Species Profile: Davosi

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Species Basics:

Species Name: Davosi
Singular and plural forms: Davosi, Davosi

Level of Advancement: Newly warp capable with warp engines able to reach speeds of warp three, however their military/weapon technology is more advanced than Starfleet’s at this time.

Planet of Origin: Davos Prime - Class M, Temperate climate.

Created or Evolved?: Evolved
Summary of evolution/History of creation: Evolved on a similar path to humans through lower primate species.
Time in existence: Roughly 6000 years at their fully evolved state

General Species Overview: The Davosi are a relatively young species who strive to learn and discover new and exciting things - especially those that can be used to further advance their own people. They are a very religious species, their government being split between a theocracy and meritocracy to keep a semblance of power balance. They are quite welcoming of outsiders as they are voracious learners, though the meritocratic council tends to be a bit more xenophobic as far as letting too much information about other cultures get out - they prefer that the Davosi people continue on the path that they forge themselves and do not want outside influences leading the people astray. The “church” as it were is much more open to adopting ideals of others thanks to prophesies of great leaders emerging to guide the Davosi into prosperity being part of the canon of their religion; these great leaders have always been described with features and attributes not commonly found on the Davosi themselves, therefore the religious order believes that they are aliens. Overall the Davosi have what would be a pleasant disposition by common human standards and have a similar mortality to their culture.

Species Physicality Overview:

How many chromosomal sexes?: Two; Male and Female
Physical description: The Davosi are a bipedal humanoid species which looks very similar to humans themselves in build and height. Males stand an average of 180cm (5’11”) while females stand and average of 167cm (5’6”). They typically have comparatively lithe builds to humans proper. Both males and females possess skin in dark brown ranges coupled with white or silver colored hair. Their eyes generally come in bright jewel tones in any color with blue and green eyes being rather rare. What sets them apart from humans however is a series of bony ridges on their temples that extend backward part way around the skull; these ridges also appear on their chins and flow down the front of the neck, usually stopping somewhere over the sternum and fading out.

Females grow their hair out to varying degrees but males tend to keep their heads shaven. Davosi involved in religious orders often have their heads, wrists, and ankles tattooed with various prayers depending on the order - the head tattoos are not usually seen on females as they allow their hair to grow out again after receiving them, but they can be seen on males.

Familial Society:

Equality of Sexes: Males and females are considered to be irrevocably equal and are held to the same standards in all aspects of life. There are no longer any traditional gender roles in Davosi society.


Type of Government: Diarchical Oligarchy
Current leader(s) of government: Dosi Svantje Doaitsen; Daje Bohdan Klaes

Governmental Hierarchy/Branches: A unique form of government that is headed by two individuals elected by two different councils, one from the government of the people (title: Daje) and one from the chief religious order (title: Dosi). The councils help advise and inform their respective leaders while also collaborating with each other for the good of the Davosi people. Each Daje and Dosi are elected by the councilors - the Zahes (s. Zahe) and the Vesas (s. Vesa) being the respective council names/titles - from amongst themselves; usually, the most senior members are elected, but not always. Zahes are nominated by the people, Vesas are taken from the church structure.

Final decisions as far as lawmaking are handled by the Daje and Dosi, however in the event of a stalemate between the two of them the Zahes and Vesas will attempt to break the tie with a vote. If the vote remains at a stalemate, the issue will default to the Kadama - a position that amount to the chief justice of the Davosi supreme court equivalent called the Tambla - who will take up to a month to sufficiently review all sides then decide on what course of action to take.

The Tambla is considered a separate but equal entity in the Davosi government and sees to all judicial matters. They take no part in lawmaking decisions unless there is a tie in a vote as previously mentioned and only then is the Kadama involved.

Government structure at a glance:
Daje-Dosi (diarchical leaders)
Kadama (chief justice)
Zahes-Vesas (councils of the people and the church, respectively) - Ferasi (governmental judge)
-Note: There are additional positions lower than these in the governmental and judicial system, but they are not applicable to the current mission)

Interspecies Diplomatic Relations: The Davosi have just become warp capable and have had only limited contact with outside worlds and species. They are currently being “courted” by both the Federation and the Breen Confederacy.


Religion name: Davanasai
Currently practiced?: Yes
Deity/Deities: Aja
Other Figures of Note: The religion has many prophecies and stories regarding great leaders - who would be regarded as Aja’ai, speakers of Aja. While many of these revolve around Davosi people themselves, there are quite a few that seem to describe alien species in this place of honor. Aja’ai are held in supremely high regard no matter what their particular prophecy might entail. The Davanasai orders make sure that they want for nothing and cater to their every whim. During this time, the Dosi tends to differ to the decisions of the Aja’ai present.
Religious hierarchy: (Aja’ai) Dosi-Vesas-Lower religious heads
How big of a role does this religion play in day to day life?: Davanasai is an integral part of Davosi society and it is estimated that 94% of the population identify as followers of the religion, though it is estimated only 60% or so practice it fully.
A summary of the belief system: Davanasai revolves around reverence to Aja, the singular deity who embodies all aspects of life and death for every living thing. It is seen as the life force behind everything and it is believed when something dies, its life force simply returns to Aja to be dispersed then return anew into different living entities. Aja has no sex and is simply referred to by name or “It” when speaking or writing of the “entity” as it were. Aja does not communicate directly with the world as it is known, instead, it is believed that Aja sends speakers on Its behalf who are known as Aja’ai. Some of the first Aja’ai laid out prophecies for future ones to come and surprisingly, the descriptions of a fair few of them were decidedly not Davosi in their descriptions. It is from this that the Dosi and Vesas tend to push toward a less xenophobic viewpoint than their nationalist focused counterparts. Aja’ai are seen as exalted beings and are often viewed as the head of the Davanasai religion as long as they are present as the Dosi and those underneath them look to the Aja’ai for guidance.

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