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Created by Captain Alexander Kurtz on Sun Jul 1st, 2018 @ 2:13pm

Who We Are

The Valkyrie is a sim established in 2016, focussed on top quality writing and character development. Our goal is to provide our players with the best possible environment to create and write their characters in a way in order to encourage the best writing possible. We want our players to enjoy writing with us, which leads to great writing. We work hard to provide interesting and challenging missions with a part for each character and department. We will support our players in the creation and development of their characters in any way we can.

The Sim

The USS Valkyrie is a Centaur class starship under the command of Captain Alexander Kurtz, a former engineer and experienced commanding officer who has recently returned to active service following an injury. The ship is based out of Deep Space 12, on the edge of Federation space. Deep Space 12 is one of Starfleet's newest stations, under the command of Rear Admiral Eldon Voorhies, a celebrated, if unconventional, officer. It is strategically positioned between the Breen Confederacy and a large expanse of unexploded space. Starfleet Intelligence analysts believe that the Breen have been preparing to expand their area of control into previously neutral space bordering the Federation, a possibility which greatly concerns Starfleet. The station serves a dual purpose, acting as a base for a defensive task force to patrol the border as well as a launching point for exploratory missions. The Valkyrie is the first vessel assigned to exploration. The defense task force is spearheaded by the USS Tower Bridge, an Akira class starship commanded by Captain Adam Gamble and also includes the USS Thunderer and the USS Jaeger. They conduct defensive patrols and act as a deterrent, as well as providing support and intelligence gathering. The Valkyrie's mission is one of exploration, to discovery what the new frontier holds, to meet new friends and allies and to find the new dangers lurking out in the unknown.

Our Missions

We work hard to make our missions interesting and engaging for our players. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a logical part to play, and can be as involved as they want to be. We ask for our players to be actively involved and keep up a good level of posting. In order to do that, the command team are always happy to write with our players, and we very much encourage interaction between characters. We provide a plan and an outline for each mission, and we actively seek feedback from players as to how they would like to see them play out. We love hearing mission ideas from our players, and will work with together to develop those ideas. The Valkyrie is a small ship, not the most powerful or advanced in the fleet, which presents us with an interesting set of challenges and gives us a lot of opportunities for interesting writing. We don't have space for Marines, fighters or specialist teams, relying instead on the core departments. That means that each department has a logical place, and plenty to do each mission.

Our Characters

We encourage our players to develop interesting, complex characters who are fun to interact with. We're particularly interested in the flaws that make characters relatable and allow us to craft interesting stories around them. Not everyone needs to be the big hero, and things are much more interesting when they're not. For more information, see our character creation guide. We're very keen on Non Player Characters (NPCs) on Valkyrie and, while they might not get quite as much attention as player characters, they can often be some of the most interesting and fun to interact with and allow scope to try new things and experiment. We very much encourage players to create NPCs to enrich and improve our stories.


We are looking for active and committed players for Valkyrie. If you can demonstrate commitment, then we'll do our best to give you interesting storylines to work with. Experience isn't necessary and we're happy to work with newer players in order to help them learn the ropes. Enthusiasm is the most important quality a player can have, everything else can be developed. If you choose to join Valkyrie, we will help you to develop your character to the best of our ability. We want to provide an environment that allows our players to excel and produce their best writing. Our missions can be adapted to make them as interesting band challenging as possible for the characters involved.


We currently ask for a minimum of 2 posts per player each month. These can be solo or joint posts. If we are at a point in a mission where larger scale joint posts are being produced, we allow some flexibility on the posting rules. We are, of course, more than happy to see players posting more than 2 entries per month.

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