USS Valkyrie
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The Tower Bridge

Posted on Thu May 11th, 2017 @ 7:50pm by Captain Adam Gamble

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: USS Tower Bridge, Mess Hall
Timeline: MD06 - 1307hrs

One of the disadvantages of command was needed to maintain a professional distance from your crew. That was one of the reasons why Adam Gamble never objected to carrying passengers on his ship, someone new to talk to. The Tower Bridge was on it's way to the area near the Breen border, Starfleet was increasing it's presence there and they wanted a Captain with a proven track record when it came to combat to spearhead the operation, and that was Adam. Deep Space 12 was the closest station to the border, as well as a whole expanse of unexplored space, so it was being used as the staging area for their operations before they headed out. As much as Adam was curious about what could be out in the unknown, he knew his skills were more suited to their assignment on the border. And there were some interesting rumours about that border area too.

One of the ships that would be out exploring was the Curie, and their passenger was her new chief medical officer, Doctor V'Lara. Taking a coffee from the replicator, Adam approached the table where the Vulcan was sat. "Mind if I join you Doctor?"

"I do not mind, Captain," V'Lara answered evenly, setting down her still steaming cup of spice tea. She shifted slightly in her seat in order to appear more receptive towards her new table companion. "I would like to thank you for the hospitality of you and your crew. They have been most accommodating, and the journey has been without incident."

"You're very welcome. It's always good to have a guest on board, and we were headed this way anyway." The Captain grinned. "Apparently the Curie is due to dock at Deep Space 12 in a few days. I've gotta admit, there's a part of me that wishes we had the exploratory assignment. This is a whole new frontier, endless possibilities. You must be eager to get started?"

"Eager would not be the appropriate adjective," V'Lara explained. "I simply believe it will be beneficial when I am able to assume my new duties. Until then, I have been using my time for study and meditation. Both activities will see me better prepared for those duties when the time comes." She took a sip of her tea and returned the cup to the table. "If the Tower Bridge will not be joining in with the exploratory assignments, might I infer you will be serving primarily as a tactical presence in the region?"

"That's right." Adam replied. "The Federation is interested in expanding into and exploring this region of space, but the Breen make that something of a risky proposition without some kind of defensive strategy in place. The Tower Bridge is the first piece of that, the Valkyrie was the first exploratory asset, and we'll have the Cutie out there soon too. We may bump into eachother at DS12 on occasion. Have you been part of many exploration missions before now?"

V'Lara gave an affirmative nod. "Early in my career, on board the Copernicus. My other assignments have dealt with scientific missions, officer training, and medical support." She paused, brushing aside a lock of her flowing hair and securing it behind a pointed ear. "It is why I applied to join Valkyrie; I have always found exploration to be... fascinating." She reached again for her tea but did not drink. "Tell me captain, are you aware of any details of the Curie's crew? I have of course reviewed the medical files sent ahead, but files only present a piece of the overall picture."

"I've looked at the manifest, I can probably get you a copy of that and Admiral Voorhies can probably help you with the medical records when we get to the station." He took a sip of coffee while he tried to recall as much as he could about Valkyrie's crew. "I'm told Captain Krenic is a good officer and a career scientist, as you'd expect from tea science ship like the Curie. I've heard that the XO, Debecki, has a few... anger issues though, he's been bumped around a few assignments. I worked with the security chief years ago, he's a good officer. Or at least he used to be. The Chief engineer is a pair of Bynars, I'd suggest you brush up in their anatomy but I'm sure sure you're already familiar."

"Indeed I am," the physician responded matter-of-factly. It appeared Gamble had known as much as she did, other than the mention of a potentially troubled executive officer. Normally, V'Lara would have considered this mere gossip, but the fact it was being repeated by a Starfleet captain. She would be certain to be extra attentive in regards to Commander Debecki when the time came.

"I had no doubt." Adam said with a half smile.

"Bridge to Captain Gamble" Came a voice from the communications system, it sounded like Lieutenant Varis.

"Gamble here, go ahead." He replied.

"I thought you'd like to know we're approaching Deep Space 12 sir, five minutes out."

"Excellent, I'm on my way up." He turned back to V'Lara. "Care to join me on the Bridge, take a look at Starfleet's newest station?"

"I will accompany you." V'lara finished her tea and waited for the captain to stand. A view from the bridge would be far more informative than arriving while in her guest quarters. "I appreciate the invitation, as well as your company just now."

"My pleasure, I'm always happy to get to know someone new." They made their way to the nearest turbolift, ordering it to the Bridge. It was a short journey, the Tower Bridge was an Akira class ship with a focussed design ethic, the important areas were quickly accessible from all over the ship.

The doors hissed open and they stepped out. "Captain on the Bridge." Came a call from one of the stations.

"Perfect timing sir." Lieutenant Commander Bors said, rising from the central chair. The Bolian second officer had been on watch and stepped aside rather than taking over at operations, his usual position. "We've just dropped out of warp, approaching the station now."

"On screen." Adam ordered. An image of Deep Space 12 appeared in front of them. The station hung in space, looking fairly quiet aside from a few small maintenance pods going about their business. A short distance away, they could see a greenish hued nebula which added a touch of colour to their surroundings. Close to the nebula, a Corvallen freighter sat powered down, being attended to by a group of shuttles and some of the station's fighter detachment.

"There it is Doctor." Adam said to V'Lara. "Deep Space 12, Watchtower class station and the gateway tongue Federation's newest frontier."

"Impressive," V'Lara remarked, taking in the scene before her. This would be there touchstone to the Federation while exploring the unknown, and it was far larger than she had expected. "Do you know much of their medical facilities?" she asked, keenly aware that any condition beyond her ability to treat aboard Valkyrie would be referred here.

"Its state of the art." The Captain replied. "Space for up to fifty patients and the latest diagnostic equipment. They've also got emergency provision to handle up to a hundred more people if the situation arises." He had been reading up on the station that would serve as their home port. He was also well versed in its defensive capabilities, although he suspected that V'Lara wouldn't be quite as interested in that aspect."They've also got portable equipment that they can use to convert a ship into a mobile field hospital should the need arise. It's impressive stuff. Inside you'd be welcome to take a look."

They cruised in closer and Adam couldn't help but feel a little excitement about their new assignment. Deep Space 12 was the gateway to new possibilities and he was looking forward to seeing what was out there.


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