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A Pin Dropping into a Still Puddle of Water

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Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Deep Space 12<>USS Valkyrie
Timeline: Backpost - Before Of Gods and Kings

After waiting nearly thirty minutes because of a computer glitch, which she was not allowed to help fix, the line started to move again.

“Next, please!” one of the security guards yelled with a motion to come over.

Joi stepped forward toward the security booth where two armed guards were stationed. This was the check point that led to the Valkyrie. It wasn’t unusual to have this type of security throughout important facilities but starbases and deep space stations were taking extra precaution after the Deep Space 4 incident a week ago. A Ferengi, who was aligned with an underground terror cell, detonated a makeshift bomb killing 4 people near the Task Force Admiral’s ship. The Admiral was not near the blast at the time.

“Name, Rank, ID, and the reason for your visit?” The security guard said.

“Ensign Joi Shaw and I’m a transferring on board.” Joi responded with a slight attitude as she handed over her papers via PADD.

The security guard noticed the attitude as he tapped buttons on the panel and verified the paperwork.

“You know, you don’t have to have an attitude” he said.

“Well, If you would have let me help you earlier with this stupid machine I wouldn’t have one.”

“I couldn’t allow you to touch this equipment. It’s a security precaution. We have our own special engineers.” He said as he handed her back the PADD.

“Whatever.” She said as she took back the PADD.

Joi took off into the airlock and through the connection tube toward the Valkyrie. Within the tube she could see the ship end to end through the see through glass. It was a differently designed shift then she imagined. It’s long legs (nacelles) stretched out almost double the length of the dorsal section. It’s dorsal section, almost a perfect circle, where life and work was centered.

Joi continued and arrived at another check point. This time the line was empty as she walked up to the guard and showed her PADD. With a swipe of his hand, to motion her to proceed, she was finally cleared to board the Valkyrie.

A few feet away there was a directory where other crew and officers gathered. After waiting a few moments, she had it all to herself. She pulled up the master directory. She filtered the map to show only quarters and narrowed it even further to show officers quarters only. She typed in her name and her quarters finally appeared: Deck 5, Section 3, Room #6.

She magnified outward a few times to just note where Engineering and the Bridge was located. After the mental note she walked away down the corridor toward the turbolift.
As soon as she left the directory defaulted back to the enlarged cutout of the ship.

She turned to her left and walked down the hall toward the turbolift when...


Paparazzi was all around her. Flashes, bulbs, and clicks recorded every step. Joi was in a black gown rather than the uniform she had stepped off the shuttle wearing. She was on a stage and approached a white microphone. The audience reflected and stared.

Joi grabbed the microphone. She realized what she was doing but could not control herself. Just as she opened her mouth to speak, a motion to her right within her peripheral vision.

From row 3 seat 5, the gentlemen with a black tuxedo, and heavy grey facial hair, got up and threw a potato. The man resembled her father.

From row 8 seat 1, a cabbage this time, from an older woman with a purple dress. An exact replicant of her mother.

Joi was shocked and terrified. Why would this be happening and where was she?

Just then a man jumped on the stage with a 6-cutting knife and lunged.

“Mam, are you OK?, said a security guard in front of her. A handful of officers and crew gathered, concerned. She was back in the corridor near the airlock boarding the Valkyrie.

“Yes, I’m sorry.”

Joi began to walk away. She kept walking and approached the turbolift. She hit the button on the wall to recall it. The doors opened and she stepped in.

“Deck 5”


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