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Another Evening - Part 4

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 5:26am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Earth
Location: Blackwater's Apartment; Earth
Timeline: MD7 20:27hours

"I know you wouldn't," He said while taking her hand to help himself stand up, swaying a bit from the head rush as he reached out to place a hand on her shoulder to steady himself before he knew what it was that he had just done. Once his mind had processed, he swallowed and lowered his head "Sorry," he murmured.

"For what?" She asked, her hands on his hips to steady him while he found his feet.

"I know you don't like to be touched," He said, his words slurring a bit as he looked up at her, staring into her intensely green eyes as he swayed some, but was mostly steady on his feet though he smiled and chuckled a little. "You have really pretty eyes...very green...very, very green..."

"And you are very drunk." Yara replied with a shake of her head. "As for the touching, no, I don't like to be touched without reason. This has a reason." She said and shifted to stand at his side, one arm still around him. "Come on, upstairs we go. Khras, are you coming?"

Khras chirped sleepily before he yawned loudly and slowly rolled over onto his stomach and then promptly fell onto the floor before scampering up onto the back of the couch in order to start preening himself as if that had absolutely not happened. "He does that a lot," Rafan slurred as he chuckled at his feathered companion and then looked over at Yara.

"He likes you a lot, you are one of his people."

"I had noticed that." Yara confirmed as she walked with Rafan to the "L" shaped staircase and began the process of helping the drunken Trill up to the second level where he actually had never been before. "Khras we are leaving. You're going to be left alone if you don't hurry along."

Khras squawked before he came running up the stairs and climbed up onto her shoulder, chittering at her as he started to wind himself around her shoulders and caressing the back of her neck. "This is have a nice place..." He said and looked around slowly as if moving his head too fast would cause him some discomfort.

"Yes, this is a very nice staircase." Yara replied dryly. "Took me months to decorate and plan out so I could get it just right." She gestured to the plain, nondescript walls with her free hand.

"Still nice, like you...very nice to the people you like." He said while they moved along.

"Uh huh..." She shifted her hand to his midsection when she felt him stumble a bit on the last step, holding him steady and letting him get his feet back before they kept going. "You have your own bathroom and everything in here as well. So don't go getting yourself confused and start wandering around my house drunk." She paused outside the door and opened it, revealing a relatively small room that was big enough to house a full sized bed and a small dresser. There was a small closet in the wall and a door on the other side of the room where the small but functional bathroom was located.

"I don't wander drunk...though I might think I am Caesar...might be Octavius this time..." He murmured and slowly moved over to the bed and moved to crawl in but instead just flopped down on the mattress and groaned as he began to shift around to get comfortable. "Comfy bed...the sheets smell nice..."

"Rafan, stop." Yara said and gave an exasperated sigh. "You fall asleep in that outfit and you'll be in for a walk of shame in the morning without even doing anything shame-worthy."

He grumped as Yara was poking at him since all he wanted to do was fall asleep in the very comfy bed, but sat up as he shifted around and began to work at getting his shirt off his body, having difficulty working the abominably tiny buttons that were covered in grease as they escaped his fingers, fumbling and managing to remove a button or two by chance or somehow managing to put a button back in the wrong hole as he sat there trying to work the buttons. "Stupid buttons..."

“Easy there, killer.” Yara said as she stepped up close in front of him and reached out to brush his hands away. She began to undo the buttons of his shirt with ease despite being tipsy herself, her fingers working with a practiced ease. It was probably the closest they had been in quite a while - minus the time Rafan had punched her in the face.

Rafan watched her working the buttons quite easily as she slowly revealed more of his bare chest beneath as he sat back a little, enjoying how she smelled as he let his eyes lid a little without realizing that she had finished until he finally opened his eyes and looked up at her as he worked his shirt free.

It wasn’t the first time she had seen Rafan shirtless by any means, though usually she would immediately start harassing him into putting a shirt on, not finish taking it off. She couldn’t help but linger a moment, her pale green eyes following the trail of his spots from his neck down his chest and sides, though it was now she also noticed he had a patch of spots around his navel which seemed out of place - then again she could count the number of other shirtless Trill she had seen on one hand. As much hell as she gave him, she couldn’t deny he was pleasing to the eye, though she was quickly broken from that thought when she felt Khras shifting around on her shoulder.

“I didn’t forget about you.” She assured the blue creature.

Khras nuzzled her as he moved to hide under her hair as Rafan lay back and began to pull his his pants off so that he was just lying the on the bed in his boxers before he shifted about and crawled under the covers and sighed. "Thanks for the help, Yara."

“Yeah yeah.” She picked up his clothes and moved over to the closet to hang both the pants and shirt up. “Do you want to stay up there?” She asked Khras, pointing to the shelf at the top of the closet where there were a few spare pillows and blankets sitting.

Khras shrunk away and pressed himself closer to her neck and made a soft chittering sound as if he was not going to be having any of that idea as he lashed his tail back and forth a bit.

“Well alright don’t be snippy. I just know you usually sleep in your tree and I’m fresh out of those.” She reached up and picked him up off of her shoulder, carrying him over to set him on the pillow next to the already dozing Rafan.

As soon as she moved to remove him from his perch on her shoulders, he wrapped himself tightly around her arm and clung tightly to her as he did his best to communicate that he wanted to sleep with her.

“No, Khras. You can’t come sleep with me. You need to stay in here.” Yara said with a sigh, holding her arm up so she could look at the stubborn little beastie who continued to cling to her and inched his way up her arm to try and stay with her. “Khras.” She said firmly, her exasperated expression turning into a harder one as she looked at him.

He chirped pathetically at her and began to slowly loosen his grip on her arm, dejectedly jumping down to the floor as he slunk towards the closet and began to climb up to the perch she had offered him before.

“Trying to make me feel guilty won’t help matters.” Yara said as she watched him before she turned and headed to the door, briefly pausing to look over her shoulder at Rafan before she finally left to go to her own room.


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