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Captain On The Bridge

Posted on Thu Feb 1st, 2018 @ 3:54am by Captain Alexander Kurtz & Ensign Matthew Templar
Edited on on Thu Feb 1st, 2018 @ 6:12am

Mission: Earth
Location: Bridge, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: MD02 - 10:35hrs

The turbolift came to a stop and Alex stepped out onto his new Bridge for the first time. It was a little smaller than the Tempest's, but impressive nonetheless. While the ship was docked at Earth, the bridge crew was a little smaller than usual, and it was fairly quiet. The Captain surveyed the room, recognising the chief operations officer from the personnel files. "Ensign Templar? Captain Alex Kurtz." He said by way of introduction.

Matt was just finishing up replacing a side panel at his work station after repairing a few old wires that were causing slow feedback. He felt the display click back into place just as he heard an unfamiliar voice. He turned around to see the older man wearing red and nodded. "Hello, sir. Yes, that's correct. I'm the operations manager. And you must be our new C.O.?" He reached out his hand in greeting.

“I am indeed.” Alex confirmed. He had been impressed by what he'd read about the young operations chief, Templar seemed to be a steady pair of hands with a lot of potential. He would need that to keep the ship running. There had been a number of upgrades and additions installed while they were docked in orbit around Earth and Alex was interested to see how the work had progressed. “I'm told the sensors have been upgraded to the latest specifications since the Valkyrie arrived. How's the work going?”

"We've had a few hiccups here and there when we integrated the new sensor modules. It seems that they didn't want to play nice with the plasma conduit feeds. I think I've successfully corrected the problem with engineering's help, sir." He folded his hands behind his back and glanced out the viewscreen at the blue & green world he called home. "I heard that you have an engineering background yourself, sir. I'm sure that comes in handy when solving command problems."

“I'd like to think so.” Alex replied. “I tend to look at things from an engineer's perspective, look for the right parts and tools to fix a problem, then implement it. There are times when it works extremely well, other times not so much. You've got to play to your strengths though Ensign, and be aware of your weaknesses. That's something I intend to figure out about the Valkyrie and her crew. I suspect the operations chief is the right person to ask about the ship. Any peculiarities I should know about?”

Templar let out a long sigh as he reflected on the question. "Well, the port plasma relays tend to get a little hotter under stress than the starboard ones, though well within specifications. If you're asking about the crew, I'm less knowledgeable. We just finished my first one aboard and I haven't gotten to know many of the crew. I only knew Commander Kincaid briefly before he was killed. I know Commander Nosske and Lieutenant Blackwater always butted heads but I don't know much more than that." He looked away briefly as he searched for the words to change the subject. "So we're sort of in the same boat, so to speak, sir."

“There's certainly been a lot of turmoil in the ship recently.” Alex commented. “I intend to provide some stability for the crew. I know there's been some tension between the command staff, which is one of my priorities to deal with. I'd like to get the ship running efficiently too, which is where you come in. I'm working on getting us a new chief engineer at the moment, but until then I'll be looking to you and your department. If there's any projects you'd like to work on, you'll have my full support.”

Matt nodded eagerly enough. "Operations is the gloss over real engineering work. Speaking of the plasma relays, I wouldn't mind the opportunity to replace them since we're orbiting Earth and all. When repairs don't solve the problem, replacement does," he said with a grin. "Until we get a new chief engineer, you can direct any technical ship problems to me, sir."

“Excellent, glad to hear it Ensign.” Alex appreciated the young officer's enthusiasm. “You have my permission to replace the plasma relays. Begin the work as soon as you're ready, and use any personnel or resources you need from engineering.”

Matt nodded at the new captain, glad to have solid leadership back in the center chair. "Yes sir. I'll begin replacement immediately." He'd head down to engineering in a few minutes to see what engineering staff was still aboard to help him with the plasma relays. Hopefully there would still be at least a few bored engineers.

“Thank you Ensign.” Alex said. He was impressed by the operations officer. There was certainly potential in the younger man, the possibility of a bright career ahead of him.

The Captain stepped down towards his new chair, with the XO’s next to it, both unoccupied. He regarded it for a moment, then sat, finally back in the Captain's chair. He was home.


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