The Prisoner

Posted on Fri Aug 24th, 2018 @ 11:12pm by Captain Alexander Kurtz & Lieutenant JG Cey'aaren

Mission: Leviathan
Location: Brig, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: MD06 - 09:15hrs

Rezzik never stopped grinning. He had received some kind of cosmetic surgery to alter his appearance at some point after the Dominion war and it seemed that his face was stuck like that. There was no warmth behind the rictus grin though, and his yellowish eyes betrayed his true nature. He stared out at Alex from behind the forcefield, locked in the smaller solitary confinement brig away from the rest of his crew.

“That's all he does sir.” The Saurian brig officer stated. “He just stares out, that same look on his face. I think the human expression is creepy.”

Alex tilted an eyebrow, frowning a little. “I can't argue with your assessment chief.” As it turned out, Doctor Rezzik had a number of warrants for detention by a number of the major powers in the quadrant. He had done some truly despicable things while he worked for the Dominion and a lot of people wanted to see him brought to justice. It was turning into something of a complex situation, and one that he wanted to discuss with his diplomatic officer, who would be arriving shortly.

Cey'aaren strode through the doors to the brig only moments later, a mug of steaming raktajino in one hand. "Good morning, captain. How's our war criminal turned poacher finding his accommodations?"

"He seems thrilled." Alex deadpanned. "I don't think his next stop will be as pleasant." He handed Cey'aaren a padd. "We've had claims from four governments for custody of the doctor here. The Klingons, Cardassians, Talarians and Takarans all want to put him on trial. I was hoping you'd be able to help me sift through and work out who's got the most relevant claim."

After a stout drink ofhis Klingon coffee Cey stared into the cell at Rezzik. "Standard procedure would indicate that he be extradited to the government or location with crimes of the highest severity."

He ran his free hand through his close cropped copper-colored hair and sat his mug down on the top of the brig console. "I feel its a safe bet that he's wanted for capital crimes and terrorism by more than one though." He ran his fingers quickly over a series of buttons on the desk's surface.

"Four different judicial systems, each with different definitions for their crimes." Alex agreed, glancing at the unmoving prisoner inside the cell. "Of the four, the Takarans seem to have the lesser case, just three counts of murder. The extradition treaty with them is less than iron clad too."

Cey'aaren nodded as the captain concluded. "Agreed. Relations with the Takaran government have been strained recently anyway. The newly elected government isn't exactly a big fan of the Federation. Handing Rezzik over isn't likely to change any minds." He drank from his mug and folded himself into the chair at the brig's control console.

"Likewise," he continued, making himself comfortable, "we can discount the Talarian claims. While relations with the Republic have continued to grow warmer, their a minor power in the quadrant."

Alex tilted an eyebrow slightly, he didn't much like the idea of playing politics with this. If a minor power had the best claim to their prisoner, then he would happily hand him over. "If I recall, they expressly refused to incorporate a full extradition agreement in the most recent treaty. Rumour is there's a couple of Federation fugitives hiding out in their space, maybe even sharing tech."

The diplomatic officer snapped his fingers. "Exactly! We don't need to score any points with the Talarians."

"So, that brings us down to two, Klingons & Cardassians." Alex said. "The Federation's closest and most powerful allies, or the people still recovering from their mistakes during the war."

Cey drank deep from his mug as his listen to the captain's reply. There was a short moment of silence that followed as something on the dossier of Rezzik's crimes caught his attention. "Look at this, captain," he said pointing down to the itemized listing on the display. Buried deep down in the monumental stack of criminal activities perpetrated by the gruesomely smiling alien doctor was an interesting item: Bio-terrorism and humanoid experimentation. While the majority of the data set was displayed in pale yellow letters, this particular entry had additional text in bright red to the right of the title that read Classified.

Alex glanced at the screen. It wasn't unusual for some of a war criminal's records to be restricted, they often included classified military information or intelligence, the kind of information that needed to be controlled.

The younger officer tapped on the screen and the computer's sedate tones filled the room. "Access denied."

"Doesn't look like I have sufficient clearance, sir. Would you mind?" Cey asked.

The Captain tapped in his authorisation. The information contained within was restricted and controlled, but could be made available to an officer of Cey'aaren's clearance level at the commanding officer's discretion. In this case, his crimes appeared to have had little strategic impact, but the information had come directly from the Cardassian government, which was enough to necessitate the restrictions.

As the captain completed his security clearance the screen filled with the data on Rezzik's activities in the Soukara system, deep within Cardassian space. Cey began reading and he couldn't hide his horror as he read the entry. His practiced diplomatic stoicism failed him and he shakily put his mug down on top of the station. "I, uh... think we have our top contender, captain," he muttered quietly as he continued scanning the data.

Soukara III: In the post-Dominion War reconstruction period, Doctor Rezzik along with several associates set up a medical relief facility on this Cardassian colony world. Under the auspices of providing much needed aid and treatment to sick and injured Cardassians, Rezzik secretly spearheaded a program of genetic experimentation. This experimentation went on undetected for nearly two years, during which time mortality rates continued to climb, instead of declining as would be expected following a large scale conflict. This eventually attracted the attention of the Cardassian government. In a joint operation with Starfleet Intelligence, a raid was conducted on Rezzik's compoud. The target and a number of his 'staff' fled in a stolen Klingon warship, destroying two Hideki-class Cardassian vessels in the process. Forensic investigation of Rezzik's work on Soukara III revealed he was developing a bio-weapon based on the Symbalene blood burn disease. During his escape from the Soukara system, Rezzik launched a modified photon torpedo carrying a preliminary version of his bio-weapon on a mining outpost located on Soukara VII.

The file continue on and contained data on Rezzik's experiments, including visual records of what he had done to the Cardassian citizens in the Soukara system. The entry also contained information on his research into creating the weaponized Symbalene blood burn and the other fugitives scientists who had assisted in the scheme. The file ended with speculation that the effort to weaponize the disease was so that Rezzik could sell it to the highest bidder. Since he escaped with his data and at least one prototype of the weapon, the Starfleet Intelligence has had a standing warrant out for Rezzik's capture.

Alex exhaled slowly and looked up at Rezzik, still stood motionless behind the forcefield. The things he'd done, the descriptions and images in the file, were all extremely disturbing. Not all sentients had the same moral codes, but there were very few species who wouldn't consider his actions abhorrent. He knew exactly what he had done to those people.

"It was all for science Captain." Rezzik called out cheerfully. "I advanced the knowledge in several fields by huge leaps. Conventional methods wouldn't have gotten the results I did."

"This is not science." Alex gestured towards the screen. "This is sadism and torture. There's no justification for what you did to those people."

Rezzik rolled his eyes, taking on a condescending tone. "Captain, most good science takes theories to their extreme. We don't get anywhere by being cowardly. Sacrifices must be made on occasion. The Cardassians probably just want to take credit for my research."

"The Cardassians want to throw you in a dark pit for the rest of your natural life." Alex replied, feeling himself becoming angry at the unrepentant monster stood in his brig. "The Klingons would probably execute you, which is far too quick for my liking."

Rezzik laughed. It was a strange, disturbing laugh, almost like a giggle. It filled the room and sent shivers down Alex's spine.

"Lieutenant, contact the Cardassians. Make the arrangements to transfer him to them as soon as possible." Alex said, turning to the diplomatic officer. "I want him off my ship as soon as possible."

Cey stood up from the brig console, careful not to look at the prisoner. He kept his eyes locked on the captain's. "I'll make a call, sir. We aren't too far from the Cardassian border. It shouldn't be a problem to set up a rendezvous with one of their patrol ships."

"Thank you Lieutenant." The Captain replied.

"Anything else, sir?" the diplomat asked before turning to go.

"Not for now." Alex gave a half smile. "You're dismissed." As the diplomatic relations officer left, Alex took another look at the cold, grinning pyschopath in the brig and hoped they would be rid of him soon.