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The Disappearance of the S.S. Bonaventure

Posted on Sun Apr 22nd, 2018 @ 7:55am by Chief Petty Officer Kyly Dalat (Cey'aaren) & Ensign T'Nai

Mission: Leviathan
Location: U.S.S. Valkyrie, Diplomatic Suite, Chief Dalat's Office
Timeline: MD01 15:10

A half-eaten plate of hasperat sat beside Kyly's left elbow as she scrolled through a recent diplomatic cable about recent relations with the Talarian Republic. Her office door chime interrupted her train of thought, she looked up toward the doorway and said "Come," signaling whoever was on the other side to enter. The doors parted and ensign T'Nai stood tall and proud in the opening. The Caitian's expression showed evident concern over something. "What's wrong?" Kyly asked as T'Nai took a few steps inside.

"News from the Cardassian border," she replied, sliding into one of the guest chairs on her side of the desk. Kyly closed the computer terminal giving the ensign her full attention.

T'Nai continued, "The S.S. Bonaventure disappeared a few hours ago. There's been no evidence the ship was destroyed, and given its cargo the current working theory is that it was seized and the transponder disabled. The cargo was a large weapons shipment meant for the Hephaestus Fleetyards."

"What kind of weapons?" Kyly interjected.

"Quantum torpedoes and photon mines, for the new Biljan-class cruisers," T'Nai answered as she crossed her legs.

The chief leaned forward, elbows on the desktop. "Obviously that kind of shipment would be classified."

"It was. So you see why the disappearance is of concern. According to the report, the Cardassians could be involved. Or the True Way," T'Nai explained the current thinking on the situation from the higher-ups in the Diplomatic Corps. While the Cardassians and the Federation currently had fledgling alliance it was tenuous at best. The True Way hated the Federation and was dedicated to restoring the traditional ways of the old Cardiassian Union. Either way, the stolen weapons were a serious concern.

"They think the Cardassians would jeopardize this new alliance so soon over one weapons shipment?" Kyly asked running through scenarios mentally.

"And why not?" T'Nai asked in response, gesticulating, hands apart. "There is still a large segment of the Cardassian population who are opposed to working with us, even outside of the True Way. Ambassador Duvur, the Cardassian envoy on Earth is apparently denying any involvement on their part."

Kyly leaned back in her chair, slouching slightly. "Duvur's an expert liar, so there's no way to know if he's telling the truth or not."

"We're one of the closer the ships," T'Nai said, segueing into the reason she'd felt the need to interrupt the chief's lunch. "The lieutenant," she said, referring to Cey'aaren, their department head, "was tagged in the cable. Ambassador Parker, the Federation's envoy on Cardassia is asking that the Diplomatic Corps in the region remain on alert to liaise on the situation if necessary," T'Nai purred.

"Which means we have work to do in the meantime," Kyly said looking at her partially finished meal. "Get the junior to staff started pulling everything they can on the True Way, Duvur, and the current leadership in the Cadassian military and government." She stood up and collected the plate and fork and took them to the replicator where they could be recycled into their basic atomic parts. "Contact the Intelligence department on Deep Space 12, find out if they can give us anything. I'll start getting a dossier together for the lieutenant."

T'Nai nodded but did not stand up. "Of course chief," she started. "There was one other matter in the report that you should be aware of. Lieutenant (j.g.) Dashel Carter, a member of the Valkyrie's security department is personally affected by the disappearance of the Bonaventure. His brother, Edward, is the chief engineer aboard the transport. Someone will need to notify him of the situation."

Kyly shook her head slightly. "I'll take care of that while the rest of you get started."

The ensign finally rose from her seat and turned toward the door. "I suppose the best situation here is one where we do all this work for no reason?"

The chief chortled at that, despite the Caitian's question not being a joke. "I think you're right," she answered after her laughter abated.


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