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The Demon - Part 5

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 9:26am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Various; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD09 1425hrs

"Oh...ummm well I...I wasn't joined at the time I met Admiral th’Nuruodo," Rafan said almost shyly and smiled, looking over at Yara as Hysio idly played with her hair. "I was actually rather old by the time I was joined with Kel, thirty two to be exact."

"Though I have noticed that my appreciation for the Andorians and Romulans to have grown some since the joining, I've even have a playlist of Andorian cave operas and Romulan woodwinds that I play when I am by myself or working." He said and smiled, glad to know that it was more than his mere interests in the two peoples that influenced that decision.

"Jezran was old too... I remember he said he began the process when he was twenty-four... he wasn't actually joined until he was thirty-four. Is that right?" Hysio asked, Yara's face scrunching with concentration as Hysio continued to play with her hair.

"That's correct, yes." Rafan said as he just took the moment to watch Hysio making Yara act in such an un-Yara-like manner, at least he had never seen her even remotely do anything so...girly as a play with her hair where she would be seen doing so.

Nodding, Hysio fell into silence a moment longer then looked to Rafan. "Why don't we perhaps leave this room and take a walk? It would do me good to be out among people again while we are trading stories and I would like to see this station. It has been a long time since I've set foot on one. Your friend's nose isn't broken though it does sting a bit still, she should be fine to go out."

"Alright," Rafan said as he set his glass down and stood up, resisting the urge to hold out a hand for Yara/Hysio to take since he was fairly certain that she would likely punch him for it once the ritual was completed. She was likely going to punch him after the ritual was completed anyhow, but he didn't need to be antagonizing her. "Deep Space 12 is a newly constructed station, most of the occupants are Starfleet personnel but there is a growing civilian population and quite a few shops on the promenade level."

"Well, lead on then." Hysio said and stood, extending an arm out in a motion so smoothe it had to come from a diplomat as a signal for Rafan to take the lead. "Now you are not actually assigned to the station, correct?"

"No, my friend and I are both assigned to the Valkyrie, a Centaur-class ship that calls the station home." Rafan replied as he led the way out of the guest quarters, leaving a brief message for the guardian so she would know where they had gone and they would be back soon. "When we are patrolling or exploring the surrounding regions, we often spend time on the station, enjoying the amenities it has to offer."

"A very practical approach." He said, nodding Yara's head a few times as he clasped her hands behind her back while they walked. "Have you found any particular places you enjoy going to?"

"Well it is a matter of discussion between Yara and I, but when we are on the station, we enjoy going to a local bar/night club called the Prism for breakfast," Rafan replied as they moved down the corridor to the turbolift before he pressed the call button. "There is a Yridian junk dealer who sells refurbished and salvaged parts...a little Capellan restaurant that is just this hole in the wall place with a very hearty vegetable stew and the owner is a very interesting, if a bit taciturn individual."

"Well, I would like to go to the places you enjoy. As you get to know me on a different level, I would do the same for you and perhaps learn more about you and anything I might be able to assist with in the process." Hysio offered congenially.

Rafan nodded as he pondered where to go exactly, especially since he tended to wander mostly and discovering these places. He was still quiet as they stepped onto the lift and he hit the button for the lower promenade level, deciding that it would be best to avoid the Prism. "I actually enjoy going to art exhibits, especially multicultural ones since I based some of my first anthropological work upon the idea that a culture's art reveals crucial details about their sociological and cultural development...and I find art deeply intriguing."

"You also tend to talk. A lot." Was the reply immediately followed by Yara's face twisting into a slightly confused expression like someone who knew they had just said something but immediately couldn't recall what had just left their mouth.

"Yes, I do tend to talk quite a bit when I go to an exhibit as Yara was so kind to interject with." Rafan said with a chuckle and shook his head "I think Yara deeply hopes that you will help muzzle my predilection towards verbosity."

"Well... I don't think she will get much help there. I was known for being much too talkative at times... came with the tendency to chat up anyone and everyone in search of opportunities." He replied with a shrug and slightly helpless smile. Somewhere in the back of his mind Rafan could hear one of Yara's exasperated sighs.

"Hope springs eternal, perhaps now that I've actually met Jezran I will be able to curb myself a bit." Rafan said with a warm smile, the lift slowing and then came to a stop as he held out his arm for Hysio to precede him before they stepped out onto the very bazaar-like promenade as there was a fair bit of foot traffic with a few security officers walking patrol while a Ferengi was loudly hawking some miracle juju juice or another.

"It took me a long time to channel Jezran's prattling into something constructive instead of the random series of thoughts firing off one after another." Hysio explained and gave a soft, satisfied sigh at simply being out among people again.

"I haven't quite managed to do that yet." Rafan replied as he led the way through the area, some children came rushing by, laughing as a grumpy looking Tellarite shooed them away from his store and then gave a grunting snort as he shuffled back to straighten things that he was convinced that they had unsettled or put out of place. "Though it does sound like it would be amazing."

"It is very strange how both everything and nothing seem to change..." He said with a wistful sigh, continuing along next to Rafan and utilizing Yara's sharp eyes to take in everything around them. "So where have you decided to take me? Or are we just going to wander and explore?"

"There is a little independent art gallery that I've come to enjoy, I thought we might look to see if they have any new pieces since last time I was here." Rafan said as he continued to lead the way to what looked like a bohemian-esque wreck of a store front. Though there were enough people coming and going that its outward appearance belied what was underneath.

"Alright... this has to do with your work, right?" Hysio asked, realizing he knew very little about Rafan after actually being joined with him. Not that he ever had a chance to learn...

"After a fashion, yes." Rafan replied as he moved inside with Hysio/Yara, there were several other patrons inside examining the art and even a couple of artist working on their own particular pieces of art. "Art is part of what my first contact principles are based on. Through art, a first contact specialist trained in my method can develop a behavioral profile of a civilization and their most probable reactions to a given situation, how they developed in such a manner, so on and so forth."

"It combines a great deal of both hard and soft sciences, but I have proven that it works."

"Hm... interesting. Could have uses in many fields." Hysio replied as he studied one of the pieces with acute interest - something he would have never seen on Yara herself to this point. He paused and looked over to Rafan a moment, studying the younger man with an eye of appraisal as if trying to decide on something.

"Yara was also aided me immensely in refining and redefining some aspects of my first contact protocols after a rival attacked and tried to debunk my work." Rafan said as he paused to take a moment and examine the piece in front of them, though he also noticed that Hysio was studying him, though why, he wasn't exactly certain.

"It is primarily applied, as I said, to first contact situations but I've been working to apply in to archaeological digs and other sites of such interest to give us insights into past cultures."

"I'm sure it does." Hysio confirmed then placed Yara's hand on his shoulder. "Come sit down with me, Rafan. I know we began to speak about our... differences, but we did not really go in depth."

Rafan nodded as he licked his lips, taking a deep breath as he led the way over to a nearby seat in a quieter corner of the displays so that they could speak more freely as the other patrons gave the pair some space as they continued to examine what was on display. The Trill looked over at Hysio/Yara realizing that this was the absolute closest that they had ever really been, forcing him to swallow as he tried to ignore the feeling of Yara's body pressed close to his.

"We did, but I didn't want to push the issue too hard."

"I understand that... but this is your only chance to speak to me one on one without simply feeding off of my memories from Kel. I don't think it would be wise to pass it by." Hysio offered and crossed Yara's legs, leaning in a bit closer to Rafan so they could keep their conversation private.

"Ah." The younger Trill replied, his brow furrowed as he considered what to say to Hysio as he sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. "Well to be honest Hysio, I am actually quite jealous of how easily social interaction came...comes to you and for me, it pretty much ends up being a train wreck, I either babble on and on or I end up saying the wrong thing..."

"Give me a more specific example." Hysio prompted and shifted a little closer to Rafan. A look of parental concern had settled on Yara's features, something that didn't look entirely out of place.

Rafan took a moment as he witnessed a completely alien countenance settle over Yara, at least alien to him since it was so very rare (if at all) to see the blonde being so open and expressive. "One of the most recent that comes to mind was my interactions with Yara, the woman hosting you, we were at an art exhibit and everything was going quite well, but then I...I said the wrong thing and it left her quite upset with me and another was when I froze up during a presentation when a scientific rival challenged my work, it sent me into a bit of a spiral and as you pointed out, I wasn't able to run from it so I shut down..."

“It sounds like you have issues dealing with conflict.” Hysio said thoughtfully and considered what he had said. “Why did you not simply draw on the experiences I have had in my life to help you through such times - or even to avoid having them to begin with? I was a politician, I built my life on dealing with conflicts.”

"Because Hysio, after what happened with Liata...I didn't feel like I could trust myself with you, that you were just waiting in the wings to pounce at the first chance you got to take over again." Rafan replied honestly, feeling a little ashamed to be making that admission and certain that he had just reaffirmed his weakness as a host.

Hysio sighed and began to move Yara’s hand as if he were going to pinch the bridge of her nose, but one of the two seemed to remember that her nose was injured and so her hand just dropped back down to her leg limply. “Rafan, if I could have taken you over permanently, don’t you think I would have?”

[To be continued]


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