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Puppies and Rainbows - Part 2

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 1:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Earth
Location: Various; Earth
Timeline: MD12 20:30hrs

The tall blonde moved over to the available station she assumed was for them and slid onto the stool situated to the left where “students” could sit and watch demonstrations or simply get off their feet. For some reason, it was rather strange to her to see the Andorian dressed up in the distinctly human garb; though they were part of the Federation, they were a fiercely proud people and usually didn’t embrace other cultures so readily.

When they set down, an assistant brought over a pair of chilled Andorian ales, opened so they could enjoy a cool drink while they waited as the Andorian worked to finish up the last of his prep as he checked the clock on the wall. Rafan reached out to sip the ale and nodded before looking over at Yara. "Something wrong?" He asked as he saw her slightly quizzical expression.

“Hm? Oh, no. Just an unusual sight to see an Andorian in a chef’s jacket. It is nice.” She said as she reached out and scooped up her ale, having to work not to just down it in one go.

"I thought it was interesting too," Rafan nodded as the chef picked up a wooden spoon and a metal lid as he gently tapped them together to get everyone's attention as his antennae began to move about a bit more animatedly. "If you will all give me your attention," The Andorian said as he looked around the room, his expression was stern but warm for one of his species as he set each of the utensils down on his work space.

"I am chef Helev ch'Raasia, I hope you are enjoying a sampling of the house select Andorian ale and as an apology from management, we would like to extend a complimentary six pack to take home with you after the class." He said, his voice was clear and firm, but not harshly so as he moved around behind his station. "If you will, please take a look at your table and you will find a skillet pan, a spatula, knives and a cutting board and underneath is a cooler with butter, a sealed package of a krill-beast strip steak, Andorian tuber roots, vithi bulbs, Earth onion and two bottles of chilled Andorian ale, please check that you have everything."

He paused a moment and let everyone take stock that they had everything.

Yara shifted to open and have a look in the cooler since she was closer and double checked everything was there and briefly glanced around the room to have a look at the other couples with them. There definitely appeared to be a few romantic couples, but the rest appeared to be friends simply out to have a good time and avoid the crowds.

Once everyone had confirmed what they had everything they needed, ch'Rassia had begun the lesson with a jovialness that seemed quite out of place coming from an individual from a normally quite stoic and reversed species. He had them pull out a bowl and pour one of the ales into it while instructing them on how to prepare the rest of the meal until the room was filled with the delicious smells of the cooking meat mixed with the scent of the cooking bulb, tuber roots and ale as the assistant moved around the room to make sure everyone was doing alright while ch'Rassia was explaining everything they needed to be doing until dishes and utensils were provided for the tables as Rafan dished out both of their portions of the prepared meal, drizzling the pan drippings over the steak and veggies.

He then pulled out the unopened bottles of ale as since he and Yara had finished off the first ones.

"Now enjoy the efforts of your labors everyone." The Andorian said as he took a step back and presented a second plate for his assistant as everyone began to happily dig into their meal.

Rafan looked over at Yara, smiling. "Looks and smells delicious and the ale was really good too."

“Yeah, it was.” Yara said as she settled into her seat again, crossing her legs and pulling her plate a bit closer. While she didn’t have a driving interest in cooking, she had enjoyed the lesson since the environment was quiet and no one was constantly asking stupid questions or needing their hand held. If there was one thing she knew it was that she would never retire to be a teacher... not unless she was feeling particularly cantankerous at the moment she decided what she was going to do with her life and then she might very well do it just to make the little cadets squirm. A slight smirk touched her lips at the thought as she waited for Rafan to settle before cutting in to the meal.

"And what has you smirking like that?" He asked while settling down as he pulled his plate up, having stripped of his jacket and rolled up his sleeves to work, it was obvious that cooking was something that the Trill enjoyed and he had immensely enjoyed the chance to cook with Yara, having let her take the lead and serving as support so she could go about preparing the meal. He picked up his knife and fork as he cut into his meal, the meat wasn't so tender as to fall apart, but the knife moved easily through the steak.

"I was thinking about how many cadets would drop out of the Academy if I became a teacher when I retired from active service." Yara replied honestly then took the bite of steak she had carved off, finding the taste similar to venison which was a welcome change since she hadn't really been wanting beef steak tonight.

Rafan nodded as he thought about her settling into a teaching position and ate a few of his tubers along with his bite of steak, smiling as he enjoyed the rich, savory flavor of the meat. "I think you would make a very good instructor, and no matter what you say to the contrary, you are not mean just for the sake of being mean spirited...have a goal and purpose and it is to make people better."

"Sure, but most people don't appreciate the heavy handed approach." Yara replied with a chuckle and took a sip of her ale again. While she knew it was traditionally served more or less as shots, in recent years it had been served in glasses or bottles. "Besides, you know I'd be fond of crushing their delusions of grandeur."

"Not a bad thing, would give them a more realistic view of the galaxy." He said while cutting off more of his meat and realizing that he wouldn't mind making this for himself and he would have to check if they were okay for featherdogs to eat, but he was fairly certain that Khras would enjoy the vithi bulbs and tuber roots. "Heavy handed or not, I think that you would have more than a few cadets thanking you for it,"

He sipped his ale and skewered a some of the bulb and looked over at her. "I know that it didn't sound like I was very supportive of you the other day when I came over, but I thought that you did a great job in the center chair and I think you are going to make a great first officer for the Valkyrie."

"Woah simmer down there." Yara said with a shake of her head. "I'm not going to be first officer. Nosske is still in that seat." She knew that was probably going to come as a shock to most people considering what had transpired, but apparently the weasel of a man had his contacts and owed favors despite who he was.

"What? Why? The man is categorically the worst officer to ever hold the rank of commander...the only command rank officer I could think of as being historically worse would be Captain Styles back in the late 23rd Century." Rafan said, keeping his voice low, but more than a little taken aback by the manner in which he had somehow managed to keep his position.

He shook his head and took a drink of his ale as he ate more of his meal.

"I've got no answers for you." Yara replied and cut a few more bites of her steak. "He's obviously still got some sway somewhere, somehow. The fact I didn't press charges probably didn't help matters."

Rafan looked up at her and frowned and tilted his head a little. "Why didn't you? He struck you Yara when things weren't going his way..."

"I told him I wouldn't if he stepped away from commanding the Valkyrie after the whole Davos Prime thing. He did, so I didn't." She replied with a shrug as if this were the simplest of concepts. Before elaborating, she took another bite of the food in front of her, enjoying the rich flavors they had created under the guiding hand of the Andorian chef. "If I say I will or will not do something, I try to stick to it nowadays."

Rafan nodded and he could understand her reasoning to an extend, not that he entirely agreed with it or thought that it was the best course of action, but he accepted it and wouldn't press her anymore about the situation and instead turned back to the meal that they had created. "Have you ever had krill-beast before?"

"No, but it is very good." Yara replied and poked at the now half eaten steak. "So are the vegetables." She was grateful he did not pry anymore into the whole Nosske situation. There was nothing to be done about it anymore except hope that he would be exposed for what he was sooner rather than later.

"They are, I am thinking that I will look to see if they are edible by featherdogs cause I think Khras would absolutely love the roots and bulbs." He replied with a smile, knowing that she cared for the little feathered beast in her own way since she was the only one that Khras would accept grapes from anymore. "I especially like the richness of the steak, which I was very happy to find out wasn't anything like beef."

Yara nodded, not responding verbally to him and instead allowing them a few moments just to sit in silence and finish their meals. Once she was done, she finally sat back and let out a satisfied sigh, sipping on the rest of her ale. "I have to admit, I was concerned when he said steak and I said I didn't want a steak on my birthday, but that was really good."

"I was too, I thought it was going to be a disaster, especially after the whole full front room when we first came in." He replied as ch'Rassia made their way over to their work station, his antennae were moving quite animatedly as he smiled at Yara and Rafan. "Did you enjoy the lesson? It seems that you both finished off your krill-beast quickly enough."

"It was very good, my first time having it." Rafan said as he sipped his own ale as the assistant quietly came over and took away their plates after leaving them a pair of vouchers for a six pack of the ale.

The blonde hadn't been inclined to speak up, but then she saw the Andorian's antenna swiveling toward her followed by his head turning. She sighed internally but gave a respectful nod. "I enjoyed it, thank you." She offered politely though it did appear to be almost work for her to do it.

"I am glad that you enjoyed the lesson and the meal, I wanted to come by and make sure that you both had an excellent evening, I will leave you to the rest of your evening and do not forget your vouchers if you want the complimentary ale." He said, placing a hand over his heart before bowing his head and stepping away to go speak with another couple that had been here for a more romantic evening.

[To be continued]


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