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Another Evening - Part 2

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 5:25am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Earth
Location: Blackwater's Apartment; Earth
Timeline: MD7 20:27hours

"Fair enough." He said and focused on his meal, slipping into companionable silence with Yara at the dining room table, scooping out some more rice into his dish and offering it up to Yara to see if she wanted some for her chicken.

Taking the rice, she added some in with her chicken then gave Khras the second to the last grape. "Thank you for picking up dinner." She finally said, having been trying to be better about that with him.

“You're welcome, I thought it might be nice to share some Wong Foo's while we are here on Earth," He said with a smile as he looked back at her. Khras was trilling happily in Yara's lap as he shifted to lie on his back to munch on his grape as his tail lightly stroked her thigh as show of affection.

Yara was about to say something when she felt Khras shifting around. She looked down at him, quirking a brow and shaking her head. "You know, sometimes I think he likes me more than he likes you."

"That could very well be the case, but you do give him his favorite treats too." Rafan said with a chuckle at his friend's expression while Khras looked up at her and chirped inquisitively before reluctantly holding up the grape he was eating on.

"No, that's for you." Yara said lightly as she looked down to Khras then continued on her own meal, drifting back into that companionable silence with Rafan until they were both finished. Once they were, she offered Khras his last grape. "Last one for tonight." She informed the intelligent little creature.

Khras made a slightly sad sound but happily took the treat as he held it in his beak before moving to climb up on to her shoulder as he waited to start munching on it.

"That was good, I'll clean up and you get the drinks?" Rafan asked hopefully as he looked over at Yara hopefully since he did want to talk with her about something important.

"I suppose." She said and stood after Khras was settled. "What are you in the mood for?" Yara asked as she moved over to the small bar and knelt down to open the cabinet, revealing that she did indeed have more alcohol than was really reasonable for a person to have.

"Hosts choice, surprise me." He said after standing up to tidy and knowing that he had just done possibly a very foolish thing, but he trusted Yara and knew that she wouldn't do anything particularly horrible to him, probably just a bit uncomfortable.

"Brave choice." Yara said and pulled out a couple of bottles to get to a pitch black glass bottle without any sort of visible labels. She replaced the other bottles then stood, closing the door with her leg as she picked two glasses up from the bar top and wandered over to her couch to sit.

Rafan followed her out into the living room and paused a tick when he saw her uniform hanging on the couch. That in and of itself was not unusual for Yara, it was just her habit to toss her clothes about haphazardly when she was finished with them. No what had caught his eye was the brand new pip on the collar of her shirt, he carefully reached over and picked it up.

"Not even a peep about this?" He asked jovially, but felt a little hurt that she wouldn't share this kind of news with him. Though then again he knew that Yara hated a fuss about anything and preferred keeping things low key.

"Huh?" She looked up at him, her expression one of confused annoyance as he interrupted her pouring the drinks of equally black alcohol. "Oh." The expression vanished and she went back to what she was doing. "Well... surprise? I guess? What do you want me to say?"

"Well, congratulations on your promotion, Commander." He said genuinely before setting her shirt back down as he watched her pouring whatever it was she had in the black bottle into their glasses. "Though I have to ask, if I hadn't come over and seen it, would you have told me before I saw you one the Valkyrie?"

"Probably not." She replied honestly, gave him a shrug then offered him a glass of the black drink she had poured. Seeing the look on his face, she lifted her hand in a semi-apologetic gesture. "Come on, Rafan. You know I don't like a fuss and to me this isn't a big deal."

He took the glass as he looked at her and knew that she was right, but still. It was the principle of the matter. "I do know you don't like to fuss or celebrate things, but I would like to broach the subject of celebrating your birthday this year and before you say a word, we've celebrated before and I promise that it would only be you and I." He said, holding off on taking a sip of his drink since he could already smell the alcohol. "I'd like to make you dinner and a cake, if nothing else it would be delicious, free food."

“Are you going to incessantly pester me until I say yes like you did last year?” She asked flatly as she looked at him. It would come as a shock to absolutely no one that Yara did not like celebrations of any sort, even private ones, at least not for something like a birthday. She found it pointless to congratulate someone for doing nothing but existing.

"If it has to come to that, I will, but I would rather skip the teeth pulling this time around and try to make it something enjoyable." He replied and took an experimental sip of his drink, taking a shocked breath once he felt the burning of the alcohol as it burned a path down his throat and settled warmly into his stomach.

"Fine, we will skip the pestering stage and I will just say yes, whatever." She said and took a seat on the couch, watching as Khras let out a high pitched trill and then promptly nosedived between the cushions. "Your bird ferret is very strange." Strange indeed, but Yara had to admit it was nice to have them around - both of them, really. It was a thought that confounded her much of the time and usually was a catalyst to one of her more reclusive moods if not an outright mean one.

"Yes he is, but he is my bird ferret and I love him." Rafan said with a smile as he moved to take a seat and watched as Khras stuck his head out and looked around before disappearing back into the cushions. This made the Trill shake his head and chuckle a bit as he braved another sip of his drink, nursing it since he was fairly certain that whatever this was it would leave him unable to walk home tonight if he went after it too fast.

"So I was thinking that I would make steaks...anything in particular that you would like with them?"

"Mmm...." Yara considered a moment as she took a sip of her drink and didn't even seem phased by the strength of it. "No steak, we always do steak when you're wanting to get on my good side for something." She replied pensively and crossed her legs while Khras played in the couch.

"Alright, what would you like then?" He asked her curiously as Khras came running out of the couch chittering before running to the top to dive down and disappeared again.

"I want to go out." Yara said and turned her head to look at him, unable to stop from smirking at the shocked look on the Trill's face. "What?"

"Just that I can count on one hand how many times you've actually said that to me." He replied with a chuckle and took a drink from his glass and the sighed to deal with the burning sensation. "Where would you like to go?"

“That I don’t know.” She replied honestly. “But take this as the opportunity for you to change my mind that actually going and doing something for my birthday wouldn’t be awful for a change.” She took another sip of her drink and added, “No pressure.”

"Completely no pressure at all," He said with a smirk before taking a drink of whatever it was that she had given him, but he was actually starting to get used to the burn and enjoy the pleasant warmth that had settled throughout his body from what he had imbibed already. "I mean we have faced down planet destroying alien machines and named the prophets of an alien deity, so I think that I am up to the challenge." He said and looked down at his empty glass and motioned to the black bottle.

"So what are we drinking?"

“Argathi... vodka is probably the closest thing we have to it.” Yara said as she picked up the bottle to refill his glass. “Something I picked up a few years back and I keep for special occasions - I figured this might soothe your hurt feelings over not telling you I was promoted.” While she had the bottle in her hand, she refilled her own glass which was about two thirds gone at that point. “Still a rare thing to come by given it is the gamma quadrant and all.”

" is very strong." He said and sipped the alcohol, considering it as he looked over at Yara. "You know when I was at the Academy, I went to a party once."

She looked at him a moment, finding the statement a bit unusual from the Trill as he had never really been someone that actively avoided parties to her knowledge. It was about then that she realized that the black alcohol might already be affecting him. Glancing down into her glass, she looked to him again and quirked a brow. “What kind of party?”

"It was an end of finals party, held in one of the dorms, my roommate dragged me along cause he said I needed to get out of my books and have some fun...he was a Bolian and loved being around people." He said and sipped his drink before leaning his head in his hand as he looked over at Yara.

"There was really loud music there and lots and lots of drinking, very co-ed with everyone just having fun, it was the first time that I had a Jaeger bomb and Jell-O shots." He said, looking down as Khras poked his head out of the couch before disappearing again. "There was so much alcohol there..."

“So you had the cheap shit. Though I suppose given it was out of the Academy I can see that.” Yara said and took another sip of her drink. “Sounds like it turned into a rough night?”

"It was...interesting," He replied and sipped his drink before looking towards the display still showing the news. "I apparently got so drunk that I stripped naked and wore sheets like a toga, re-enacting some of Julius Caesar's speeches, though I ended up passing out I got so drunk and woke up the next morning regretting all of the things...especially sunlight."

He too a long drink from his glass and shudder. "I wanted to murder all of the birds for being so loud and obnoxious and the sun having the audacity for being such a bright asshole..."

She just stared at him a moment before she laughed, a genuine, good natured laugh that was so rare to hear. "Well, I guess I know why you're usually so careful to not get drunk. You know that kind of thing doesn't happen every time though, right?"

Rafan was caught off guard by Yara's laugh, he wasn't sure that eh could remember hearing her laugh like that, but hearing it made him smile and laugh a little himself as he shook his head. "Oh I know, but I think I also learned that I preferred being comfortably tipsy...though someone did make recordings of my Rafan Caesar made the rounds for quite a while."

"I suppose I'll have to go looking for that to see for myself." She said and smirked, taking another sip of her drink. "So, do you like it? I know you finished the one glass of it but..."

[To be continued]


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