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The Bad News

Posted on Sun Apr 29th, 2018 @ 3:21am by Chief Petty Officer Kyly Dalat (Cey'aaren)

Mission: Leviathan
Location: U.S.S. Valkyrie, Lt. (j.g.) Dashel Carter's Quarters
Timeline: MD01 16:10

Kyly had been standing outside Lieutenant Carter's door for over five minutes. She'd acted brave when she had told T'Nai that'd she make the notification that Carter's older brother, Edward, had disappeared along with the rest of the crew and contents of the freighter Bonaventure. Insider though, she was terrified to press the chime on his door. She had no idea how to tell him that someone he loved, part of his family, had been kidnapped or possibly killed. It had been bad enough when her father had been ill and the family had time to prepare. Something like this, so sudden, it almost made her head spin. Finally, she steeled her nerves enough to step forward toward the doorway, reaching for the chime as she did.

As she approached the doors opened before her and she nearly rammed headlong into the swarthily complected lieutenant Dashel Carter. Kyly managed to stop short and not bowl the young lieutenant over. Surprise registered on both their faces and she stammered, "Lieu... lieutenant Carter?"

Dashel back-peddled stopping in the open doorway to his quarters. "Yeah, that's me. Uh, did you... I mean, can I help you with something chief?"

Shaken by the abruptness of their encounter, Kyly wasn't exactly sure how to proceed and there was a long, pregnant pause between them as she collected herself. "Dalat," she said as a sort of introduction. "Could we, uh, step inside lieutenant?"

The junior security officer squinted at her before stepping back inside and gesturing for the chief to join him. "Can I get you something? Tea, water?"

"No, thank you lieutenant," she said as she stepped over to a the workstation that was a part of all crew quarters. She pulled out the chair there and, while dragging it into the center of the room pointed to the couch. "Maybe you should have a seat, sir." She sat down in the chair she'd brought across the room and waited for Dashel to join her.

"Sure," she said suspiciously and did as Kyly asked. "Mind telling me what's up, ma'am?"

Having come this far, Kyly knew there was no backing out now. "Your brother, Edward, is the chief engineer on the freighter Bonaventure," she said looking directly into Dashel's eyes. "The ship disappeared this morning en route to Hephaestus Fleetyards." The lieutenant looked visibly stricken, as if someone had punched him in the gut. Kyly continued without giving him a chance to react. "I know that's hard to hear. But there's no indication the ship was destroyed. Given their cargo," she went on, but Dashel interrupted her.

"So they were kidnapped?" he said, jumping to conclusions.

Kyly nodded somberly. "That is the working theory, according to the information we received. We can't be sure of anything though. There hasn't been a ransom demand, and whether this is the Cardassian military or the True Way, we don't expect one."

Dashel stood up, incensed at the news. "So what're we doing to the get them back!?" he exclaimed.

Kyly stood up, and while Dashel was taller than her, she reached up and put a hand gently on his shoulder. "Settle down lieutenant," she put just a little pressure on him and after a second he gave in, and shrank back onto the couch under the starscape outside. She followed suit and took a seat in her chair. "A diplomatic solution is still our best hope. Ambassador Parker is onn Cardassia Prime and is taking charge of the situation. He's got the entire diplomatic corps in the region on standby. If things go south, we are coordinating with the Intelligence unit on DS12; until we know it's not an option, lieutenant, we plan on getting those people back - including Edward."

It was Dashel's turn to steel his nerves now. For a moment he looked as though there were tears forming in the corner of his eyes. He turned to look out the glass and into space before they bloom though. "If you have to send a tactical team in, ma'am, I want to be on that roster," he said with his back turned to Kyly.

"I can't promise you that lieutenant," she said. It was evident from her tone that she wished she could. "I'll make the recommendation, but it'll have to go up the chain. I think we'd both better hope it doesn't go that far though, don't you think?"

"Maybe so, ma'am," Dashel said turning back to face her again. "You really think you can get them home safe otherwise though?"

Kyly stood up again. "I can't say for sure, sir. I know we've got good people doing all they can to get to the bottom of this. We are still in the very early stages and there isn't a lot of concrete information yet."

"You'll keep me informed?" he asked.

Kyly nodded and looked toward the door. Eyes back on Dashel she said, "Of course, sir. And... uh, if you need to talk to anyone, I hear the ship's counselor, Dr. Keating is very good. I should... ah, I should get back."

"Thank you for letting me know, chief," Dashel said walking her to the door.

"And if I've made you late for a duty shift," she said as the doors whooshed open before, "have your chief contact me."

"Thank you again," the lieutenant said just before the doors closed between them.


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