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The Demon - Part 6

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 9:27am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Private Room; DS12
Timeline: Pre-MD09 1425hrs

That didn't make Rafan necessarily feel much better about things, though he kept that very much to himself as he looked over at the man possessing his friend "I suppose you would have, yes...but when Kel and I were first joined, what happened with Liata was very disconcerting for me and that is why I've never really touched upon your memories and experiences, it always left me feeling like I needed to be on guard."

“Not touching on my memories yourself is one thing, but being obstinate about not using them even when Kel brings them to you in a time of need is another.” Hysio challenged, Yara’s expression leveling to one of irritation which was much more at home there.

"I wanted to prove that I didn't need your help to be more." Rafan replied as he looked up at Hysio, feeling a weight lifting off him now that he had finally admitted that. "I've hurt myself and Kel through my obstinacy...but just cause you know something doesn't mean you are ready to acknowledge it then."

There was a pause as Hysio appeared to be considering something while he looked to the Trill across from him. Finally, he spoke, irritation still touching Yara’s voice. “Well, you’re thirty-six years old now, Rafan. Time to grow up. You’re only two years younger than I was when I was killed, just consider that from time to time.”

"You are right and it is something that I need to be more mindful of going forward from this point." Rafan replied, not trying to make up and excuse or deflect the comment to something else. It was a fact that he had to accept.

“Good. Now, what else do you find yourself struggling with?” Hysio asked, obviously satisfied with the answer Rafan had given enough to move on to the next topic.

"Confidence in myself, I suppose that ties in with the first statement and is covered by your answer." He replied to the other Trill possessing Yara. "I want to learn to trust myself and learn to trust you and Kel, so we call can experience a truly full life together...easier said than done, but I am tired of all of this and I want to be more, live up to my full potential as a joined host." Rafan said softly, but firmly with a voice full of conviction

“The beauty of being joined... but it is not easy. It is like a marriage of sorts at times, in my opinion.” Hysio shook Yara’s head a bit. “I’m always going to hound you, Rafan, because I know you are capable of so much more than you do. I don’t remember specifics, but I do remember this feeling I have of you. If you could just focus yourself more... stop hiding your problems in playfulness and joy and face them... I honestly think you could be the best host of Kel.”

Rafan's brow furrowed and tilted his head a little to look at Hysio/Yara, though he let a slightly coy smirk form on his face as he held their gaze. "Maybe I'll be the next Zefram Cochrane or Spock."

"Yeah I wouldn't go that far." Came the near snorted reply as she righted herself and let her arms slide back to her sides. "Well, did you have somewhere you wanted to take me for a proper meal?"

"There is a place that I was going to take you too, the Maab's Grill, it isn't far and I'm sure that you'll both enjoy the meal and the alcohol." Rafan said as he moved to lead the way out of the small gallery and back into the promenade's bazaar.

Rafan their meal had been spent relatively peaceful, their conversation kept surprisingly light with a few drinks and Byye - Capellan steamed dumplings - shared between them. Though for a very long time he had purposefully held himself apart from Hysio's memories and personality, he felt foolish and ashamed for doing so. All it had done was deprive him of experiences and knowledge that would not only have helped him personally, but also professionally as well. That artificial road block had been a detriment to his development as a host. He could now realize that there was much more that he was capable of achieving by fully embracing all of the past hosts of Kel.

Despite his being an insufferably arrogant ass, Hysio was also a lot of fun and he found that he did enjoy the man's company and Hysio wasn't that much different from him. They had just taken different forks in the road when it came to their life choices, it could have easily just as well been him who had embraced the path of the diplomat while the past host could have been a scientist.

There was a fair bit that he was wanting to consider once they wrapped up the evening, but he also wanted to make certain Yara was alright as well.

As they walked through the doors of the guest quarters once more, Hysio gave a contented sigh and moved over toward the large viewport to look out at the beautiful emerald nebula just outside the station. It was truly a magnificent sight and he was envious of those who lived here to see it every day. He could feel the Guardian looking toward him pointedly and gave a sigh. "Yes... yes I know it is time."

The guardian continued to look at Hysio for a moment before looking back to Rafan "It is well past time that we return Lieutenant Blackwater's body to her, since I am certain that she is eager to get back to her own life."

"It was a pleasure to be able to converse with you Hysio, it has been very enlightening and I hope to learn much from you once we are rejoined." Rafan said with a warm smile as he looked at the older Trill who motioned them both close, placing her hand lightly on the backs of their heads.

"Lieutenant Blackwater, please release Hysio when you are ready."

Hysio turned Yara’s head toward Rafan and gave him a slight smile. “Rafan, do me a favor?”

"What is that, Hysio?" Rafan asked, curious to see what the other Trill wanted before they were returned to the normal state of things, with the present host of the Kel only being able to speak with Hysio through memories and vague impressions and hints of feeling.

“Pick up some of my old projects and finish them. I know you have the capability to do so and you might find some of the things I did to help you in your own work.” He said, still looking to the “younger” man.

Rafan nodded as he considered the man's request, he had looked at some of Hysio's projects that had been left unfinished by his death and they where intriguing to him, but he hadn't trusted himself to delve too deeply for fear of awakening Hysio. "I'll look into them...I am sure that they all have something that could benefit me."

“Thank you. It was nice getting to know you and I hope that your zhian’tara has been fulfilling.” Hysio said in farewell and offered a warm smile to Rafan through Yara. With that though, he turned her head away and closed her eyes. Before any more words could be exchanged, the swirl of light curled up Yara’s core and to her spine, going through the guardian to settle back into Rafan properly.

Rafan frowned as the disorientation he felt at having Hysio's memories returned to Kel swept over him, more easily embracing them now, though it was a strange sensation, it wasn't a wholly unpleasant one. He felt the connections that had little meaning before being connected again with Hysio's memories and it was now that Rafan began to realize that despite his opposition, Hysio's influence upon him had been subtle but there, he had just been in denial over this fact. The guardian was beside him again, handing him a clear bubbling drink before she moved to do the same with Yara.

"Drink, it will help you settle back into yourselves." She said and smiled gently at the both of them.

“I’m going to kill you, Rafan.” Yara growled as reached up to touch her nose and stalked over to the couch to sit down, ignoring the offering of the drink to her.

"Fair enough, Yara." He replied, taking the drink the guardian had tried to offer Yara before, though he carefully set it down within easy reach of her, adjusting to look over at the blonde as she was gingerly touching her nose. "Though I do profuse apologize for hitting you, it was kind of a knee jerk reaction from dealing with Hysio."

"The ritual is concluded, I will leave you alone so that you may speak candidly before parting ways." The Trill woman said before exiting the room to leave Yara and Rafan alone, though she gave Rafan a knowing glance before sweeping out of the room.

"You're lucky it isn't broken or I would break you." She muttered again, eyeing him as he came over to sit with her. "Did any of it do any good?"

"I think it did...I don't feel so tense, I feel more...calm." He replied, sipping his drink as he looked over at her. "How are you feeling? Aside from the nose."

"Like I've been jerked around by the strings way too much." She said and shifted her hands to rub at her face and shoulders, actually finding herself feeling sore from being moved in ways she wasn't used to. "I need a nap."

Rafan nodded and nudged the drink towards her a little, keeping the smile he was wanting to wear as he did so since he knew that she would be eyeing this gesture suspiciously. "I promise that it will help you feel better, it's just electrolytes and other incidentals useful for the body to help recover from the hosting." He said while sitting back and relaxing into the couch.

Yara eyed the offensive concoction for a moment before she grudgingly reached out to take it and sip it, immediately making a face at the taste of it. "Well, did you get everything out of it that you hoped for?" She asked finally and rubbed the back of her neck.

"Yes I did. It wasn't very pleasant but it was what I needed, thank you for doing this." He said sipping his drink, though he didn't quite make the same face as Yara did, he'd had to drink this before after his joining and with the others after the completion of the ritual.

"Well, anything else or is this song and dance over?" She asked, looking over at him and quirking a brow.

"The song and dance is over, Yara." He confirmed, knowing that she probably just wanted to get back to her own quarters so that she could be in her own space and not be bothered by anyone.

"Well, I'll be going then. Have a nice evening." With that, she moved and left the quarters to head back to her own on the station, very much in need of a shower, a nap, something for her nose and the massive headache currently pounding into her skull. She truly did hope that he was going to be better - whatever that was in his world - now that he had this ritual over with. Though she had done her best not to show it, she had been concerned about her friend and seeing him struggling had been hard for her; she didn't know how to fix it and she wasn't exactly the best person in the world to offer simple comfort.

Still in her own awkward, really unhelpful way she had tried her best.


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