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Doctor's Orders

Posted on Sat Feb 24th, 2018 @ 2:11am by Captain Alexander Kurtz & Lieutenant JG Savyla Jones

Mission: Earth
Location: Sickbay, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: MD06 - 13:35hrs

It had been just over a year since Captain Kurtz had been on active duty. He had been forced to use his engineering skills to repair his former ship's impulse engines in an emergency. In the process, he had been badly injured. The last year of his life had been spent recovering and recuperating. Most of his injuries were healed now, with the exception of some nerve damage to his left hand. That gave him extra incentive to introduce himself to the Valkyrie's chief medical officer.

Alex spotted the half-Orion immediately as he entered sickbay. “Doctor Jones, I presume?”

Savyla, who seemed to be frantically putting data into the computer at the primary workstation, threw a quick glance at the man entering her sick-bay. She always looked at the rank first, a habit she had picked up after some 'less fortunate' first encounters. Four pins, her eyes widened and a smirk appeared on her lips. "And you're Captain Kurtz." she replied, discretely minimizing the D&D character creator she was running on the workstation with her left hand whilst extending her right hand towards the captain.

“I am indeed.” He said shaking her hand. The Doctor seemed to have a lot of energy, something Alex appreciated in his officers. She was fairly new to the ship too, so it was entirely possible that she had a unique perspective on the team dynamics. He would explore that avenue later though.

“Here's my latest medical report and physiotherapy regime.” He handed her a padd. “I'm cleared for duty, but I need to keep working on my hand.” He held up the left one and flexed his fingers. “They tell me it's ninety-five percent back to full strength and I might never get back to what it was. I'm stubborn enough to think I can though.”

"Oh it can" Savyla nodded enthusiastically as she took the padd. "As for the nerves, someone just needs to find a way to grow them out of thin air." she smiled and turned her attention to the pad. "As for the muscles, we can strengthen those as much as we like" She said as she continued reading Kurtz's training schedule. "But not with this mumbo jumbo that's for sure." She shook her head. "I don't the hack that wrote this but from now on I suggest we make it nice and simple." She gave the padd back and walked over to the replicator. “Computer generate three thermoplastic rubber, spheres, all with a seven centimetre diameter but varying in tension strength, starting with yellow as the weakest, green in the middle and red as the toughest.” The computer shimmed and created three rubber balls. Savyla took them and threw the yellow one at Kurtz. "My office, 20 minutes a day, you squeeze, we talk. First appointment right now." Se smiled.

Alex tilted an eyebrow slightly as he caught the ball, Jones was efficient, he liked that. Efficiency was something that would serve the Valkyrie well. His physio routine had worked well so far, but he was willing to try something different, and Doctor Jones inspired confidence in him. He gave the ball a squeeze as they made their way to her office. “So, how are you finding the Valkyrie so far?”

"Well you know, a sickbay is a sickbay and I haven't been out and about to see the rest of the boat yet." she answered whilst they entered her office. Her desk was covered in a piled mess of various medical instruments, padd's, empty mugs and even a live culture or two. It was always this way. Savyla thrived in chaos and actively created it in her own environment in order to improve her performance. Not many of her former commanding officers accepted and even less understood this. "Right , this is a bit embarrassing. I eeeuh was eeeuh meaning to clean up. Let me just ... euh." She walked up to the desk and pushed everything off behind it. "I'll just sort that out later." She grabbed her chair, pulled one up for the cap and politely signalled him to sit down. "So yeah, the ship seems fine, I just got to go see more of it." She added in an attempt to progress the conversation past the obvious opportunity for the captain to remark upon her lack of tidiness. "What about you Cap, how do you like your new command so far?" She continued.

“It's early days for me too.” Alex admitted as he surveyed the chaotic office. “ But I can see a lot of potential here. She's not the biggest ship, or the most powerful, but the Valkyrie's a good little ship. A lot of the crew seem very positive too, young and enthusiastic, which I like to see. I think we've got everything we need to be successful.”

"Keep squeezing." She commanded. "Any word on our next mission yet?" She asked. " I mean I'm very eager to get going, I've been sitting still far to long for comfort." She added as she observed Kurtz. He wasn't a particularly handsome man by any standard but he did carry himself with an air that exerted confidence and there was a hidden vulnerability to his smile which added to his appeal. She just hoped he wasn't a rule crazy like some of her previous CO's. If there was one kind of CO she couldn't stand it was the kind that did everything by the book.

“The ship's still assigned to Deep Space Twelve.” Alex said as he continued to exercise his hand. “So we'll be heading back there once the refits are complete. My understanding is that our core mission is still the same as it was before I took command, exploring the unknown regions beyond the frontier. There's a research station on a planet close to DS12 that needs to be resupplied, I think we'll be taking some things to them on our way out. After that, I'm hoping to go exploring.”

Savyla nodded enthusiastically. "Seeking out new life. I'm looking forward to that. It's the whole reason I joined Starfleet." She said whilst shifting in her chair, resting her elbows on her knees and her chin in the palms of her hands. With piercing eyes she gazed at Kurtz and wondered. As so often with Savyla, whatever she wondered she verbalised without even knowing she did." What made you join Starfleet? Who is Alexander Kurtz and why did he ship out towards the great unknown." She asked.

“My parents were both in the Fleet. They worked at utopia planetia, so I grew up around engineer's.” He broke into a nostalgic smile. “There was this Tellarite, Ragar, a structural engineer. I attached myself to him when I was a kid, grumpiest sentient I've ever met but he tolerated me, even liked me in his own way. I went the engineering route into the fleet, and I think like a lot of people I got hooked on the exploration.”

"Tellarites, the eternal debaters." Savyla smilled. "I met my fair share of them." She continued. "So you became a grease monkey with a love for exploring." She concluded."With me it was the same thing but with Medicine. I always knew I wanted to join starfleet, Medicine just came more or less naturally." She added whilst feeling Kurtz's hand muscles who was still squeezing the ball.

“Medicine is a great skill to come naturally.” Alex said. “And certainly a valuable one. Am I right in thinking your father was in the fleet?”

Savyla knew this question was coming eventually. She didn't dread it, yet it was a subject she rather reserved for when she had gotten to know the people inquiring about him a little better. People were quick to form opinions based on a few lines of explanation.
"Yes that's right, he was a commander." She answered. "He wanted me to go for command as well, and who knows maybe one day I will." She continued.

Alex nodded, squeezing the ball. “If you decide that you want to go down that route, let me know and we can start development. I think career decisions like that should be the officer's own choice though, not because someone else thinks you should. Hell, there are times when I almost wish I was back down in engineering.”

Savyla Smiled, Kurtz gave her a Nice casual feel, something she appreciated in her commanding officer. 'I'll be sure to do so.' she replied. 'So engineering huh, any specialization?' She continued.

“Power systems originally, but I diversified as quickly as I could.” He replied. While he believed in keeping a certain professional distance from those under his command, the chief medical officer was in a unique position of power in the hierarchy. She was responsible for his ongoing rehabilitation now, something that could affect his ability to command. She would also need to be able to appraise his mental health, so it made sense to let his guard down somewhat. “I did a lot of damage control work, it lets you do a little of everything. It's hard work, but there's less long winded diagnostic cycles to sit through. Although that part of my career is probably part of how I got into this situation.” He held up the ball to indicate his injury.

"Accidents happen to the best of us Cap. Besides chicks dig scars." She smirked as she stood up and started to pace the room. "You know, I've always found engineers and doctors to have a lot in common. We use a lot of the same methods and tools, deduction, abduction, ... to figure out a problem and then we fix it. Wouldn't you agree?" She concluded.

“I wouldn't put myself in the same category as a Doctor. We've got a certain skillset, and I suppose there's some creative problem solving occasionally, but there's always a manual when it comes to engineering. And technical specs.” He smiled a little, glancing at the Doctor as she paced. “I wouldn't be anywhere near as confident doing the things you do. Have you got a specialism within medicine?”

"Well I don't know about that." She grabbed a padd out of her pocket and raised it. "There's quite a bit of 'specs' on you here." She giggled. When you got down to the quantum level, biological organism where little more then very intricate machines. "I guess you could say that engineers get the manual with the machine. Doctors, well they get bits and pieces and they write the manual as they go." She sat down again. "That's why I specialised in Quantum theory biology and Xeno Evolution theory."

“That sounds fascinating.” Kurtz commented. “Quantum theory is a useful tool for a lot of technical applications, and we're only really scratching the surface at the moment. I read an interesting paper recently that said that it could be possible to use it to engineer biological machines directly into the body. I admit I didn't understand it all, but it sounds promising.”

"it's a bit complicated but then it really isn't." Savyla smirked. "You can stop squeezing now." She added. "Just make sure to show up everyday for at least 20 minutes, no exceptions." She concluded whilst raising a finger.

“You've got it Doc.” Alex replied as he stood to leave. Realistically, the life of a captain might not allow him to spare twenty minutes every day, but he certainly wasn't going to tell her that. The medical officer certainly had an energy about her, which was encouraging, and her career so far had been solid. He was starting to get a feel for how the crew of the Valkyrie might work together, which and that was definitely a good thing.


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