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Another Evening - Part 3

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 5:26am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Earth
Location: Blackwater's Apartment; Earth
Timeline: MD7 20:27hours

"Oh, it is interesting." He replied and considered his glass before took a sip himself. "I wasn't too thrilled with it to start off, but it has grown on me...though I think I am quickly moving towards my comfortably tipsy point, this stuff is quite potent."

"You seem fine." Yara said innocently as they sat there together. She knew this drink though and how it broke down in the system, one glass was really the equivalent of at minimum one and a half - sometimes more depending on the person.

"Mmmm..." He said and relaxed back in the couch as he sipped his drink, leaning his head back as he just lounged with her, smiling as he just enjoyed the moment with her.

“So did you meet anyone interesting this evening? You said you met up with old friends.” Yara said and shifted a bit, turning more toward the monitor where she began to flip through the broadcast channels aimlessly.

"Hmm? Oh just some old colleagues like I said," He replied lifting his head up as he looked over at Yara after she had shifted and was flipping through the channels. "Kenna and Tennai Brubaker, they worked with me in the communications section of the Institute, ended up marrying a little after I left to return to Starfleet and they are expecting their second child soon."

“Second? You haven’t been gone THAT long. Did they get busy beforehand?” Yara asked with a knowing smirk then finally stopped on a station that seemed to be showing something very old in black and white. Yara pulled one of the throw pillows into her lap and rested her elbows on it as a voice on the monitor began to speak, “ It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition...

"They were an item before getting married," He replied and then looked up at the display, smiling as he shifted, slipping off his loafers as he brought his feet up onto the couch. "I love this show..."

“What is it?” Yara asked and started to lean back but stopped when she heard the irritated chittering of Khras. “Well it’s time to get out of there you little beast.” She snorted and reached back to fish him out of the couch, pulling him out after a moment and plopping him unceremoniously onto the pillow in her lap.

Khras huffed before moving to curl up and lie down on the pillow, shifting and moving before he settled completely as Rafan shook his head at his pet's behavior as he turned his attention to Yara. "Its an old Earth TV show called Twilight Zone where the host introduces a scenario of an alternate universe of sorts and it tells the story of the characters within...I loved watching it when I was in the Academy."

“Sounds weird.” The blonde replied, holding her drink in one hand still while she began to lightly pet Khras with the other. Despite her saying this, she didn’t seem to be inclined to change to something else.

"It can be, but it is good." Rafan replied as he sipped his drink again as he grabbed a pillow in order to lay his head on it as the host settled into giving them the introduction to the story that they would be watching nearly five centuries after it had been initially produced and survived throughout the tumultuous history of Earth's past.

The episode followed the story of the henpecked, far sighted bank teller and avid bookworm Henry Bemis as he went through his day reading while he was working and earned him the ire of both his boss and his wife, having a cruel joke played on his by her after she asked him to read poetry to her only to find inked over text on every page, obscuring the words followed by her destroying the book by ripping the pages from it much to Henry's dismay. The show shifted to the next day with Henry reading on his lunch break in the bank's vault, where his reading would not be disturbed. Moments after he had read the newspaper headline declaring "H-Bomb Capable of Total Destruction," the vault shook violently by an explosion outside the bank, knocking their protagonist unconscious. When he regained consciousness and recovered the thick glasses required for him to see, Henry emerged from the vault to find the bank demolished and everyone in it dead. Leaving the bank, he sees that the entire city has been destroyed, and realizes that a nuclear war has devastated the Earth, but that his being in the vault has saved him.

He soon found himself totally alone in a shattered world with food to last him a lifetime but no one to share it with, and no means of leaving to look for other survivors, Henry began to succumb to despair. Preparing to commit suicide using a found revolver, though his hand was stay by the sight of the public library in the distance. Investigation rewarded him with the knowledge that the books were still intact and readable; all the books he could ever hope for were his for the reading, and as his gaze fell upon a huge fallen face of a clock. learns that he has all the time in the world to read them without interruption.

His despair gone, Bemis contentedly sorted the books he looked forward to reading for years to come, with no obligations to get in the way. Though just as he bent down to pick up the first book, he stumbled, and his glasses fell off and shatter. In shock, he picked up the broken remains of the glasses he is virtually blind without, and called out to an empty world, "That's not fair. That's not fair at all. There was time now. There was—was all the time I needed…! It's not fair! It's not fair!" and burst into tears, surrounded by the books he now can never read.

Rafan had remained quiet throughout the entire episode, sipping his drink and obviously becoming more inebriated as he sat there quite contentedly while Khras was trilling softly from Yara's attention.

Yara had watched the strange program quietly, slowly nursing down the rest of her drink while absently petting Khras until the feather dog finally fell asleep about halfway into the show. There were times when Yara would watch this particular station simply to veg out on very old television programs from Earth’s past, finding them often more interesting than modern offerings.

This however...

“Well that was stupid.”

"Hmm? What do you mean?" He asked curiously, looking over at Yara as he sat forward and poured himself a little more of the black alcohol.

“It isn’t like everyone would be dead; and why couldn’t he just go around taking glasses off of bodies until he found one that worked? Not like no one else in the world that time had shitty eyesight.” Yara muttered and shifted a bit to get more comfortable.

Rafan chuckled as he listened to the woman's critique of the episode that they had just watched together as he shrugged. "Well he did find a pistol, so he could have found glasses, just might have taken him awhile to come around to that conclusion on his own and I think he was supposed to have been stuck in the town he lived in...though given that the only reason he didn't off himself before was because he spotted the library...."

“That’s the other thing. Who the hell thinks books is a good enough reason to stay alive and alone forever?” She let out another exasperated snort. “Stupid.” She picked up the pillow Khras was resting on and put down in the middle of the couch so she could stand up, feeling a slight rush as she did so but she recovered quickly.

"Well he really liked books and just wished to be left alone to read." He said while watching Khras making a soft sound before he rolled over onto his back and stretched his leg up into the air before they slowly spread out as he stay asleep.

"I can relate, given my obsession with science." He said, not wanting to try and stand up just yet

“I don’t know, Rafan. I don’t imagine you’d find any contentment in a world where you didn’t have anyone to badger.” She replied and gathered up the bottle of alcohol. Looking to him a moment, she held out a hand for the glass he was holding that still had some of the alcohol in it. “Finish that. You’re being cut off.”

He looked down at his glass and then frowned before finishing off what was left, not going to argue with Yara as he held out the empty cup, his head spinning a little as he moved, realizing that he was rather well past feeling toasty and buzzed and was full on drunk. "I don't badger people..." He grumbled and laid down on the couch, careful not to disturb Khras.

“Oh yes you do.” She said as she put the bottle back on the small bar and took the glasses out to the kitchen. Yara was feeling quite buzzed herself and had decided to stop before she went so far as to being drunk: she could be rather... volatile when she was. “You take great pleasure in badgering people.” The next thing Rafan would know was a glass of water being lowered down in front of him for him to drink.

He sat back as Yara presented him with the glass of water, but took it as he looked up at her and began to drink it. "Thanks, this will help with stopping any hangover or headaches."

“You keep telling yourself that.” She said with a chuckle, knowing full well that Rafan would more than likely get slammed in the morning. If she got drunk on the stuff, the following morning was misery, and Rafan didn’t have the same faithful liver that Yara did when it came to processing alcohol.

"A man can hope." He replied with a smirk, fairly certain that he would be suffering come the morning since he wasn't a heavy drinker to begin with, he knew his limit and were he didn't like to get. "Though I might have to stay on your couch...not sure I would trust myself walking home."

“This was your plan all along, wasn’t it?” She asked as she bent forward to lean on the back of the couch and look at him. There was a time where that what she said would have come from a place of true accusation and anger, but now it wasn’t the case.

"No..." He said and looked up into her eyes as she leaned forward, doing his best to not swallow despite his own drunken mind trying to dance with all manner of possibilities for something else that could happen in this moment, though he didn't betray anything as he continued to hold her gaze. "I wasn't setting out to get too in...ineb...drunk to walk home."

"Ee-nee-bree-ated." Yara sounded out the word and poked his shoulder with each syllable. She looked into his eyes then, silence settling between them as they regarded each other. It wasn't entirely apparent how much time passed before Yara spoke up again. "You don't have to stay on the couch, I have a spare bedroom."

"Yeah, off," He muttered with a slight smirk before he nodded after they had been regarding each other as the Trill thought about standing up but hesitated since he knew that his head was going to be spinning something awful. "Thanks...I could try and make breakfast in the morning..."

"You'll be lucky if you can move in the morning." Yara said with a smirk then rounded the couch so she was standing next to him with a hand offered down to help him up. "Come on then. I won't let you fall."

[To be continued]


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