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Eat, Sleep, Repair, Rebuild

Posted on Mon Aug 6th, 2018 @ 3:27am by Lieutenant Samuel Ellis (Kincaid)

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Engineering Platform, near Deep Space 12

Paranoia was like a disease. A sickness spreading from person to person, the symptoms gradually worsening, lack of trust, lack of sleep and a decline in mental faculties. Sam Ellis was aware of his infection. He was starting to question almost everything around him, to isolate himself, surrounding himself with the few things and people that he could trust.

Deep Space 12 was a fully operational station now, and most of the snags and errors associated with the setup had been dealt with. That meant that Sam's job as an engineering consultant had almost, technically, come to an end. Recently though, he had been put into another role by Admiral Voorhies. The Trojan freighter that had been used by a group of Romulan separatists had fallen to Sam to investigate. His small team had taken it apart and rebuilt it entirely in an effort to learn more about it, and its creators. They had discovered that it concealed an exotic particle cannon, a powerful weapon that was almost undetectable by conventional means.

They had towed the ship away from DS12, close to the nearby nebula and stripped it down. The team had built a repair station to base themselves out of, a miniature spacedock that spanned the length of the port side of the freighter, containing tools and equipment as well as worker bee pods, a small control room and rest facilities. Sam had spent most of his time over in his little station of late, apart from when he was off duty. He was convinced that there was something to be learned from the freighter, but he was running out of ideas.

The attack on the station that the Trojan had been involved in took the form of a bioengineered virus. The particle cannon hadn't been a part of it, and seemingly there was no real reason to install it on the ship in the first place. That played on Sam's mind. There was something else in play, moves yet to be made. He didn't know much more than when he first set foot on the ship and that bothered him.

He sat, as he often did, in the control room of the engineering platform, sipping a black coffee and regarding the mysterious ship in his care. One of the station's fighter compliment cruised past, closely followed by its wingman on one of their regular patrols. The engineer watched the sleek little ship, a stark contrast to the utilitarian cargo hauler that he spent most of his time working on. He thought briefly about how nice it would be to just fix something that was broken for once, to be an engineer not an investigator. He watched the fighters heading back towards the station, the fairly nondescript structure that was apparently a high value target and wondered if anyone on that station new more than they were telling about his freighter of his.


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