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Damage Control

Posted on Mon Jul 23rd, 2018 @ 5:57pm by Captain Alexander Kurtz
Edited on on Mon Jul 23rd, 2018 @ 5:57pm

Mission: Leviathan
Location: USS Valkyrie - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD05 - 10:15hrs

After three days of repairs, the Valkyrie was finally almost ready to get back underway. The ship had taken a hell of a beating in the fight with the Komari. The old Klingon ship had gotten the drop on them and done significant damage before Valkyrie had a chance to respond. Alex had gotten his hands dirty helping with the repairs in order to get them to this point, and they were just about spaceworthy. They had taken shuttles over to the Komari, disabled by Nomad and taken it's crew prisoner. Fortunately it had been heavily automated, so there were barely a dozen to take into custody. Before those numbers were confirmed, Alex had given serious thought to breaching their hull and spacing the survivors. That night have required some creative reporting in order to justify it though, and fortunately it hadn't proven necessary. Engineering teams had stripped the other vessel for parts that had helped in the repairs to Valkyrie and it was now little more than a shell of a ship.

They had sustained a few injuries, ranging from cuts and bruises to broken limbs and a perforated gill. Most had been discharged from sickbay, but three crew members were still under observation. Fortunately, they hadn't had any fatalities among the crew.

The science department had managed to get some good quality data on the asteroid field during the repair process, and a couple of probes had helped to map it. They now had a good idea of how to navigate their way through it, as well as some clues as to the interstellar collision that had formed the field long ago. The data would be of interest to Starfleet's xenological department as there were some fairly unique features.

The crew had managed to establish meaningful communication with Nomad. They had been able to extrapolate enough of it's language to create a translation matrix that they were fairly confident in. The Alien seemed to have originated in another universe, a parallel reality where it was hunted by spacefaring humanoids, possibly even Humans. It hadn't shown any aggression towards them and their attacks had been entirely unprovoked. In attempting to escape, the creature had pushed it's natural abilities past their limits, tearing a hole into this universe. Nomad’s attack on the Tower Bridge had been purely motivated by self defense and it had expressed regret for it's actions. It had essentially asked for asylum as a kind of interdimensional refugee, a request that Alex had been happy to agree to in principle, especially after it had helped them in battle. Nomad had decided to stay in the asteroid field for now, apparently it offered an abundance of the the resources it consumes. Starfleet would be sending a specialist team to make contact and provide additional support in the near future. After a day, it had moved off into the asteroid field to get to know it's new home.

The Valkyrie had made contact with the Tower Bridge around eight hours after the battle. They too were in bad shape, although the damage to the Akira class ship was focussed on the software and computer systems rather than physical. Captain Gamble and his crew had managed to rig up a system using uncompromised parts from a shuttle which would get them back to Deep Space 12 where a full reboot of the computer systems would be needed, along with replacing a number of key subsystems. It would be a big job, and the Valkyrie would be a few days behind them with another extensive refit.

And so the Centaur class starship, battered and damaged but still unbroken, began final preparations to get underway. Alex was starting to get a feel for the surprisingly tough little ship. He was quietly impressed. The crew still needed work, but they might just be able to make something special.


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