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Leviathan Waking

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 1:16pm by Captain Adam Gamble
Edited on on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 1:16pm

Mission: Leviathan
Location: Bridge, USS Tower Bridge
Timeline: MD01 - 09:15hrs

Border patrol duty involved a lot of routine. Captain Adam Gamble had gotten used to that. The trick seemed to be keeping the crew engaged with other activities and allowing them time to work on their own projects whenever possible. The Tower Bridge, an Akira class starship, was a well equipped vessel with good science and research facilities despite their current role. The science department's latest project involved an unusual concentration of subquantum particles which they had asked to investigate. The science was, admittedly, beyond Adam, but the particles were appearing well within their patrol area, and he was happy to vary their patrol pattern, keep the Breen guessing if they were watching.

“How’re we looking Lieutenant Si’Varhi?” Adam asked.

The Efrosian science officer stroked his long, white moustache, as he often did when he was deep in thought. “The particle concentration is higher in this area, but I still can't work out the origin. It almost looks like they've just appeared spontaneously, which is highly unscientific.”

Adam may not have been much of a scientist, but he was always interested in a mystery. “Ensign Porter, bring us…”

There was a sickening lurch from one side to the other, the lights on the bridge went dark and Adam had the peculiar feeling of being upside down despite being sat upright. After a moment, the crimson emergency lights blinked on, and alarms began to sound. “Report!” The Captain ordered.

The alarms were silenced and Si’Varhi spoke up first. “It looks like a subspace rift has formed directly ahead of us sir. It's got the same energy signature we've been detecting, just orders of magnitude more powerful. There's also something off about the vibrational frequency, but I'll need a little more time to look into it.”

“Damage?” Adam asked the tactical officer.

“Minimal damage Captain.” Lieutenant L’Vera replied with typical Vulcan stoicism. “There are a few minor injuries, but nothing life threatening. Some small power fluctuations on the lower decks. We are… not in bad shape all things considered.” She had been attempting to use more human colloquialisms to fit in with the rest of the crew, but a lot of the time it just sounded odd.

“All right, Porter, I want you to back us off nice and slowly. Get us to a safe distance we can observe this rift from.”

The helm officer began to reverse the ship. The rift looked like a year in space, bright white light shine out, along with whatever those exotic particles were. Part of Adam was suspicious this could be some kind of new Breen weapon, but it seemed more likely to be some naturally occurring phenomenon.

Moments later, just as a sense of calm was returning, Lt. Si’Varhi spoke up again, sounding nervous. “Energy spike! It looks like something's coming through the rift.”

The rift shimmered and a shape came into view within it, blocking out the light. What emerged was huge, the size of a Starship, but the way it moved wasn't like any ship. It twisted and turned as it came through the rift, a massive living creature. It's body appeared translucent and it reminded Adam a little of a jellyfish, although it lacked any tentacles. It pulsed with a blueish energy, like slow moving lightning circulating around it's body. There appeared to be other organs or systems within its body, but nothing that Adam remotely recognised.

“Keep backing away Porter, give it space. Mister Si’Varhi, get as much data as you can.Ready with shields just in case”
“There's another energy buildup sir, this time within the creature.” Si’Varhi reported. The blue energy pulses seemed to be increasing in speed and intensity, directing towards the front end of the alien. Then, before they could react, an energy beam fired out into the Tower Bridge. There wasn't much impact, but the power failed completely.

Desperate moments passed as the crew tried to restore power, or even just lights on the dark bridge, illuminated only by the distant stars outside the window in the ceiling. After what felt like forever, the emergency lights spluttered on, along with a couple of key consoles. “What the hell was that?” Adam demanded.

“I think it was some kind of multi frequency electromagnetic pulse.” Si’Varhi replied. “But that's pure speculation. We've got minimal sensors and just enough power for life support.”

“Is it still out there?” The Captain asked urgently.

“Negative, no sign of it.” The science officer replied with undisguised relief.

“All right.” Adam rose from his chair and addressed the bridge crew. “Let's get damage control and medical teams moving, and internal comms up and running. We need enough power to get a distress signal out, so start evacuating the lower decks so we can shut down life support. Break out the tricorders to help with the search and strip power cells from anything we can use, phasers, scientific equipment, everything that won't keep us alive. Let's go people.”


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