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Puppies and Rainbows - Part 4

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 1:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Earth
Location: Various; Earth
Timeline: MD12 20:30hrs

“Take care of them?” She questioned with a chuckle and picked up the remaining pup that hadn’t either settled in her lap or wandered off and was still trying to get her attention. It was a buff and white female that stretched its paws out toward Yara, its little tail wagging furiously now that it got the attention it was wanting.

"Yeah, he would groom them and do his best to provide food and water for his friend since featherdogs are social creatures and will form strong bonds with other beings, treating them as part of their family." He said while watching the little cocker spaniel pup as she began to bark at Yara while furiously wagging its tail for her.

“Well that does explain a few things.” She said and brought the puppy closer, chuckling softly as it squished its paws to her skin and began to lick at her face. “This is not helping my responsible adult decision to not get a dog, you know.”

"No, but just because you are here doesn't mean that you have to get a puppy today, there will always be more opportunities in the future." He said, though could see that she was very much enjoying herself as the puppy pattered its paws against her skin and happily licked at her face. "Though I think this one likes you."

The blonde looked over at Rafan flatly and turned the puppy around in her hands so it was facing Rafan as well. “You obviously don’t understand how hard it is to say no to this face.” Yara said as the puppy squirmed and began to bark at Rafan.

The Trill took a moment and looked at the puppy as he reached out to scratch her head while Yara held her up. "She is very adorable..." He said while looking at her, seeing how she was looking between him and Yara adoringly as if begging with her gaze to take her home with one of them and he chuckled when she began to lick his hand and fingers.

"Yes...I am understanding how I may have erred now."

As the puppy began to lick at his hands, Yara shifted her closer and into Rafan's chest for him to take, smirking as the puppy began to paw at him and make slight murring sounds at being held by the Trill who was petting her. "Seems to like you just as much."

"Yes she does, but somehow I think you are trying to convince me to get her so you can have all the fun without having to have any of the responsibility of having a dog." He said with a smirk and continued to gently pet the little beast in his hands. "She is very cute though."

"A solid tactic, but I know you wouldn't do it since you have Khras and two pets on a starship might be excessive." Yara said and watched Rafan with the puppy, a slight smile tugging on her lips. "As cute as she is, I don't think I could do it to her."

"She does deserve a good home and I would want to make sure that she got that." He said, though didn't put her down immediately as he stood up and carefully opened the gate as he moved in to join Yara in the enclosure before moving to take a seat as he continued to pet and gently play with the pup.

The blonde watched, her smile becoming a smirk as Rafan moved into the enclosure and was immediately swarmed by the puppies who were excited by another new person. The only one that didn't go to him was the puppy curled up asleep in Yara's lap. "You seem to have made some new friends."

"It seems so, yes." He confirmed and looked down at the small herd of puppies as his attention turned to the little puppy sleeping in Yara's lap. "I think you have a little friend as well."

“I’m pretty sure it is just comfortable.” She replied with a smirk and gently placed her hand on top of the sleeping black puppy that nearly vanished into the material of her jumpsuit. “What did make you think to come here, Rafan? I know you mentioned Khras, but was that really all?”

"I just thought it might be fun to come here and see all of the puppies." He replied honestly and looked over at the woman as he watched her resting her hand lightly on the small puppy while he tried to give some attention to all the others.

Yara considered him a moment but accepted the answer. They had never really discussed other animals besides Khras so it wasn't likely he had really known her love for dogs and had arranged it because of that, though she supposed she wouldn't have objected to it where she normally would have. "I really don't remember the last time I celebrated a birthday properly."

"Well I hope this has been a good one so far, I tried to keep it simple, but fun." He replied while finally setting the buff and white girl down who whimpered and plopped down on her bottom while looking up at him a bit dejectedly.

"Come here." Yara called to the puppy and tapped at the mat underneath her to try to get it to come over. "I've enjoyed myself."

It took a moment for the pup to look away from Rafan before she turned and trotted over to Yara, seemingly happy to have attention again and pushing her head against Yara's leg. Rafan quirked a brow as he looked over at Yara upon hearing her admit that she was enjoying herself, it was something strange to hear her say it, but he was happy to hear her say that. "Well I am glad that you are having a good time, Yara." He said with a smile as he gently rolled one of the puppies over onto his back and began to rub his tummy.

"You're going to be in big trouble with Khras when you go home though... come back smelling like me and puppies... he's going to shun you." Yara said with a smirk as she watched him with the little creature. While she would never admit it, she enjoyed watching Rafan interact with Khras; he was always very kind and to the animal just as he was kind with others around him, seemingly to a fault at times from her standpoint.

"Yes...well I will have to deal with being pelted by brazil nuts for a bit, though I think he will be very curious about the smell of puppies on me." He replied with a chuckle as the puppy managed to squirm free before pouncing on Rafan's hand. "Either bringing you over or going for a walk to visit you will make up a bit for that, though he will probably complain to you about smelling weird."

"Well, maybe we can swing by and I can see him before I head home?" She offered and watched as the dual colored pup crawled into her lap and cozied up next to the black one, laying her head on top of her sibling.

"I don't see why not, it is on the way back to your place and I think he would be very happy to see you." Rafan said as the puppies all began to settle back down now that the excitement of new people had passed while he looked over at Yara.

"Sounds like a plan. First though, a little more time with the puppies." She said and offered him a small but genuine smile.

They spent roughly another hour at the kennel playing with both the puppies and older dogs. Yara did seem to be genuinely at ease and enjoying herself while they were there, allowing a more playful side to show which was something Rafan had never really seen before. Soon enough though it was apparent the dogs were getting tired and while there were a few still sticking in the fight for play and attention, it was getting late. Much to the dismay of the remaining dogs, Yara and Rafan left and headed back to Rafan's apartment so that Yara could visit Khras and try to deter the little beast from being unhappy.

"Thank you, Dapple." She said as they turned up the path to his building.

"You're welcome, Yara," He replied with a warm smile while they made their way up to his place, it had been a very wonderful experience to be able to see Yara so relaxed in a way that it seemed like she was a different person, but it made him happy to see that she felt comfortable enough to relax in such a way around him. "I'm glad that you are having a good time today."

"You managed to make my birthday not suck. Quite an accomplishment." She said and stopped outside his door to let him open it, though as she stood there she could already hear the pattering of Khra's strange hand-paws on the door. "Do you think he might suspect?" She said with a chuckle.

"Oh I think he might." Rafan said as he punched in the unlock code for the door and once it was wide enough for the Trill to be seen, there came angry chittering as the Trill recoiled, cursing under his breath as he held a hand over his eye while a brazil nut lay on the front step as more chittering came from inside as Rafan took a deep breath and stood up, holding his eye still.

"Khras!" Yara barked sharply, her face contorted in a scowl as she looked down at the creature. "No. You hurt Rafan. You don't throw things at people's eyes!" She chided him, turning to Rafan to coax his hand away from his eye. "Let me look."

"Damn it his aim has gotten better or it was an accident." He grumbled as he let her pull his hand away to reveal that it was becoming bloodshot, but there didn't seem to be any significant damage to the Trill's eye as Khras chittered in a much more timid manner and had disappeared into the house after climbing up on a small end table as he looked between Yara and Rafan.

"I mean, I'm not a doctor but you aren't bleeding from the eye so I imagine it is fine. I'll get you some ice to hold over it though." She said and took Rafan by the elbow to escort him into the house, ignoring Khras for now as she moved into the kitchen.

Rafan allowed her to lead him into the kitchen of his house, pretty much the same loft lay out as the apartment he had been loaned during his stint as an instructor at the Academy. "It just stings right now...if I have any problems with it tomorrow I'll go see the doctor." He said and knew that Khras was upset, but now the Trill was deeply annoyed with his little feathered companion.

"Like I said, probably fine. I mean, it is a brazil nut thrown by a creature that is what like two kilos max? Sure it stings but if he has enough power to do actual damage you should be entering him into strongman contests." Yara said, fishing out some ice and wrapping it into a clean dish towel which she offered him.

"Yeah...I doubt that there would be thing to it." He replied and looked over towards the floor where he saw the blue feathered creature slinking along as if he knew that he was in trouble. "Just saying is all as he turned his attention back to Yara.

"Do you want something to drink?" She offered, not so much like she was acting like it was her place but more she knew how uncomfortable even a little irritation on the eye could be. "I can get it and we can sit.”

He sighed and gently pressed the packed ice to his eye as he let out a deep sigh. "Yeah, just a few fingers and pour yourself a glass if you'd like."

If I’d like.” Yara repeated with a scoff. He knew better than that. She reached into the cabinet and went directly for the Ktarian brandy she had provided him with for when she came over as she had not been impressed by his alcohol selection when she had first come over to have a drink with him.

Rafan held up his free hand when he heard her scoff, forgetting that she always enjoyed a drink and there likely wouldn't be a time in her life when she wouldn't enjoy one as leaned on the kitchen island and sighed as he let the feeling of the ice dull the ache in his eye.

Before he lowered his hand, he would find a small glass pressed into his hand and Yara leaning on the island next to him. “Hope you don’t let a little something to the eye ruin the night.”

Rafan sat back the moment that he felt the glass being placed into his hand and he lowered the ice pace from his eye as he saw Yara standing there beside him as he heard her words and it was one of those moments that something said wasn't meant the way that it was heard. To cover his reaction to this, the Trill immediately took a drink of the rosy hued alcohol, swallowing both his shock and drink down as he tried to find his voice to speak. "I suppose it would be in bad form to let something like to ruin everything else that came before."

[To be continued]


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