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The Hunt - Part 2

Posted on Mon Jul 23rd, 2018 @ 5:54pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Captain Alexander Kurtz & Lieutenant Rafan Kel & Lieutenant JG Cey'aaren & Ensign Marwa (Kincaid)

Mission: Leviathan
Location: Bridge, USS Valkyrie, Inside the Asteroid Field
Timeline: MD01 - 19:54hrs

Carefully, Blackwater backed the ship up just a little to make sure the creature had plenty of room should it decide it wanted to exit. She didn't need it feeling cornered. Looking up to the screen, she mused to herself how it looked like some sort of oversized jellyfish.

"Agreed captain," Cey said from the communications station. "It doesn't seem hostile. I think it might be his way of saying 'hello.' We might have enough information for the universal translator to establish a limited translation matrix of the frequencies."

There was a palpable sense of relief in the room, a number of people catching their breaths after holding them. “All right.” Alex said, taking a moment to collect his thoughts. “Let's try a proper greeting. Lieutenant Cey'aaren, if you would be so kind as to begin transmission.” Waiting a moment for the channel to be opened. “My name is Alex Kurtz of the United Federation of Planets and this is my ship, the USS Valkyrie. We mean you no harm, and would like to help you.” He kept it short for now, hoping the universal translator would produce something the creature could understand.

After a long moment, a reply came. Filtered through the vaguely electronic voice of the computer, using those tones as a surrogate voice. “Hello Alex Kurtz.”

"Amazing." Rafan said under his breath, his eyes transfixed for a moment on the viewscreen before he looked back down to his console and the data that their passive scans were earning them. He could think of several colleagues who would be very interested to learn of this entity.

The Captain could help but smile a little. He had spoken to representatives of countless species over the years, both humanoid and not, but never one quite so alien as this. He thought for a moment, then spoke again. “Do you have a name, something we can call you?”

“I am Nomad/Wanderer/Traveller.” The translation was imprecise and the computer offered a group of synonyms, but they offered a clue to the alien's origin.

“Nomad, can you tell us where you came from?” Alex asked, still trying to establish a baseline for their communications.

Before Nomad could answer, alarms blared and a fraction of a second later, there was an impact on the ship. Alex was thrown to the floor as the Valkyrie was rocked. “It's the Komari!” The tactical officer reported above the noise.

“Shields up! Return fire!” Alex called as he hauled himself back to his feet. On the screen, phasers shot out towards the old Klingon battle cruiser, impacting somewhat anticlimactically on the shields. “Bring us about, try to angle the shields we've got towards them.” As he spoke, another volley of weapons fire hit them, slamming into the hull. “Emergency bulkheads have engaged on deck 3, section 5.” The officer at the engineering station reported, followed soon by confirmation of the damage. “Confirmed hull breach.”

In Cey'aaren's earpiece the formerly smoothly shifting tones of the creature's subspace speech had taken on a much more frantic timbre. "Captain, the creature doesn't seem to be reacting well to the Komari's attack," the diplomat called out over the sounds of the battle.

"Well I can't imagine why it wouldn't react well." Yara snarled sarcastically from her seat. "Orders, Captain!" She near demanded of Kurtz. If he wasn't going to tell her what do do in the moment, the preservation of the ship and crew came first over the entity.

Alex seemed to snap out of his thoughts, “Helm, put us between the Komari and Nomad, best defensive posture you can give us. Tactical, weapons free. Throw everything we've got at them, disable their weapons if possible but do as much damage as you can.” Another barrage of weapons fire hit the Valkyrie as Alex gave the command, the remaining taking the brunt of this assault. The Valkyrie let loose a flurry of phaser fire towards the Komari, which impacted on their forward shields. The orange glow of the phasers dissipating into a greenish energy as the shields absorbed the energy. The older Klingon ship accelerated away from its formerly stationary firing position, pivoting away from Valkyrie's attack. They had seemingly done enough damage to force an evasive reaction. They followed up the phasers with torpedoes, five of the projectiles streaking through space towards the battle cruiser one after another. They pounded the shields, a fraction of a second between them, a fireball in space, expanding and contracting over and over until, finally, fading.

The Komari tore through the explosion as it dissipated, plasma fire fading from the shield. It fired off a trio of torpedoes from the gaping maw at the front of its command section. “Evasive maneuvers!” Alex ordered.

Yara's hands immediately moved and the ship pitched and rolled away from the weapons fire. The Valkyrie shuddered as it lurched to starboard. One torpedo flew past them by a narrow margin, but the second hit them thanks to the delay in allowing her to move the ship. She grabbed the bottom of the console to avoid being tossed from her chair as they were violently tossed from the explosion against the shields.

"Shields down to forty-three percent!" The officer at tactical announced.

“Captain, Nomad is on the move!” Marwa called out from ops.

Cey'aaren had been knocked off his feet when the torpedo exploded against the Valkyrie's shields. Still listening to the creature's desperate sounding song he pushed himself back to a standing position and glanced down at the readings on his console. "Captain," he called out looking back over his shoulder, "we know what the creature can do when she feels threatened. Recommend we try to lure the Komari away from the creature and keep those poachers between us and Nomad. If she does lash out we can make sure that they're the ones who end up dead in the water and not us."

"If we retreat, we open Nomad up to be attacked." Rafan said from his station, frowning at the proposition to more or less see if the creature could be weaponized by using its fear.

“Blackwater, take us away from Nomad, see if you can find an asteroid as cover. Tactical, keep the pressure on, we can't let them get to Nomad.” Alex ordered.

As the ship got underway, more weapons fire was exchanged. The battle was fierce and taking its toll on the Valkyrie. The heads up display on the viewscreen showed how badly weakened their remaining shields were, the hull damage where they'd lost shields and a range of compromised subsystems. The Komari had taken damage too, their shields were weakening, bit it wasn't enough. Valkyrie was on the back foot, and they had to turn it around quickly.

Suddenly, proximity alarms blared. On the screen, the leviathan bulk of nomad moved past the Valkyrie, low and to their starboard side. It was moving towards the Komari, pulsing with energy, giving off some kind of bioluminescence, a glow moving towards the creature's front.

Valkyrie opened fire with everything they had in a desperate bid to keep the Komari’s attention focussed on them. But it wasn't necessary. A moment later, Nomad unleashed an energy pulse towards the old Klingon ship. The blast crackled with jagged bolts of energy tearing through space towards the Komari. The pulse engulfed the battle cruiser for a moment, bathing it in light to the point where it was barely even visible. Then it subsided. There was an eeire darkness and silence as the Komari hung in space, it's nacelles dark, lighting offline.

“Komari is powered down.” Marwa confirmed.

“Dead in the water.” Alex said quietly as he slumped back into his chair. “Damage report.” They had won for now, but there was still a great many questions to answer.


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