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A Job... Done

Posted on Sat Jan 20th, 2018 @ 5:37am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Oksana Volkova (Blackwater) & Rear Admiral Eldon Voorhies (Kincaid)

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Voorhies' Office; DS12
Timeline: MD08 18:15hrs

Despite being rather exhausted, Yara walked into Voorhies’ office after being invited inside with her head up and her gait that same proud movement it had always been. The loss of a Commanding Officer was a terrible tragedy rife with questions of why and how, but Yara was not going to do Charlie the disservice of moping about and allowing herself to be beat down by his loss. These things happened. It was part of the uniform that they all accepted the possibility of happening.

She noticed that Lieutenant Volkova was also sitting in the office to undoubtedly hear the report for herself. “Admiral, Lieutenant.” Yara greeted coolly as the doors slid closed behind her.

“Thank you for coming Lieutenant. Please, sit down.” The admiral’s tone was polite but insistent, it wasn't a request on this occasion. The Davosi incident was a complex situation and the outcome was mixed to say the least. Ultimately, the Valkyrie's mission had been successful, by the cost was high. Voorhies hadn't known Charles Kincaid well, but the young Commander was a good man, and had the potential to do great things, his loss was a tragic end to a promising career.

The Admiral knew before sending the Valkyrie to Davos Prime that the Breen weren't to be trusted but such an overt move on their part was a cause for concern when it came to the bigger picture too, and that would have to be explored as well. Of course, overt as the action had been, the use of a third party group left them with plausible deniability, so they weren't ready to go to war yet. For now though, he began with a simple question. “How are the crew holding up?”

"Well enough." Yara supplied, not really knowing the exact answer but she hadn't heard of any mental breakdowns other than Nosske's... which was fine in her book. "Some leave time would be good to let people have a chance to process everything that happened, even those who weren't there obviously would struggle with the loss of their CO."

“The crew will get some time while we deal with the situation.” He replied. “But in order to do that, I need your honest account of what happened after the commander was killed. You did well to finish the negotiations, I understand Commander Bhatt was injured, but what exactly happened with Nosske?”

"I'm not sure I can really say I finished the negotiations, more that I stopped the door from slamming in our face so someone better equipped can go back and finish things when the Davosi are ready." Yara clarified quickly, not wanting to have any of this pinned on her - especially when she really hadn’t done anything more than that. “As you said, Bhatt was injured; as for Nosske - and let me reiterate as I already stated in my initial report that I will not file any charges - I believe he was simply so distressed over the loss of the Captain that he briefly lost control of himself and lashed out both verbally and physically. The verbal abuse I could let go, however when he assaulted me, I felt as acting XO that it was in the best interest of the crew to relieve him and let him cool off.”

Voorhies rubbed the bridge of his nose. Nosske, on paper, should have been a good officer. He had plenty of experience and qualifications, but there was a good reason he hadn't made captain yet. The man was arrogant and obnoxious and had very little self control, apparently even less than a time realised. “You did the right thing.” He stated simply. In many ways, pressing charges would have made the next stage easier. “Your orders are to take the Valkyrie to Earth. The admiralty will be conducting an investigation into the Davosi incident. The focus will be to determine what involvement we can actually prove on the Breen's part. Lieutenant Commander Nosske's conduct is likely to be a secondary concern, but I can tell you that he won't be assigned command of the Valkyrie.”

"Well, small favors, I suppose." Yara said with a shrug.

"What was your opinion of the Davosi, Lieutenant?" Oksana asked, speaking up for the first time since the conversation had started.

Yara looked over to the other woman and shifted a bit. "I'm not sure I'm really qualified to give an opinion..."

"So you feel you are qualified to take command of a starship but not give an opinion based on your interactions with a people?" Oksana challenged mildly.

The pilot's eyes narrowed slightly but it did get her to speak, "I had limited interactions with the Davosi as our away team was separated near immediately on our arrival. From those encounters I believe they are a highly volatile people even with their propensity toward pacifism. In my opinion, the divisions in their religious beliefs - despite the fundamentals still being the same - will not allow them to join the galactic community as we know it in any form; not until there is a true internal discussion now that they are aware that there is interest in their planet. It is going to take time for the Davosi to figure out where they want their place to be in their now expanded existence and I do not believe for a moment that it will be a quick process. The benefit of that if you could call it that would be they won't be making any deals - with anyone."

“Opinion is all we have right now Lieutenant.” Voorhies explained. “Once Commander Bhatt has recovered, his report will be invaluable, but that may take some time. We need full reports from yourself and Lieutenant Kel in order for the diplomats to begin planning for the next stage. Lieutenant Volkova will coordinate with Captain Gamble in order to set up patrols along the Breen border that won't infringe on anything the Davosi could consider theirs. How do they feel about mister Kel at the moment?”

"As far as I can tell the opinions of him had not changed one way or another. The more devoutly religious Davosi see him as a prophet whereas those who are more centrally focused see him as nothing but an alien outsider. Something else that is obviously problematic." She said and provided a shrug.

“It's good that they haven't reached a consensus yet, either way it could make future negotiations extremely difficult.” The Admiral replied. There were shades of the Bajoran Emissary in this situation, which was a difficult thing to handle. He was concerned about how it would go without Kel’s presence. “I don't imagine the diplomats will want him involved in the next stage unless the Davosi refuse to sit at the table without him there.” He didn't want to press Blackwater for details before her full report was ready, especially as there was a lot of pressure on her at the moment. “Anything else from you Lieutenant Volkova?”

“Simply to echo the commendation for a job well done given your circumstances, Lieutenant Blackwater.” Oksana replied and offered Yara a smile.

Yara shifted a bit uncomfortably in her seat. She didn’t enjoy having compliments thrown at her, but that was likely because she knew she wasn’t sure how to really deal with positive feedback - she had never been. “Thanks.” She offered up lamely and did not return the smile. “If there’s nothing else I’ll return to the ship and prepare it for departure as well as turn in my full report once I put on the finishing touches.”

“Nothing for now Lieutenant, you're dismissed. Thank you.” Voorhies replied. As the Valkyrie's acting commanding officer left, he glanced over at Volkova. “Davos Prime was very close to a disaster. Their new commanding officer is going to have a hell of a job.”

“In my experience, Admiral, there are more near disasters when it comes to these kinds of things than not. The smallest of things can tip the scales.” Oksana said as she stood and looked to the older man. “If the chaff can be separated, I think whoever assumes command of the Valkyrie has a crew full of excellent potential, they will simply have to be brave enough to harness it.

“You're quite right Lieutenant.” He said. “Now, I think our next job is reviewing the border patrols to ensure the Breen don't try to make a move on Davos Prime.”

"Agreed." Oksana said and briefly looked out the viewport to the swirling green nebula. "I'll pass the order along."

"Dismissed." Eldon said and nodded to her.


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