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Prepare to be Boarded

Posted on Tue Feb 20th, 2018 @ 10:55am by Lieutenant JG Cey'aaren
Edited on on Tue Mar 6th, 2018 @ 12:40pm

Mission: Earth
Location: U.S.S. Greenbrier
Timeline: Backpost

Morning had already come and gone before Cey'aaren managed to force himself out of rack. He could feel the steady, pulsing thrum of the warp engines before he even put his bare feet down on the deck. The headache pulsing behind his eyes mimicked the engine's resonance and he regretted waking up. He also regretted letting his brother, Knov'alain, buy him all those drinks the night before. Cey could barely remember pouring himself into bed aboard the Danube-class runabout Greenbrier in the early hours of this morning. He had made it onto the vessel before it had departed Risa and, he noted as he looked around the small compartment that would be his for next week, he'd even managed to bring his bags with him.

It only took a few moments for him to liberate one of his duty uniforms from his standard issue Starfleet duffel bag. He ambled, still in nothing but a pair of loose fitting pants, groggily from his cabin to the communal head at the center neck of the vessel where he availed himself of a long sonic shower. Afterward, he dressed making sure that his black uniform was wrinkle free before clipping his lips to the violet colored collar and affixing his communicator to the left side of his chest. He spent several minutes in front of the mirror making himself presentable, but still suffering through the hangover induced pounding in his head.

Satisfied that he wouldn't make an absolute fool of himself now that he at least looked like a respectable officer, he exited the head and nodded to a young Trill ensign who was going inside. The Greenbrier, like all Danube-class runabout, was highly customizable. Having been stationed to make routine runs between Earth and Risa, the majority of the small craft had been outfitted with cabin's to carry twelve passengers, plus the four person crew. Cey'aaren passed by his own cabin door and down the corridor at the center of the ship, passing all the other doors, until he reached small common room at the aft end.

"Please tell me there's a medkit around here somewhere," Cey said as he entered the room.

Three heads all turned to look in his direction. A dark haired ensign with a teal collar pushed herself away from the conference table where the group was clustered. "Just over here lieutenant," she said as she came to her feet and crossed the small cabin.

The others went back to their conversation while Cey'aaren joined the ensign. She was pulling one of the ship's several hidden medical kits from a small wall compartment. "Mia Jiminez," she said, introducing herself.

"Cey'aaren," he said, leaning on the counter, palms down. "Just a headache," he explained. "You a medic?"

"Biologist," Mia replied as she loaded an analgesic into a hypospray. "Close enough right?" She giggled. Jiminez pushed the small device to Cey'aaren's throat and there was a barely audible hiss as it released the dose into his system.

Cey'aaren thanked her for her help and crossed to the replicator. Mia rejoined the others at the central table. Moments later, Cey'aaren joined them too, a large steaming mug of raktijino in hand.

"...supposed to keep ourselves occupied for a week?" a baby-faced Bolian petty officer was saying. "No holodeck, no gymnasium, nothing to do but sit here and talk."

A Deltan lieutenant rubbed his bald head exasperated. "You could use the time to do something productive, Shafar. I've got several reports to review before we reach Earth."

"He's not wrong," Mia said, taking a sip from a tall glass of blue liquid. "I've got plenty to do to prepare for the astroxenological expedition that my ship, the Foremost, will be leaving for next week."

Cey'aaren interjected, "What're you studying, ensign?"

Jiminez beamed, "Gormagander. We're going to be sending three months in the Wog'yee Interstellar Preserve. Their mating numbers have been up in the last few decades, and the Federation is considering removing them from the endangered species list."

Cey smiled back at her. "That's great news," he replied. "Even better than my hangover starting to subside."

Just then the Greenbrier dropped out of warp. "We just dropped out of warp," the Deltan said.

"Ha, that obvious Edor?" Sharaf chided.

"But why are we stopped?" Cey'aaren asked as he stood up and then tapped his comm badge. "Cey'aaren to bridge," he said and waited for a response.

There was no reply.

A long, tense moment of silence followed before a voice came over the runabout's speakers. "Crew and passengers of the U.S.S. Greenbrier, this is Commander Pe├žia et Vohl of the U.S.S. Flying Dutchman. We have reason to believe that your vessel has been compromised by a stowaway. We have locked on a tractor beam and are investigating the situation. Sit tight and await further orders."

Cey'aaren and the others each looked around the room, wondering for the first time if their fellow passengers really were who they claimed to be.


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