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Where's Waldo?

Posted on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 1:49am by Captain Alexander Kurtz & Lieutenant Rafan Kel & Lieutenant JG Cey'aaren
Edited on on Wed Apr 11th, 2018 @ 1:50am

Mission: Leviathan
Location: Science Lab, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: MD01 14:50hrs

The away team had been successful in recovering the sensor data from the Tower Bridge. The ship was still in bad shape, and in no shape to go after the creature themselves though. That many that the job had fallen to the Valkyrie. They would have to find a way to track it first. What happened then would depend on whether the alien was intelligent enough to be negotiated with, or if it was simply acting on instinct.

Alex entered the science lab to find the team that had been assembled there. He was hopeful that their mix of skills would be able to shed light on the data and help determine where they were going next. “All right everyone, thank you for coming down.” He began. “We've recovered the data, and it looks like it's intact.” He transferred the data from the padd he was carrying to the consoles within the lab. “Let's see what we can make of it.”

Rafan had made sure to assemble a team from his available staff with multiple disciplines in the science so that they would have broad base of knowledge to pull from and though they had their specialties, he'd specifically built his team with the idea of complimentary and multi-discipline backgrounds. While certainly the philosophy of Starfleet, Rafan embraced it wholeheartedly with no sort of hesitation. He sat at his station and began looking through the sensor logs before pulling out a PaDD and transferring one of the feeds to it and then cast another to built in holo-emitters so that it hung in mid-air displaying the energy readings. "Fascinating," The Trill mumbled and rewound the energy scans and highlighted several bands and then stopped it as the highlighted ones spiked suddenly.

"It appears that the...entity was completely invisible to our sensors, absolutely nothing," He spoke out loud and not to anyone in particular. "With only a few exceptions, even cloaked vessels generate some kind of particle disturbance that we can detect, but the moment it attacked the Tower Bridge the region was flooded with a mixture of neutrinos, chronitron, and some sort of unidentified ionic particle that appears similar to a tetryon but..." He trailed off and sat down in his chair as he spun around and wheeled himself to another station to start working.

"The beam nullified and canceled out traditional matter/anti-matter reactions, perhaps the Breen have encountered this entity before and they mimicked its defenses for their own energy dampening weapons..."

Whilst Alex wasn't as qualified as some of the other people in the room to speculate on the science, he did understand the engineering aspects of the entity's ability, and what they meant for the Tower Bridge, and potentially the Valkyrie. The idea that the Breen could have encountered it before now jogged something in his memory too. “I've been going through intel reports on the journey out here.” He began. “There's a number of extinct civilisations that have been identified, which isn't unusual, but a lot of them share a common aspect within their mythology. A great beast that brings destruction. If I remember, there's at least three nuclear age civilisations that were destroyed in what looks like war or disaster within two sectors of DS12. You might be onto something.”

Across the lab, Cey'aaren was busying himself with one of the unoccupied consoles. A series of quick taps allowed him to reconfigure the station to access the Valkyrie's subspace communications array. "Back on Risa," he missed allowed, "we have these huge, marine mammals - traahls. They communicate with each other by vibrating an internal, larynx-like organ and expelling vibration into the water around them.

"Even large, spacefaring organisms, like Cnidarians and Gormagander, have methods of communicating with others of their kind," he continued, turning to face the center of the room. "I'd say there's a high probability whatever this thing is can communicate somehow too."

"Though not all of that communication takes place through an observable frequency, or at least one's that might be observable without properly calibrated sensors," Rafan chimed in as he multitasked, PaDD in hand as he moved over to stand next to Cey at his station and looking at display and then pulled up the same on his device. He used a stylus to begin separate out the layers of frequencies. "Such as tele-empathic communications, though we will need to see if there are any species serving aboard the Tower Bridge who are known to have such abilities and see if they experienced anything out of the ordinary before the attack occurred."

He turned away from Cey and the station and pointed at Keating when he saw her standing around looking a little lost while a friendly grin formed on his features. "Lieutenant Keating, do you think that you might be able to help us with that particular mystery?"

Keating smiled, blushing a little that she had not been following the conversation and technical details very well until now. "Yes, of course. I think I could serve better in that capacity."

Cey turned back to the station he'd previously altered. "We got the raw data from the Tower Bridge's comm antenna," he said and fingered the smooth surface of the computer pulling up the data.

“More data has to be a positive for a situation like this.” Alex said. “What will that give us in addition to the sensor feeds?”

"Basically a simple monitor read of the various frequencies routinely monitored by all Starfleet ships, captain. No actual logs or anything like," Cey said. "I'm hoping I might be able to find one that corresponds with the appearance of the entity." He started filtering through the data as the others continued around him.

“Let's take a look at the data from the spatial rift that the creature came out of too.” The Captain said. “According to the Tower Bridge's science officer, there were some unusual spikes as that thing was forming. It might give us an idea where it came from, which could be important. He was busy, but he said something about vibrational frequencies and multiverse theory, which sounded kinda ominous.”

"Not so much ominous as deeply fascinating," The Trill piped in and sounding far, far too comfortable with the idea of a living doomsday weapon capable of crossing through the plans of reality at a whim. "Multiverse theory has been proven to be right when Starfleet and independent parties encountered the Mirror universe in the 23rd and again in the 24th centuries, alien species such as the Devidians who are capable of jumping through the space-time continuum, of course there are the Q and the pocket dimensional aliens that abducted Commander Riker from the Enterprise-D."

"Though in this cause I might theorize that it may not exist in a separate dimensional reality but in an area that has been theorized to exist between dimensions, a membrane as it were that protects separate universes from one another, it is a theory that was put forth by a colleague of mine from the Daystrom institute that they could also be home to ecosystems of their own which is fascinating all on its own given that what the Tower Bridge encountered could be similar to a Terran whale breaking the surface of the water for air."

The Trill was rambling now, back over at his originally station as he continued to work, obviously in his element and seemingly without any hint of fear for the destruction that this creature might be able to do. "Hmmm," He began and sent the vibrations Kurtz had mention into the air via holoprojectors "If I tweak this just a little here, then raise the amplitude just a fraction," He trailed off and turned back to his console to consult something he was reading there before returning to make more adjustments.

There came a pleasant sounding ding as if something had just finished cooking in the oven. "There, I think that I know the creature is able to move between realities which appears to be cymatic waveforms which would allow the creature to locate regions of maximum and minimum displacement that would be made visible to its own senses in the dimensional barriers. Different patterns would emerge in the excitatory medium, in this case the fabric between dimensions, depending on the geometry of the organ the creature is using and the driving frequency it is producing which means it might be looking for the weak points at which to emerge into our reality."

"Though the vibrations are unique enough that I think we could use those to track it, we would have to recalibrate the sensor arrays in order to pick up the frequency the only problem is that until I have more data to refine the sensor profile it is still going to be close to a needle in a haystack approach," He offered up to Kurtz since this was the best plan that they had for finding the creature currently.

“Let's try it.” The Captain said. “If we can find something to get us started, we might just be able to make this work. Work with ops to make the recalibrations then let's try to track this thing. Cey’aaren, Keating, take another look at this comms data. I'd like to know if there's any possibility this creature is trying to communicate.”

"Once I have the algorithms worked out I will speak with Ensign Marwa about making the modifications to the sensor array." Rafan confirmed almost absently to Kurtz while he worked though it was obvious that he had heard the man.

"Very well. Let's get to work." Kurtz said with a nod, glad to see the crew seeming to work well together.


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