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Another Evening - Part 1

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 5:23am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Earth
Location: Blackwater's Apartment; Earth
Timeline: MD7 20:27hours

It had been a few days since her surprise visit from Kurtz. She wasn't entirely sure what to make of the man, but on paper he seemed like he would be competent which was about all she could ask for anymore, it seemed. She had finished up her shift and come home to the townhouse she had purchased for herself after her tenure on the Gemini. It was the end unit of an old refurbished motel that had been made into the well appointed but not overly lavish townhomes. Yara liked it because it was secluded and the other units seemed to be owned by other Starfleet personnel which meant she didn't usually have any neighbors.

She walked downstairs wearing a dark red tank top and a pair of dark grey lounge pants. She rubbed at her still damp hair with the navy towel around her neck, letting out a soft sigh as she looked over to her uniform jacket and shirt lying on her chair. She needed to wash the set but she really just didn't feel like it right now so instead she flopped down on her couch and activated the large monitor on the wall to see what was happening in the world.

The news came on talking about an upcoming trade summit between the Federation and Ferengi Alliance, growing border tensions between the Federation and the Breen after several Breen pirates were apprehended after interdiction activity by Starfleet as the news went on and on, a scientist was being honored for something or some such science related, the Presidential race was proving to be quite close. This was interrupted by a knock at her door and the sound of muffled, excited chirping and chittering from beyond it.

Yara let out a slightly exasperated sigh at the knock on her door but as she heard the sounds of the small creature on the other side, a brief smile tugged on lips. Standing, she moved over to the small closet in the living area that served as a coat closet and pulled out the robe she kept there for just such an occasion as someone knocking at her door when she felt she wasn’t decent - which was any time she wasn’t fully covered. She pulled the robe on as she walked to the door and opened it. “Dapple, Khras.” She greeted as she fished her mane of damp hair out from under the fabric and dropped it down so it let out a slap against her shoulders and back. “What brings you here this late?”

Rafan smiled as he looked at Yara and held up a bag of Chinese food from Wong Foo's, the restaurant down the street that they had ordered from before as Khras chittered happily and scampered down from Rafan's shoulder as he climbed up Yara's body to settle on her shoulder as he began to nuzzle her while trilling happily, his tail lashing back and forth happily.

Rafan was dressed rather casually in a pair of slacks, a stylish dark green shirt and a pair of what appeared to be very comfortable shoes as he looked over at her. "I thought I might grab some Chinese and stop by, Khras has been pestering me to come for a walk since he remembers how close we are to one another."

“You have a date that went bad?” She asked, taking in how he was dressed with a mildly appreciative look. It definitely seemed more than just “run up to see a friend” wear. Still, she stepped back to welcome him into her home. It was surprising to her exactly how easy it had become for her to do that with him; she no longer held him outside and asked him twenty varieties of why he was there and what he wanted before she grudgingly let him in. Reaching up, she rubbed under Khras’ beak a bit as he nuzzled into her jaw.

Khras trilled happily and began to gently pet her skin as Rafan stepped inside as he carried the bag over to the dining room table so that he could begin to unpack their dinner as he looked up at Yara, taking her in for a moment and how relaxed she seemed at the moment. "I went out and had drinks with a couple of old friends from my days at the Daystrom Institute, taking the chance to catch up with them since we are on Earth." He said, explaining the reason for his dress as he set out the rice and revealed a container of Orange chicken for Yara and a container of General Tso's for himself as he looked up as Khras chittered and trilled.

"He's been very displeased with not being able to just scamper over to your place when he wants."

“Yes well, it isn’t exactly safe to do that while we are on Earth.” She said, speaking to the little creature who simply squawked at her in return. Shaking her head a bit, she moved into the kitchen to get a couple of glasses. “What do you want to drink? And had Khras had his dinner?”

"He has, I fed him before we stopped by Wong Foo's." Rafan replied as he looked up at Yara as Khras jumped down on to the counter and ran over to the water faucet, trying to make it work as he stopped and turned to look at the both of the as the Trill walked over and turned on the water so he could get a drink before filling up a little dish for the feathered beastie.

"And whatever you happen to have on hand will be fine." He finally answered while he gently stroked Khras' body.

“I’ve got tea, water, and more alcohol than is reasonable.” Yara replied, opening the standing stasis unit that had taken the place of refrigerators long ago. She reached out to pick out a couple of grapes for Khras then looked over toward Rafan with a quirked brow.

"Tea sounds good, maybe a glass of something stronger after we've had dinner." He replied while Khras as still drinking from his dish of water, though his attention was quickly drawn away as he saw that Yara was holding his favorite treats in the whole world.

Nodding, Yara pulled the container of tea out and closed the unit, bringing it and the glasses over to the table where she poured their drinks before sitting. “So, is this just a visit for Khras’ sake?” She asked him, placing the grapes on the table in front of the container of orange chicken.

Khras sat up on his hind legs, but made no other move in the quest for his delicious prize, being patience as he waited for Yara to give him his treat while Rafan moved over to the table to start taking the lids off their food in order to let it cool off a little. "Well I wanted to see how things were going with you, figured that I would use Khras as a cover." He replied playfully to her as he picked up his glass of tea and took a sip.

“Of course you did.” Yara said, shaking her head a bit as she picked up the chopsticks that had come with the meal, breaking them so she could use them to move her chicken around to help it cool. “What have you been up to this past week?”

"You mean besides being asked a million and one questions by the performance review board to determine if I had somehow acted in a manner unbecoming of a Starfleet Officer and in violation of the Prime Directive by becoming the Aja'ai?" He asked with chuckle and wry smirk, something that the old Rafan would certainly not have done, he'd have been more panicked over what was going to happen to his career and in general being quite annoying to Yara in the process. Khras meanwhile had climbed down to the floor and was now sitting in Yara's lap as he chirped and looked up at her.

"Yes, besides that." She said with a smirk of her own, looking down to Khras who had now climbed into her lap. "And what do you want, exactly?"

Khras climbed up to the edge of the table and then pointed at the grapes sitting on the table before climbing down in to her lap again and looking up at her, chirping in a way that made it sound like he was asking for a grape. "I've actually just been sitting at home mostly catching up on some reading I;ve been wanting to do."

"Nothing wrong with that." She said and took a bite of her chicken finally, not giving Khras what he asked for immediately. She chewed through the bite and swallowed before she spoke again. "How are you doing, though?" She asked, knowing that Kincaid's death had really shaken him.

"I am okay I guess, I haven't really had the time to think things over." He replied as he picked up the rice container as he scooped some into his dish and began to mix them together. "It might sound...well I'm not sure how this might sound but I...I find it kind of hard to believe that he is gone, I know that we were deep and abiding friends, but he was always there, an anchor point as it were."

"It always seems to feel like that for someone you weren't close to but saw everyday." Yara offered, finally reaching out to pick up one of the grapes to feed to Khras. "You should give yourself time to process and think, Rafan, I know how much it upset you."

"I've been meditating and seeing if Kel could help me, but none of the past hosts ever experienced anything like this, someone they shared their zhian'tara with dying violently," He said and began to eat his meal as Khras chittered happily and began to eat his grape while sitting in Yara's lap. "What about you? How have things been with you?"

"Fine. I've been doing some work at the Aerospace Corps while the Valkyrie is getting her refits done." Yara said as she continued to eat her chicken and every now and then would offer Khras a grape. "Testing out the refitted fighters they have to make sure they are space worthy. Nothing major, just killing time really."

Rafan nodded as he continued to eat his meal, remembering that they were more or less in the same places in their lives that they had been after the Gemini as he looked over as Khras happily took another grape from his other person. "Well they will be spaceworthy by the time you leave." He said, remembering the last time that she had been working with the Aerospace Corps, there was a great of cursing and spitting.

"You look better now that you aren't in the big seat, less stressed."

"And here I thought I handled it well." She said with a wry chuckle. There was the briefest of moments where her mind considered allowing her to be hurt by the comment he had made but then decided it just wasn't worth it so she continued eating. "Met our new CO. He seems competent."

"Well you handled it well," He replied with a smirk, but pointed at her with his chopsticks "But the paperwork was starting to drive you nuts, you did grumble at me more than once about wishing you could burn it all."

He then ate a couple more bites of his meal before he swallowed and broached the subject of their new CO. "Seems competent? Is there something you don't like about him?"

"No one likes paperwork Rafan." Yara replied dryly and eyed him a moment. "As for the CO, I don't really have an opinion for him. We didn't exactly talk for a long while since you know how much that thrills me." She explained and stabbed another piece of chicken with one end of her chopsticks. "So pretty much all I have right now is 'competent'."

[To be continued]


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