he watched Yara drinking the crimson colored rum, considering his own experiences with the alien people that were perennially considered the nemesis of the Federation and the way of life that they represented.

Hysio allowed the moment of quiet contemplation to settle and put the glass of rum down in favor of getting up and walking over to the bucket of ice that was next to some of the other drink. He opened it, fishing out a few cubes which he laid into one of the napkins then bundled it up, walking back over to sit down and held the ice over Yara’s nose. Quite suddenly, Yara chuckled softly. “Tell me, Rafan, do you tend to talk a lot?”

"Yes, I do have tendency to ramble on, especially when I am working or find something infinitely fascinating," He replied, quirking a brow at the question as he tried to figure out where Hysio was going with this. "Its something that I discovered is a habit that was passed on Jezren," Rafan continued, a slightly exasperated expression forming on his face as he remembered the time that he spent with the rather easily distracted Trill.

“This woman who loaned me her body is... grumbling about you...” He paused to make sure he was getting the wording right, “finally shutting up when you really shouldn’t.” He smirked a bit and adjusted Yara in the seat. “She seems and interesting sort.”

"Of course she is..." Rafan said with a sigh while he shook his head. "She is more interesting than you know or that she gives herself credit for, though she is right of course that in anyother situation I would be prattling on and you couldn't get me to shut up, save to take a breath and now I'm quiet as a church mouse as humans say."

"Mm... let's see... what else about me." He took a deep breath and thought a moment. "My father's name was Tano Laga and my mother was Amalae Laz, formerly Tagren before her Joining. My father was a diplomat in his own right and my mother was a doctor by trade. I was the oldest of three children and the only boy which I'm sure gave me a special place in my father's heart. I was born on Betazed and lived there until I was five years old, then we moved to Vulcan for five more years after that before returning to Trill. Obviously as you know I gravitated toward my father's trade, but in addition to the promises of what I could gain from being joined, I suppose I would have to say that my mother was truly the first thing that inspired me to be joined - she was herself."

"Like you in my earlier years, I excelled in anything I set my mind to whether it was in diplomacy or my personal life. The only time I ran into a bit of a... difficult time was when my father died unexpectedly when I was seventeen, but I used that to fuel my resolve and attended Kissinger University on Earth for many years. Eventually I went on to serve as a diplomatic attaché to the Federation Ambassador to Andoria and simply built my career from there."

"That sounds rather reminiscent of me." Rafan said as he smiled a little, looking over at Hysio "At least family wise."

"I was born and raised mostly on Trill, my father is an architect and my mother is a biologist, I'm actually their oldest child and I had a brother, though due to complications he died not long after he was born." The 'younger' Trill continued as he sipped his drink and let out a deep breath, swirling his drink. "I enjoying playing outside with my sisters, but I was something of a self started since I began preparing myself to become joined from a young age, neither of my parents are I did not have that influence in my life like you did, but I was just driven to be joined, to be part of something more than myself."

He then quietly considered his life and how exactly he could find a mirror between them as he picked up both his empty glass and the bottle of rum, pouring a little more for himself as he continued. "Unfortunately, my personal life tended to be a bit more isolated since I tended to be a great deal more awkward in social situations that you, though my late grandmother was a motivating force for me to enter the Academy, she was the only one I told that I had been rejected the first time that I applied and I had decided to remain on Trill in order to focus on my efforts of becoming a host. She helped to convince me otherwise." Rafan replied as he let out a deep breath, watching Yara's expressions and being fascinated by the clear play of emotions that Hysio was displaying on the rather mono-expressioned woman.

"I have a deep appreciation for Andorian culture since my thesis professor at the Academy was an Andorian, he is actually still one of my closest colleagues and friends."

"You might have taken your liking to them from me. They are a fascinating, noble people. I requested to be reassigned there when my tenure was finished, but instead I was assigned to Romulus as the need for my skills was greater there." As Hysio spoke, he ran Yara's fingers through her hair and for a moment almost seemed surprised by the length of the blonde mane on her head, bringing a healthy lock forward over her shoulder as he began to play with it idly.

[To be continued]


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