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Puppies and Rainbows - Part 5

Posted on Tue Feb 27th, 2018 @ 1:14pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Earth
Location: Various; Earth
Timeline: MD12 20:30hrs

“Not the best finish for the night, no.” She replied easily, but there was the slightest smirk touching her full lips that hinted that it might not have been such an innocent slip of the tongue after all.

He squinted, but stopped when it irritated his eye as he sipped his drink though he did eventually give her a smirk of his own as he sipped his drink. "Would have been nice if we could manage something kind of classy." He replied with a little chuckle.

“I’ve never been classy. I’m a pilot.” She said with a shrug and pushed off the island to head back out to the living room and sit down on his couch. Looking around, she didn’t see Khras and decided he was probably sulking in his tree.

"Well you did punch someone on your last birthday." He said and moved out to take a seat on the couch as next to Yara as he placed the ice pack on his eye for a little and sipped his drink. "So why did you punch someone and who was it?"

“Oh right that.” Yara replied, sighing as she did so and leaning her head back on the couch. “It was my brother and I punched him for being an asshole.” She took a drink and frowned at the memory of the short lived incident.

"I know it mind sound stupid to be asking, but which've described them both as assholes of the few occasions that they have come up." He said, not trying to be a smart ass with her, but it did bear a need for clarification to the conversation.

“The older one, Jonas.” Yara said, scoffing on his name. “He was all pissed off because he and my other brother Adam thought I was dead and they were mad I hadn’t said anything to them especially considering I had been in the system for three-ish years at that point and could have.”

"Siblings are lovely," He said, having his own experiences with pain in the ass siblings. "I thought none of you were talking though?"

“We weren’t, but I guess the whole thinking I was dead thing and then finding out I was alive pushed a few buttons.” Yara offered up with a shrug. “I have no answers really.”

"Which is fair enough," He said with a nod as Khras poked his head up meekly over the edge of the couch and chirped softly as he looked up at Rafan and then Yara.

Yara turned her head on hearing the chirp and quirked a brow at Khras though she did not make an attempt to drive him off and instead waited to see exactly what he was going to do.

Cautiously, he began to slink up on to the couch, revealing that he had the toy that Yara had gotten for him and held it up to Rafan as he chittered and chirped a bit before he presented his toy to Rafan. The Trill looked down and set his drink off to the side as he let out a deep breath and reached out to take the toy. "You need to start using your words young man, instead of throwing things." Khras chirped mournfully at Rafan's words as he moved to curl up into a tight little ball on the couch.

Just as Yara would never interfere with a parent disciplining a child, she said nothing while Rafan scolded his animal. Khras was as intelligent as a young human child - at least Rafan liked to claim he was, so she afforded the same respect in this case. Though it did seem that the little beastie was sorry for what he had done considering he had brought over his favorite toy.

"I will be taking away brazil nuts from you for a while until you learn to appreciate them." He said while holding Khras' favorite toy and considered the little beast for a moment or two as he looked down at him and then reached out to gently stroke his head. "And you have to understand that no every time I go to see Yara, you are going to get to come...I know she is one of your people, but she hasn't forgotten about you, I promise."

“Of course I haven’t forgotten.” Yara interjected and reached down to gently rub Khras’ head with a finger until he slowly lifted it and looked up to Rafan and gave a morose little chirp.

"She was the one that suggested coming by to see you all on her one." The Trill said as he looked down at the little beastie.

Khras seemed to consider this then looked to Yara, chirping at her and tilting his head slightly as if wanting confirmation. “I did. I know I haven’t been around much; I’ve been busy and I know you miss coming to see me.” Yara offered the beast and couldn’t help but chuckle as he trilled out gleefully and was instantly on his feet and scurrying up her body to her shoulder to nuzzle into her neck and cheek.

Rafan chuckled as he watch Khras scampering up her arm and shook his head a bit as he sipped his drink and just let the pair bond a little as the little beastie hid under her hair.

Yara finished off her drink and continued to lightly pet Khras as he settled on her shoulder and trilled happily. “I’ll get out of your hair now, Rafan. Thanks again. Hope the eye feels better.”

"Thanks, I am sure that it will be alright." He said while looking over at her as Khras chirped and trilled softly now that he was getting to be around his other person, had gotten his scolding as well as having been genuinely remorseful about what he had done. "It is time to come over here now young man, we've have a very busy evening and it is time to let Yara go home."

Khras shrunk back under the veil of Yara's hair, chittering as he wrapped his tail around her neck as if saying he didn't want to go, not when Yara had just gotten here and he started to gently paw at her neck and shoulder as if trying to communicate with her that he wasn't ready for her to go.

“No, I’m going to go because if I don’t go now I’ll start having to deal with all the drunk people shuffling home after their parties.” Yara sighed, reaching up to lightly grab the beastie’s tail and unwind it from her neck. Khras chittered and wound his tail around her hand, all signs that he didn't want her to go and that he would very likely be trying to go home with her. Letting out a long sigh, she reached up to rub her forehead with her unrestrained hand. She should have known that coming in for just a drink wouldn't really work in Khras' book. She looked to Rafan on the couch and frowned when she saw him looking rather resigned and she couldn't help wonder if something was wrong.

"Khras, come on." She said and tried to unwind him from her again.

Rafan moved closer to Yara as he reached out to try and help her get disentangled from the persistent little beast as he sighed. "Come on, Khras...don't ruin Yara's birthday, you got to see her and now it is time for her to go." He said while the featherdog made a rather mournful sound, but still didn't come out from underneath her hair easily as the Trill pulled the little beast to him.

"If you go and get your harness and leash I will take you home with me." The blonde finally offered to the feather-dog when she heard him chirping sadly and could feel him still grabbing at her hair.

That seemed to be all it took for the little beastie to perk up again and let go of her hair before squirming free of Rafan's grasp to bound off to go do just as she had asked while the Trill looked over at Yara. "Are you sure that you'll be okay taking him home with you?" He asked since he didn't want Khras to pester her too much.

"Yeah, it's fine. Give you a break from him harassing you for whatever reason he dreams up. You can come get him in the morning." She shifted a bit and finally stood, waiting to see if Khras could actually do as she had told him. It took Khras a moment, but he came scampering back with the harness and leash held in his beak as he haphazardly managed to climb up onto the coffee table and dropped it on the table top before looking expectantly up at both Rafan and Yara as he waited for one of them to start putting his harness on.

"Maybe I could stop by with breakfast," The Trill offered as he looked over at Yara briefly before he sat down on the edge of the couch as he started to attach the harness to the now happily trilling beast.

"Sure, sounds like a plan. Just not too early; nothing before thirteen hundred hours." She replied with a smirk and watched him hooking Khras into the harness, reaching out to take the leash once it was hooked on. "Alright, come on." Looking at the blue creature, she pat her shoulder to summon him up.

There was no hesitation from the little beast as Khras easily scaled Yara's body as he settled onto her shoulder and trilled softly while nuzzling her with his head as Rafan stood up, shaking his head a little. "He has really taken to you." He said while handing her the leash, smiling as he thought about breakfast sandwiches with eggs, bacon and nice melty cheese.

Yara watched as Rafan's expression shifted to a contemplative one - specifically when he was thinking about food. His brows would raise and his nose scrunched just a bit when he pursed his lips; she wasn't sure why he made that expression, but it was something she had noticed from him over time. "Seems to be." She finally said and reached up to rub Khras' head. "Now you behave and stay put while we walk home."

Khras chirped and settled down comfortably on her shoulder and turned to look at Rafan and chirped happily at him as looked back to Yara, ready to spend the evening with her. "Walk you out?" He asked curiously as the thoughts of food slowly drifted away from his mind and he focused back on Yara.

For a moment she thought about commenting how the door was literally only steps away but shrugged it off. “Sure.” She said and turned to head out the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

"With breakfast and not before thirteen hundred." He replied back with a smirk as they walked over to the door and he stood there a moment so that he could give Khras a bit of attention before he left with Yara for the night. "Would you like me to bring coffee?"

“Contrary to popular belief, I do have other beverages in my house than alcohol.” She snorted, listening to Khras trill a bit at receiving his owner’s attention.

"Oh I know you do, but I was just wondering if you would like me to bring the full breakfast?" He replied back and smirked as he listened to Yara snorting at his question. "Though now that you have said that, you handle the drinks and I will bring the food."

“Fine, fine. I’m sure I have some coffee flavored product.” She shot back and opened the door, stepping outside though she turned to look at Rafan. “Thanks again.” Pausing, she looked at Khras. “Say goodbye.”

"You're welcome, Yara." He said with a warm smile as Khras chirped and chittered happily before turning back to nuzzle Yara. "Enjoy your visit, Khras."

“Night.” Was all she offered as she turned and began to walk away and head back to her own place. The night definitely hadn’t been as bad as she had anticipated it would be and as loathe as she was to admit it out loud, Yara enjoyed Rafan’s company.


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