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A Call For Help

Posted on Sun Mar 11th, 2018 @ 8:55pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Captain Alexander Kurtz & Lieutenant Rafan Kel & Lieutenant JG Savyla Jones & Lieutenant JG Cey'aaren & Ensign Marwa (Kincaid)
Edited on on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 1:48am

Mission: Leviathan
Location: Bridge, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: MD01 - 10:04hrs

The Valkyrie was a good little ship. Alex hadn't been aboard long, but it was starting to feel like his already. The journey to Deep Space 12 had taken long enough for him to establish himself as commanding officer and it had been an uneventful few weeks, which was good and had allowed the other new crew members to start to integrate. There were still reminders of Commander Kincaid around, most of which had gone into storage but he expected to keep finding them for a while at least. He was going through reports and crew evaluations, trying to ensure he knew as many of the officers under his command as possible. His train of thought was broken by the communication system.

“Captain Kurtz to the bridge.”

Within seconds, he had stepped out of his ready room and onto the bridge. “Report.”

“We're receiving a distress signal sir.” Ensign Marwa reported from the ops station. “Text only, it's from the USS Tower Bridge. We don't have much to go on, it's coordinates and the words ‘attacked’ and 'power failure’.”

The Tower Bridge was one of the other ships based out of Deep Space 12, an Akira class ship assigned to border patrol. If they had been disabled, the Valkyrie could be in trouble if the attacker was still around. “Commander Blackwater, set a course for the Tower Bridge’s coordinates, maximum warp.” He took his seat in the centre of the room.

"Aye, sir." Yara replied, her hands sliding deftly over the console to swing the Valkyrie out of its current course and set them out toward the Tower Bridge. The ship had been leading the task force on the Breen border so it was not entirely surprising that they had been attacked, but they were most certainly in danger of being attacked again assuming they had won the skirmish they had been involved in. Breen did not take kindly to their ships being destroyed no matter what the circumstances. "Time to intercept, thirty-eight minutes at maximum warp."

The Captain tapped the comm panel next to his chair. “Yellow alert, senior officers to the Bridge.” He turned to the engineering station at the rear of the room. “Ensign Shaw, can you give us a little extra speed?”

"I sure can" Shaw said as she tapped buttons scrolling over the options she could implement. As an Engineer, she had access to mounds of ways to accomplish this task. The most reasonable right now would be to just lower power distribution on certain systems, ie showers, environmental systems in non-essential areas, and food rations. Not necessarily disable them but turn down the supply some. She would then reroute the power to the engine boosting their output. This was before tapping into power reserves that would be needed in an emergency. "Alright, just boosted the engine output 12%!"

“Good work Ensign.” Alex replied. “Watch the power levels when we arrive, see if you can shunt some of that extra power to the shields.” As he finished speaking, Lt Commander Nosske stepped off a turbolift and took the seat next to Alex. The Captain gave him a brief nod, but concentrated on the matters at hand.

Rafan had been working on the consultation project for the Daystrom Institute when the lights had dimmed and the amber warning lights flashed for a few seconds before they remained solid as Kurtz's came over the comms summoning the senior officers to the bridge. Making sure that he stored his samples away, the Trill made his way to the turbolift, calling for the bridge as the lights dimmed as the lift stalled before it started to move again. This caused him to frown as he wondered about the power fluctuation though his thoughts did eventually turn to why they had gone to yellow alert.

An emergency of some kind, Rafan was sure, but what kind? He could speculate all that he wanted, but in the end it would merely an idly fruitless exercise and he could all but hear Yara sighing and muttering something in frustration at him. "Captain." He said to announce his presence to Kurtz while tactfully ignoring Nosske as he took his seat at the science station. "Science reporting as ready."

“Thank you Lieutenant. We'll soon be arriving at the coordinates of a distress signal from the USS Tower Bridge. It looks like they've been attacked and disabled, but we don't have any more information than that. I'd like a quick analysis from you when we arrive, any potential hazards, or anything that could have caused the damage to the Tower Bridge.” Alex told the science officer. Maximising the available information was key in a situation like this. “Lieutenant Thorne, I want us loaded for bear when we drop out of warp, shields up and weapons ready. If anything attacks either us or the Tower Bridge, you're weapons free, otherwise lock onto any other ship that appears.”

"Yes, Captain." Greyson responded from the tactical station, his fingers dancing over the screen in front of him. He watched as several buttons on his screen turned red, indicating it had worked. All 10 phaser arrays were now hot and he had loaded three quantum torpedoes into the tube. "Weapons ready. I'll raise shields when we're in range.

Savyla walked out of the turbo lift onto the bridge and quietly took her position at the secondary science station. She did find it odd that all senior officers were called to the bridge, as most of her previous commanding officers rarely requested the presence of the doctor anywhere outside sickbay. But she figured Kurtz wasn't like most commanding officers. New boss new rules she concluded. Besides she quite liked to get out of her office for a bit, the place was getting exceedingly messy.

Cey'aaren was the last to arrive on the bridge. As the ship's assigned diplomatic officer he didn't have an assigned station in the bridge. After exiting the turbolift at the back of the bridge he crossed to the center and took a standing position next to the Captain's chair. He could sense that he was arriving late to the action and remained silent as the others worked their systems and the ship lurched forward into warp.

[35 minutes later]

The Valkyrie thundered out of warp as close to the Tower Bridge as they dared. Appearing from warp space almost on top of the stricken Akira class starship, the Valkyrie took an aggressive posture, ready to take on any undetected threat that might be waiting for them, weapons ready, shields raised and evasive maneuvers locked in.

Alex leaned forward in his chair as the viewscreen came to life. The Tower Bridge hung lifeless in the centre of the screen, it's engines dark, without the familiar glow of energy emanating from the nacelles, no running lights and barely any illumination from most of the windows. The ship looked strange and it made the hairs on the back of Alex's neck stand on end. Sensor data augmented the image in a heads up display, identifying the other ship, it's limited power and, fortunately, a relative lack of damage. They detected no other ships in the vicinity, or other threats. That was something of a relief to Alex, although it offered no answers to his questions.

“Captain, we're receiving a transmission from within the Tower Bridge.” Ensign Marwa reported with a hint of surprise.

“On screen.”

The image changed to a human man wearing Captain's insignia, Adam Gamble. He was inside the familiar, somewhat cramped surroundings of a Starfleet shuttle pod. A couple of other officers worked around him, connecting equipment and bypassing systems. “Valkyrie, good to see you. It's a shame we're not meeting under better circumstances Captain Kurtz, but we could use some assistance.”

“Any injuries or immediate safety concerns over there?” Alex asked.

“No, we've got the dangers under control.” Gamble replied. “No fatalities fortunately, we got lucky. But main power is a long way off being restored.”

“What happened?” Alex tilted an eyebrow, he couldn't work out how such a catastrophic series of failures could possibly have happened. The engineer in him was almost as curious as he was concerned.

“There was a spacial rift. A creature came through it and hit us with some kind of energy beam. I wish I could tell you more, but our sensor database is offline, along with everything else.” Gamble explained. “It knocked out almost everything at once. We had minimal power for life support and had to shut down that in a few areas in order to send out that distress signal. This shuttle was undergoing a full service, so it was in pieces and the backup power module was in a shielded diagnostic unit. The engineers managed to put it back together and we're trying to run some of the systems through it.”

Alex frowned, he didn't know of any species, spaceborne or otherwise, that could disable a starship so quickly and thoroughly. It concerned him, but they needed to help the Tower Bridge first. “It sounds like you're going to need a full reboot of the primary systems. Even then you'll probably only get limited functionality, especially if the databases have been compromised.” He had his engineering head on now. “We'll send over teams with emergency generators to help get things running again and prep for the reboot.”

“Thank you Captain. We'll make the necessary preparations for your teams. Tower Bridge out.”

Alex took a moment to reflect on what he'd heard, before issuing orders. “All right, I want damage control teams over on the Tower Bridge as soon as possible with all the necessary equipment. The system reboot is our priority, get them up and running as best we can. I want any sensor data we can possibly recover about that creature. Doctor Jones, coordinate with their medical staff, make sure they can handle any patients they've got, and bring any others over. Thorne, keep our shields up and maintain vigilance. We don't know enough about whatever's out their to let our guard down. Kel, Marwa, start detailed scans of the area. I want you to look for anything that could have been left behind either by the alien or the rift.”

"Running a multi-spectral scan of the Tower Bridge," Rafan spoke up, having already been gathering data from the long range sensors as they had approached the location of the disabled ship. His fingers were moving across the surface of his station's interface as he frowned and made something of a tutting sound before he continued to work. "There is some form of electromagnetic interference that has flooded the area and is limiting the effective range and scanning clarity of our sensors, the hull of the Tower Bridge is crawling with a similar residual effect which is quite curious," The Trill said as he stood up and moved over to the secondary tactical station as his brow furrowed.

"There are similarities to Breen weapons technology, specifically their energy dampening weapons encountered during the war." He said while using the ships tactical sensors to continue his scans and tied in the data feeds. "We will need to calibrate our sensors to take into account the presence of this electromagnetic interference, but as a preliminary speculation I believe whatever attacked the Tower Bridge gave them a warning shot given their current state, possibly a defensive measure since they were seen to be invading this unknown entities territory."

"Blackwater, move us in closer to the Tower Bridge so we can get more detailed scans and beam over our repair teams." Nosske ordered and looked to the back of the woman's head. When he didn't get a response, he scowled. "Blackwater, that was an order."

Yara hadn't really registered immediately what had been said, distracted by this sudden throbbing pain settling in her temples and behind her eyes. It was definitely unpleasant, but it wasn't debilitating. She shifted her hands over the console again to do as she had been bid and moved the Valkyrie closer to the disabled ship. Once they were in a holding position, she lifted her hands and began to rub at her temples slowly.

Cey'aaren chimed in. "Do we think this entity was intelligent, or a spacefaring creature operating on instinct?" he asked addressing the captain, though the question was more for the science office to speculate about.

"Unclear in either regard since we do not have enough information to speculate as to who or what it was, I will need access to the Tower Bridge's sensor feeds to see what they can tell us about the attack." The Trill's reply came almost automatically, though he was mindful enough to have been listening to the conversation.

“Recovering the sensor data is our priority after we get the Tower Bridge up and running.” Alex agreed. “Once we have that, I'd like you to take a look Lieutenant Kel, see if there's any signs of intelligence. It's entirely possible that the attack was an instinctive reaction, especially as it seems to have left the area. Lieutenant Cey’aaren, work with him.”

“Aye sir,” Cey said promptly as the conversation on the bridge continued.

“Captain, permission to join the damage control teams and take charge of the repairs on the Tower Bridge” Shaw asked the Captain and waited for his reply.

“Granted Ensign. Take anyone you need from engineering and ops.” Alex agreed. “Keep some of the emergency generators aboard though, and get them into shielded storage. Lieutenant Blackwater, I'd like shuttles prepped for immediate launch in an emergency.”

There was a bit of a pause before Yara answered with a strained “Okay.” Sitting back, she shook her head slightly, her face slightly scrunched up in discomfort. She hadn’t done anything to even provoke a headache, so she was rather confused as to why this had started.

"Do you have orders for security, Captain?" Greyson asked from the tactical console. "I could send a few of my tactical officers over to assist in getting the Tower Bridge's weapons back online."

“Send them over Lieutenant.” Alex agreed. “Priority is shields over weapons, I suspect Tower Bridge will be heading straight back to DS12 once they're online, but they'll need to be able to defend themselves. Get as much sensor database you can from their hull, see if what hit them is similar enough to Breen weapons that we can adapt the countermeasures.”

Shaw was immediately out of the room and into a turbolift as soon as the word 'granted' rolled off his tongue. She took out a data padd and entered a series of orders and transferred them to Engineering.

“Shaw to Engineering: Yokus, Richardson, Frost, meet me in Transporter Room 3. Petty and Blanton, assist the Captain with whatever he needs. I sent you guys orders on the emergency generators. Take care of them immediately. “

Shaw got responses from all of them as she headed toward TR3. She left a skeleton team in Engineering hoping they would take care of the needs of the ship while she gone. She was only on the ship a few weeks and already she's growing accustomed to the staff and the needs of the job. She had faith in them. All of them were more experience on the ship then she had and she trusted them to do their job, except Yokus. She needed to keep him under her watchful eye. After the mistake he made earlier in front of the Captain, she was afraid he would make a similar mistake again, and doing so when she was not around to protect him from the arms of military discipline.

“You have your orders everyone.” The Captain said in closing. “Let's get the Tower Bridge up and running, and find out exactly what we're up against.” He had been hoping for an uneventful trip out to Deep Space 12 to integrate properly with his new crew. That had just gone out the window in spectacular fashion though, and they now found themselves with a dangerous and challenging situation on their hands. It was time to find out what this crew could really do.


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