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Puppies and Rainbows - Part 1

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 1:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Earth
Location: Various; Earth
Timeline: MD12 20:30hrs

Rafan had told Yara no details about what he had planned for her birthday evening as he carefully cradled the small bag with the wrapped box that concealed a bottle of 20-year-old Glenfiddich single malt scotch whiskey, while he knew that it wouldn't necessarily compare to some of the blonde woman's more eclectic collection, he also felt that it would be the perfect gift for her since she did enjoy a variety of strong liquors. He was dressed up in a pair of comfortable slacks, loafers a simple button up shirt as a suit jacket over top of that and while he wasn't trying to impress Yara, he also wanted her to know that he was taking this business of giving her a good birthday outing.

Khras was sitting at him, rather morose that he'd been left out of getting to go out, hiding in his tree when the Trill had left to come over, he would have to make sure that he made a special trip over for the featherdog to be able to say his happy birthdays and such to Yara. He reached out and knocked on the door, waiting for her to answer and wondered if she would just blow the whole thing off.

He hoped she didn't since he wanted to do something nice for her.

Yara had been back and forth on this whole ordeal ever since the words had left her mouth that she would let Rafan attempt to take her out for her birthday. The old custom of celebrating the various holidays October 31 was known for still held quite fast on Earth, Yara had never been much to partake of them and had particular disdain for Halloween and all the irritation that came with it. That and it came with a whole lot of baggage from her past in her younger years that she never wanted to deal with. Still, over the past few years, she found herself more amenable to at least attempting to enjoy more things in life and Rafan had been around to pester her into doing just that. He did still genuinely irritate her from time to time, but even those times had become less and less. Maybe she was simply tired of just... being what she was all the time, or maybe she was starting to be more open to the idea of living a life worth something again.

She couldn't really say.

The only thing she had managed to get out of Rafan regarding their outing was that they should be dressed nice but comfortably. This cryptic reply had, of course, irritated her, but instead of simply breaking the entire thing off because of it, she decided to acquiesce to his nonsense against her better judgment. Yara had decided to dress in a sleek black jumpsuit with a modest V-neck and long fluted sleeves, the legs were wide to give a more flowing look and it was finished with a slender belt that cinched at the waist and made the whole look quite flattering on her. Her blonde mane remained down though it did appear she had given a bit of effort into styling it. She had been sitting on the couch when the knock at the door came and squinted at it momentarily before she stood and walked forward to open it.

"I don't have any candy." She greeted him dryly.

"And just like that you have shattered all of my hopes and dreams." He replied with a smirk, a hand over his heart as if she had mortally wounded him before taking in her in at a glance, but resisted the urge to make a sound or say something that would come across as immature or low-brow. Instead he smiled warmly at her as he spoke. "You look amazing," He was being honest, while he thought that Yara was already a rather beautiful woman, to see her all dressed up was certainly a surprise for him since he knew she often made the minimal amount of effort towards her appearance in most any given situation.

"I also got you a present, happy birthday, Yara." He said while holding up the dark mauve bag for her to take.

“What did I say about presents?” Yara asked, crossing her arms and eyeing him slightly.

"Trust me, you will appreciate this one and we don't have to call it a birthday present at all, but a token of friendship." He replied while continuing to hold up the bag as he held her gaze unflinching.

She made a disgruntled sound but reached out and took the bag from him, shifting it a bit so she could pull it open and fish out whatever it was inside. As she pulled out the bottle of alcohol, she looked over the label appraisingly. “Huh, nice. Thank you.” She said and slid it back into the bag before she placed it onto the small table near her door. “Ready to go or did you want to come in?”

"No, I am ready to go if you are." He said, not put off by her seeming dismissal of his gift, knowing that she wasn't in the habit of being overly sentimental or praising when a simple acknowledgement would do. "Everything is pretty close by so we can walk there if you'd like or I can call a cab."

“Nope, I’m not picking anything. You’re in charge.” Yara said and raised her hands briefly as she stepped out of the door. A simple tap on the panel outside locked it behind her and she looked to him expectantly. Surprisingly, she wasn’t trying to be difficult, she simply just wanted to give this night a fair chance and if she gave any input however simple, she was afraid it wouldn’t happen.

"It's a pleasant night so why don't we walk then." He said, stepping down to the street as he considered offering her his arm as they walked, though he also knew that she wouldn't be pleased if this seemed too much like a date or like he was flirting with her. So instead he waited for her as they began walking down the streets that were mostly devoid of any of the children and their attendant parents or escorts since this wasn't a heavily populated area, as well as tending to be off the beaten path a little.

So they were given a bit of peace and quiet as he glanced over at Yara as they walked in companionable silence.

The first few times he did it, Yara just ignored it and kept walking along with him and enjoying the brisk evening air. As they walked, it occurred to her that she should probably start going outside more. Another glance from Rafan brought her from her own thoughts though and she finally turned her head and scowled at him. “Why do you keep looking at me?”

Rafan smirked, reaching up to rub the back of his neck as he chuckled a little at being caught by Yara, even though she was scowling at him. "You just look really nice, Yara,"

“Y’know, just because I don’t usually give two shits doesn’t mean I don’t know how to look nice, you know.” Yara replied with a grumble and crossed her arms under her chest.

"Yes, I know that but because you often don't give two shits as you so eloquently put it, just means that this is something different and I am just trying to appreciate it." He said, listening to her grumble. "It isn't a bad thing,"

“Well stop it. People are going to start thinking there’s something wrong with me.” She replied with a snort and looked around. “Where are we going anyways?”

"Well I arranged for us to take a cooking class together, something that I thought sounded fun and we are going to visit a breeding kennel to look at and possibly play with a few of the puppies they have there." He informed her, knowing that she might find the puppy part a little too cutesy, but he thought that it would be perfect since he had visited the kennel recently and had found all of the pups and the older dogs to be in very good health and well taken care of.

Yara opened her mouth to say something, paused, and simply closed it. She wasn't going to say anything, she wasn't going to object or fuss at him. It didn't sound like something she would necessarily enjoy, but she was going to give it a fair try. "What kind of cooking lesson?"

"Andorian cuisine, specifically how to cook with Andorian ale." He replied, hoping that might get her excited since it was Andorian ale, which was much more potent than similar beverages. "It sounded like it might be a bit of fun for the evening."

"Huh. Alright then," she replied. From the tone of her voice, her interest was obviously piqued - at least by the cooking portion of their evening. It was Yara's turn to briefly glance over at Rafan as they walked, taking note of how he had made an effort to look nice and she wondered if that was for her benefit or if he was just the type to be fashionable even to a degree. As she considered this, she remembered the evening he had come to her townhouse with Chinese and that he had dressed quite similar to this to simply meet with friends. She looked away upon remembering that, satisfied this wasn't something special for him.

They continued to walk for a little while, the main streets a little more crowded as both ground traffic and hover traffic with the air with the sounds of anti-grav fields while coupled passed the by as they chatted and laughed with one another, Yara and Rafan both getting a few looks from time to time in an appreciative manner as the Trill guided her towards a door as the sounds of muffled conversation reached them from the people on a balcony above them and people inside the establishment they were going too. He opened the door for Yara as the smells of freshly prepared food came sweeping out as they found themselves in a full fledged restaurant that had a variety of dishes that all looked both Earth born and from offworld as he followed in after her as a hostess stepped forward and smiled at them both.

"A table for two?"

"No we are actually here for the cooking class." Rafan said with a smile as he looked over at his companion.

Yara had come very close to accusing Rafan of trying to be sneaky and just marching off when they were approached by the smiling hostess offering them a table. Luckily, Rafan had spoken quickly enough so she relaxed, but she didn't look entirely pleased to be in such a busy place. The thought drifted to her that there was a time that she would have enjoyed being surrounded by so many people, but it seemed like another life that hadn't even been hers at this point.

"Oh, I'm sorry," The hostess said as she smiled at them both before she held out her arm and began to lead them back. "If you will both follow me, I'll take you back to the kitchen and I apologize for the crowd, we were supposed to be closed for the classes, but there was a miscommunication."

“One would think you’d reschedule the classes then.” Yara remarked curtly but followed the woman nonetheless. She just hoped there wouldn’t be too many people taking this particular class tonight and they were off at some asinine party instead.

The hostess didn't answer as they were able to easily make it through the restaurant fairly easily despite how many people were there as they were led into the back away from the main kitchen and to what appeared to be a back up area that looked like it was made for this purpose as an Andorian dressed in a white chef's coat was setting up a handful of the work areas. He looked up and nodded to the hostess and both Yara and Rafan before they were left alone with a few other couples but there weren't a lot of others there so it looked like Yara was going to be getting her wish.

[To be continued]


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