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Puppies and Rainbows - Part 3

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 1:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Wed Feb 28th, 2018 @ 5:10am

Mission: Earth
Location: Various; Earth
Timeline: MD12 20:30hrs

"A rather interesting fellow." Rafan said as he finished off his ale and picked up one of the vouchers to look over it.

"A friendly Andorian. Almost doesn't seem right," she said slowly. Shaking her head a bit, she finished her ale then looked to Rafan with a quirked brow. "Are you ready to go?"

"I am if you are, did you want to get the free ale?" He asked curiously while holding up the voucher in his hand, though he wasn't certain if she would want to or not and they did have more of the evening to see to since he still had to take her to the kennel.

"We can pick it up some other time, doesn't have a date on it. I don't want to be carrying around a bunch of alcohol; it is heavy and we are going somewhere else still, aren't we?" She questioned.

"We are, just thought I would ask before we left." He said while moving to stand up as he rolled down his sleeves and fixed them before pulling on his jacket as he waited for Yara, moving towards the exit as they moved through the restaurant and back out to the street as he began to lead the way to their next destination. "So how are you enjoying your birthday so far?"

"Well, I haven't punched anyone like I did last year, so that's something?" She offered up as she walked with him, taking a deep breath of the cool air and briefly glancing up to the clear night sky above. "Have to say this is probably the nicest night for my birthday that I do remember. It's usually always just too damn hot."

"Well that is always a plus," He replied with a smile, glad to hear that she was having a good time and her not physically assaulting someone was a very good thing as they continued to walk for a bit. "I hope that you enjoy the next part of the evening."

"You said something about puppies?" Yara asked, quirking a brow at him with her face scrunched as if she weren't entirely sure about this idea, but she was doing her best to be good and stick to the decision that she was just going to go with whatever the Trill had in mind for better or worse... hopefully not worse though.

"Yes, a kennel which should be right up again." He said pointing to the holographic sign of a variety of small animals playing with one another before restarting again.

Sighing, she slid her hands into the pockets on her jumpsuit and began to walk toward the sign, still not seeming even remotely thrilled but she was going at the very least. It was something. "What made you think of puppies?"

"Well you like Khras and I thought that since he can often act like a puppy with how energetic he can get, that I would see if you might like to come and at least look at them." He offered up to her and walked up to the door, the sounds of muffled puppies and other animal sounds as he held the door open for her.

"You're not trying to buy a dog for me for my birthday, are you?" She asked with a quirk of her brow, staring at him before she walked in.

"Nope, just bringing you here to look at the puppies and just have a good time." He said, smiling at her as he spoke, happy to see her natural suspicions about his motives hadn't disappeared/

The blonde didn't seem entirely convinced and her gaze hardened as she studied Rafan a moment longer. Even as she turned and walked in the door she wasn't positive this was safe. Instantly, the smell of puppy hit her nose and she began to look around, immediately relaxing as she saw the variety of dogs quite happily playing in various areas. "I always wanted a dog."

Rafan followed in after Yara as he smiled at her admission, but didn't say anything immediately as he let her just looked around and taking in the variety of breeds filling some of the play enclosures. There were many playing, others sleeping and even more just lounging before they saw Yara and ran up to the edge of their enclosure and stood up trying to sniff at her and get her attention. "Well you have until midnight to spend here, so we aren't in a rush and we can play with as many of the puppies as we want...I considered a dog when I was looking for a pet before getting Khras."

"Khras is better for a ship." She commented though she was definitely distracted as was obvious when she wandered over toward one of the gates where a group of pups were up on their hind legs yipping and trying to get the attention of the visitors. Even Yara couldn't help but smile as she wandered over to them, leaning down and offering her hands to the small, excitable creatures. "Hello, yes, hi." She said as the puppies began to compete for the attention of her hands.

They appeared to be some sort of bloodhound as evidenced by the jowls and ears, a couple of them even tried to jump up to get her attention and knocked not only themselves, but their pen mates, down onto the floor as they scrambled up and began to wrestle one another. "He is and much less maintenance than a dog would be on a ship." Rafan said as he watched Yara with the puppies.

"You'd have to have the right dog on a ship. One of the marines from the Gemini had a German Shepherd; I was pretty surprised with how well off it seemed to be. Then of course we have the most famous example of a dog on a ship with Jonathan Archer's Porthos. Some breeds could be suited for it. I considered it when I was assigned to the Gemini but thought better of it... did a fair amount of research though." Yara offered, not realizing she was having a very Rafan moment as she spoke and played with the floppy red puppies.

The Trill smiled as he listened to his friend ramble on like he did while playing, watching her smile and look the happiest he had ever seen her since meeting the statuesque blonde. "I do remember the German Shepherd, though I doubt such a large breed would be suitable to the Valkyrie...though if I remember correctly Porthos was a...beagle?"

"Yes, he was." Yara replied and smirked a bit as one of the pups finally seemed to triumph over the others and dominated both of Yara's hands, pressing his head into one while he harmlessly gnawed at the other more than likely trying to get the blonde to pet him. "Beagles are good dogs. I considered a few varieties of spaniels as well."

"So do you ever consider having a pet now?" He asked while moving up beside her and managing to pet three of the rambunctious little beasts while the one dominating Yara's attention had his tail wagging a hundred miles an hour. "Would you have a preference for what kind of dog you would want?"

"Depends, are we talking in general or if I was thinking about getting one while being on the Valkyrie?" She asked and straightened much to the pup's dismay, wanting to explore a bit more.

"In general, just kind of curious about it now." He said while moving to follow her as the pups he had been petting were all trying to get him to come back.

"Probably whatever I gravitated toward, honestly. I like medium to larger sized dogs in general... spaniels, setters, shepherds and collies..." She said and thought a moment. "Salukis are also very pretty, but I'd probably find some unwanted mutt and take it home with me."

Rafan nodded and found that suited Yara quite well, not in a derisive sort of way, but as an honest assessment of who she would because she would love the mutt and give it a good home instead of it just languishing inside a cage somewhere hoping to be taken home by a family. "That doesn't surprise me and that would be the happiest mutt ever, I think."

"Or the most miserable. Pets take after their owners." Yara supplied with a smirk and looked over her shoulder to Rafan before she moved to another enclosure and chuckled softly at the tiny puffball Pomeranians that began to rush up to get close to her. "They remind me of tribbles."

"Yes...I think that seeing them would cause all of the Klingons to immediately flee the planet just to get as far away from them as possible." He replied while moving to her side again as he reached down to pick one of them up as he cradled the puppy in his hands as it started to lick his face and yip and yap at him.

“It seems to like you.” Yara said, standing there with that sly smirk on her face as she watched him with the small pup. “A tribble-dog to go with your bird-ferret?”

"This one is adorable, but I don't think I could do that to Khras...and I would have to make sure that they would be able to get along." Rafan replied as he gently petted the furry fluff ball a while before putting it back down in the pen. "Very cute though."

“I suppose, though I think a tiny puffball probably suits you.” With that she moved on to the next one and stopped, letting out a slow, what very well sounded like a wistful sigh. “There is nothing more adorable than cocker spaniel puppies. I was really leaning toward one of these.” With this one, she moved to actually open the gate and join the puppies in their enclosure as they were invited to do by the signs as long as they closed the gates behind them. “I had a friend who’s family used to breed and show these.”

"They are very curly," Rafan said as he watched Yara stepping into the pen with the gaggle of puppies where was all crowding around her and vying for her attention. "What stopped you from getting one?" He asked curiously while he looked up at her from the pups.

“I have no problem making people miserable, but dogs are a different story.” She replied as she moved to carefully sit down and began to play with the pups as they charged up to her and began to jump on her. “Yes, yes... you’re all very cute.” She said with a chuckle.

They seemed very happy to see her as she was a new person and a few have managed to climb up on her before the took a tumble down to the floor. A few even looked like they were trying to dance for her as they turned around in circles to get her attention. As she sat there, her expression softened and she smiled, helping a few of the puppies up into her lap as she pressed her back to the wall she was sitting next to. “I’ll get a dog someday, I’m sure. I do like animals, probably the only thing that seems to love unconditionally.” Pausing, she looked up to Rafan and added with a smirk, “At least most of them.”

The pups she pulled up into her lap began to wrestle and play with one another while also gently gnawing on her hands and fingers to try and get her to pay them more attention as their little tails wagged happily. "Oh?" Rafan asked with a quirked brow at her statement. "What does that mean, pray tell?"

“Khras can be a rather irritable sort when he doesn’t get his way.” She replied simply and tried to give as much attention to the puppies as she could. “Do you think he would like having a friend or would he get jealous?”

"Well it is one of the reasons that Saurian featherdogs are considered something of a high maintenance pet even if they are self-sufficient," The Trill replied as he looked down at all the puppies running around Yara and laying in her lap. "I think he would, there would probably be a little jealousy at first, but as long as they were around one another enough, he would come to like his new companion...he would even do his best to take care of them."

[To be continued]


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